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How to Energize Your Homeschool Science with Curiosity Stream

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Discover how to energize your homeschool science with Curiosity Stream.

My 5 boys and I use this online streaming service to easily add science documentaries and more to our homeschooling adventures.

Find out how we use this affordable resource and get our recommendations for documentaries to rock your homeschool science.


Discover how you can easily use Curiosity Stream to easily boost your homeschool science & more.


Exceptional Homeschool Science with Curiosity Stream

When our homeschool felt like it was in a rut, I decided to change things up to make it better. I found Curiosity Stream to be an easy, affordable, and effective way to boost our learning at home.

The first homeschool area that we used Curiosity Stream for was science. As much as I enjoy learning about science, I prefer having quality resources to help me teach and demonstrate.

Whenever possible, I like finding resources that I can use with all 5 of my boys (ages 6, 9, 11, 15, 17). It makes it more cost-friendly and less stuff to keep organized 😉

Curiosity Stream has been a fantastic way to provide all of my boys with their different science levels and subjects outstanding documentaries to supplement their studies. This online streaming service has provided tremendous enrichment from Kindergarten/first grade through high school!

My younger boys adore the variety of Nature documentaries, especially all about animals. The boys have explored national parks, oceans, the Great Barrier Reef, and more with these educational videos.

Professor (15) is studying Integrated Physics and Chemistry. He likes having these documentaries on tap to expand upon his lessons.

Captain (17) is studying Anatomy & Physiology this year. The 3-part series called The Body has been extremely helpful with his studies.

Since we've had such amazing experiences with our homeschool science with Curiosity Stream, my boys and I wanted to share our recommendations with you 🙂


Young boy with spiky hair and glasses wearing science lab coat with test tubes to feature how you can easily energize your homeschool science with Curiosity Stream


How We Use Curiosity Stream for Homeschool Science (+ Recommendations)

Curiosity Stream breaks down topics into subcategories. (You can also do a search to see if a documentary is available on a specific topic.)

With thousands of documentaries to enjoy, my boys and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface.

I've added our top recommendations after a category. A few categories are blank (for now!) because we have not yet had the chance to watch.

Under the Science tab, Curiosity Stream currently has documentaries in these subcategories:

  • Physics:  The Science of Bubbles has been one of our top favorites! (Did you know that there are bubble physicists? How cool!) Another popular 3-part documentary is How to Build a Super Car.
  • Space:  The Planets has been a huge hit.Oh, and The First Picture of a Blackhole (which is a wonderful Short duration documentary).
  • Mind:  We have The Science of Sleep and The Joy of Stats on our watchlist.
  • Biology:  As I mentioned above, The Body has been a great addition to our high school Biology.
  • Genetics
  • Medicine:  I watched Prescription: Nutrition on my own and plan to watch with my boys as part of our homeschool physical education and health.
  • Evolution
  • Geology
  • Psychology:  Unraveling The Creative Mind is a cool Short documentary.


Daugher & dad holding model of the Earth to feature how you can energize your homeschool science with Curiosity Stream


Curiosity Stream for Learning About Technology

  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Transportation:  This subcategory is quite popular in our home. Documentaries about cars (Speed, What's My Car Worth?, Classic Cars) are top on the list.
  • Communications
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy & Security
  • Social Web:  Birth of The Internet is a Short documentary that was eye-opening to my boys.


Nature Study with Curiosity Stream

  • Earth:  (This subcategory is fabulous for your Earth Day celebration, too!) The Great Barrier Reef and Wild Galapagos are delightful documentaries.
  • Animals:  A favorite category for my younger boys! The Secret Lives of Big Cats (with 7 episodes), as well as The Secret Life of Dogs, are favorites. Red Panda: World's Cutest Animal is Smiley's absolute favorite 🙂
  • Birds
  • Insects:  Big Worlds In A Small Garden is a wonderful Short documentary that helps you get a very close look at life in your own backyard. We have Dragons & Damsels on our watchlist.
  • Natural Habitats:  Wild Italy is on our watchlist.
  • Prehistoric Creatures
  • Oceans
  • Plants


Find out why my 5 boys & I love using Curiosity Stream to easily boost our homeschool science.

Science for Kids using Curiosity Stream

  • STEAM:  Illusions Season 1 (Season 2 is on our watchlist) comes highly recommended by my crew.
  • Space Exploration
  • Nature
  • Dinosaurs:  My younger boys had a hard time narrowing down their favorites in this category 😉 T-Rex Timeline is a terrific Short documentary. Walking with Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs was voted by all for a mention.


Jumpstart your homeschool science with Curiosity Stream. You'll find incredible resources that make learning fun and interesting.

Got questions about how to boost homeschool science with Curiosity Stream?
Please let me know in the comments area below 🙂


Boy working on atom model with dad in background to feature how you can easily use Curiosity Stream to boost homeschool science

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