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Why Curiosity Stream Makes Your Homeschool Better

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Give your homeschool a tremendous boost with Curiosity Stream!

This online streaming service has taken our learning at home to a new level. Find out how my 5 boys and I are using Curiosity Stream in our homeschool and how it can benefit your family, too.


My 5 boys and I love using Curiosity Stream in our homeschool. Find out how we use it and get tips for enjoying these documentaries and educational videos.


Why Our Homeschool Is Using This Educational Online Streaming Service

Do you ever wish there was an easy way to make your homeschool better?

Not completely revamp it or add a ton of new stuff! Gosh, that would take a lot of time and money and who has that?!?

More like, an affordable way that you could supercharge learning at home. Turn up the excitement level. Empower and energize your at-home education.

I was feeling this way about a year ago. Our homeschool fell into a rut. Well, it felt like a ditch.

My boys and I were checking off tasks and completing assignments.

But, we were just going through the motions. Like robots following programs labeled "B-O-R-I-N-G".

After taking a big step back and looking at our overall homeschooling situation, I realized that something needed to change.

And that something needed to be frugal, stress-free, and easy on Mom!

I heard about Curiosity Stream from a few friends and decided to give it a try. This online streaming service with on-demand documentaries fits all of my requirements to give our homeschool a boost.

Our homeschool was already using another popular video streaming service for learning (especially science) so I figured the boys would be excited to try something new.

Oh my stars! We've had an incredible experience with Curiosity Stream in our homeschool and I'm ecstatic to share how it's helped our learning at home adventures soar.


Boy with television to feature why Curiosity Stream makes your homeschool better with its educational videos & documentaries


What is Curiosity Stream?

You may be wondering exactly what is Curiosity Stream?

This online streaming service provides on-demand documentaries with a variety of themes. You can watch thousands of documentaries wherever and whenever you want!

Curiosity Stream is probably most well-known for its documentaries on science and history. You'll also find engaging educational resources about society, lifestyle, and more.

A feature that I absolutely love for our large family homeschool is the option for "Only show kid-friendly content" in settings. Some content (for example, battle scenes from World War II) is not appropriate for younger viewers. I appreciate being able to filter out that type of stuff 😉

There's also an entire section that highlights kid-friendly documentaries. You'll discover fascinating content for history, STEAM, dinosaurs, and even current events.

Another fantastic feature is "By Duration". If you don't have a lot of time, you can pick from Short (20 minutes and under) or Long (Over 20 minutes).

A huge perk has been how Curiosity Stream has helped me easily boost our homeschool high school studies.

Documentaries on Biology and Chemistry have brought these subjects to life for my high school boys. Both older boys are also studying Shakespeare this year and have enjoyed documentaries about The Bard's life and work.

This year, we will also be using Curiosity Stream documentaries to supplement high school economics.


Sister and brother laying on floor with television in background to feature why Curiosity Stream can help you make your homeschool better with its documentaries & educational videos


15 Reasons Curiosity Streams Boosts Your Homeschool

Curiosity Stream is what our homeschool needed to climb out of that boring ditch and back onto the road of learning fun. It's truly a spectacular resource for science, history, and math (I'll be sharing our recommendations for all very soon!).


1. Boost learning in a creative way

Documentaries are excellent alternatives to books, paperwork, or even hands-on projects. All of those homeschool supplies are important! Educational videos help to tie them all together 🙂


2. Explains concepts

Curiosity Stream documentaries provide facts and explanations to help a concept come to life. Hearing a talk about red pandas or national parks are powerful ways to make book lessons more real.


3. Provides visual and audio

The visual and auditory components to these documentaries add new dimensions to concepts and interests.


4. Easy to use

Curiosity Stream is truly easy to access and use. If this tech-challenged mama can do it, anyone can!

You will need a recommended device to access (here's a large list of options). Also, you use via an add-on to Amazon Prime or these providers.

Once you have your device set up, simply access Curiosity Stream and login with your credentials. Then, you're ready to start watching documentaries!


5. Affordable

One of my requirements for an easy way to make our homeschool better was that it had to be frugal. Curiosity Stream makes watching and enjoying thousands of documentaries affordable.

You can check out pricing options by clicking HERE.


6. Fantastic for diving deep with interests

Are you a fellow deep diver in your homeschool?

My boys and I love to take learning about our interests to the next level. We've added Curiosity Stream to our list of methods for collecting information and soaking it all in.


Curiosity Stream is an affordable & easy way to make your homeschool better. Find out why & get tips on using.


7. Wonderful for helping kids (and adults) discover new interests

Could you or your kids benefit from finding a new hobby or interest? Use these documentaries to make those discoveries.

For example, my older boys have become fascinated with cars and love watching What's My Car Worth?.


8. Marvelous for mini-unit studies and unit studies

If your homeschool enjoys unit studies, documentaries are excellent resources to add to your list of resources.

We will be watching the pirate portion of Britain's Outlaws: Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues as part of our Pirate mini-unit study.


9. Great incentive to complete other homeschool work

Could your homeschool use a bit of motivation to get work started or done? You can use an interesting documentary as an incentive. Yes, it's dangling a carrot but if it works...


Curiosity Stream free trial


10. When you're just having an off-day

We all have those types of days. Nothing seems to be going right and you just wish you had a restart button.

Well, you can with Curiosity Stream! 

Put away the books and snuggle up for an engaging documentary or two. And you can definitely count it as homeschool!


11. When someone is sick but you need/want to keep the learning fun going

Sick days happen. Of course, you can choose to take as much time off as you need.

But, sometimes, you need or want to keep going with your homeschooling. Using documentaries from Curiosity Stream is a wonderful way to add a learning resource when you're not feeling up to anything that requires a lot of energy.

12. Prompts incredible conversations

Oh my stars! Get ready for some cool conversations with your kids about the topics you watch.

You can get the discussion going with some open-ended questions, like "So, what did you think of that Destination: Moon?" or "What was the most interesting part of "Amazing Gravity"?.

Or just let your kids share what they've learned and liked the most.

Curiosity Stream free trial


13. Use as a jumping-off point for creative writing projects and prompts

Extend the learning fun of watching these documentaries by having your kids write about their viewing experiences.

For example, your kids could make a list of 10 things I learned about The Bronze Age. Or write a paragraph of what it would be like to ride in a space probe.


14. Awesome alternative to other popular online streaming services

In this modern world, we have a lot of options for online streaming. Two popular options that we use (Amazon Prime Video and Netflix) can feel overwhelming with all the other genres that aren't educationally related.

To make the decision-making process easy for what we use for our homeschool, my boys and I use Curiosity Stream. We KNOW that content will be educational and quality.


15. Brain breaks

Those Short duration documentaries are delightful brain break alternatives for your homeschool. Cool documentaries like Raising Dinos From the Dead and The Wright Brothers: Bravery are perfect when you need a quick educational video to boost your learning fun at home.

Curiosity Stream Amazing Dinoworld


I'll be sharing more ways that my boys and I will be using Curiosity Stream to make our homeschool better. Whenever I look at all the options for documentaries, my wheels start turning!

If you have any questions about Curiosity Stream and how to use in your homeschool, please let me know in the comments area below 🙂

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