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Wonderful Ways to Make Homeschool Writing Fun

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Would you like to make homeschool writing fun but not sure how?

Get wonderful ideas and inspiration (from homeschoolers like you) for ways to boost writing for kids at home.


Discover how to make homeschool writing fun with these outstanding ideas & inspiration from homeschoolers like you.


The Quest for Making Homeschool Writing Fun

I feel like I've been on a quest to make homeschool writing fun since we began our homeschooling adventures over eight years ago.

Although I love to write, my boys don't care for it. Writing has been a touchy subject that has often ended in sobs and frustration.

Creative writing isn't an issue. When my boys are given the freedom to write about a topic of interest or explore the depths of their imagination, writing flows.

Writing assignments, like 5-paragraph essays or papers, are viewed as boring, stifling, and soul-sucking.

To make the writing process fun (no matter what the assignment), I've collected a variety of ideas and tips over the years. These tricks haven't necessarily turned writing into a magical experience. But, my boys have enjoyed their writing assignments much more 🙂


Girl writing in notebook as she lays in a tent to highlight the wonderful ways to make homeschool writing fun


Fantastic Ways to Make Writing in Your Homeschool Fun

I've found some of our most successful homeschool writing experiences from other homeschoolers. Maybe it's because they understand what it's like to try to engage your child in meaningful writing assignments without having a battle?

Whatever the reason, I'm so grateful to my homeschool friends who have shared these amazing tips and tricks to make homeschool writing fun 🙂

  • Handwriting Activities for Writing Fun at Home
  • Helpful Tips & Ideas for Writing Fun at Home
  • Poetry Fun for Homeschool Writing
  • Creative Writing Prompts for Homeschool Fun


Find creative ways to make homeschool writing fun with these tips & resources for handwriting.


Handwriting Activities to Make Homeschool Writing Fun

Pumpkin Spice Writing Tray (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids):  This coffee and spice scened writing tray was inspired by the Montessori method of having kids make marks and letters in salt before they ever pick up a pencil. If you love pumpkin spice lattes, you'll love the smell of this fun, sensory writing tray.


Writing Cards to Friends for Handwriting Practice (Line Upon Line Learning):  Encourage your student to compose a letter and write to friends or family in order to get handwriting practice in your day.


Learning to Write the Letter A with Apple Tracing (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids):  As the mom of a special needs kid, I'm always creating new ways to help him be successful. When he was having trouble understanding how to write a letter A, I made this worksheet to help him. Fun for all kids, especially in the autumn.


Writing in the Snow (Line Upon Line Learning):  Writing in fake snow is a great sensory way to encourage children to practice forming letters.


These helpful tips & ideas will help you make homeschool writing fun.


Helpful Tips & Ideas for Writing Fun at Home

Setting up a Writing Center (Line Upon Line Learning):  Encourage unfettered creative writing with a writing center complete with idea organizers, writing utensils, and a variety of writing tools.


Picture Books to Encourage Writing with Unique Story Organization (Line Upon Line Learning):  Get your students' creativity moving with these uniquely organized picture books.


Creative Writing Activities That Your Kids Are Sure To Love (Homeschool Mastery Academy):  When we ask a child to write a paragraph, many skills and processes need to come together. From the physical acts of writing, spelling, and grammar, to the organization of thoughts, writing is a lot of work. So as homeschooling parents, we need to find creative writing activities that will inject some fun into the otherwise stressful task of coaching our children in the writing process.


10 Questions Answered about Who Dun It High School English Course (Power Line Productions):  Create your own cozy mystery! What a fun year! Meredith shares the questions she is asked by homeschooling parents about this one-credit high school English course.


You'll love these ideas & inspiration for poetry activities & more to make homeschool writing fun.


Poetry Fun for Homeschool Writing

Playing with Words: Poetry Free Writing (Humility and Doxology):  Do you have a child who hates to write? Playing with words can be a fabulous way to take the pressure off and just have fun with language. Free writing is a delightful part of our family’s life, and one of our favorite ways to play with words is through writing poetry.


Simple Ways to Enjoy Summer Poetry for Kids (Rock Your Homeschool):  Your kids will have a blast making summer-themed shape poems with this free activity pack.


Can You Haiku? (Humility and Doxology):  Have a reluctant writer? Haiku’s inherent brevity is one of the least intimidating forms of poetry to attempt! Want to develop observation skills or the ability to communicate emotions? Try haiku! Enjoy playing with words and looking for new ideas? Haiku is a fun option! Want to explore the famous writers of Asian culture over the past few hundred years? Haiku is a great place to start!


A Colorful Activity to Enjoy Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids (Rock Your Homeschool):  Enjoy a colorful poetry activity with your kids. Build observational skills and more with this free activity pack.


Perfect Summer Day Poetry Writing Challenge (The Language Arts Coach):  Give kids a challenge to put the perfect summer day into words.


Give your kids creative writing prompts & activities to make homeschool writing fun.


Creative Writing Prompts & Activities for Homeschool Fun

Picture Books Inspired Elementary-Writing Prompts (Line Upon Line Learning):  Pictures books are not just for little kids! Use picture books for creative writing prompts for upper elementary students, too.


Writing Prompts for Kids Who Like to Move (Rock Your Homeschool): Ashley from The Homeschool Resource Room shared these awesome creative prompts that pairs writing with movement activities.


How to Make Creative Writing Fun with Comic Strips (Rock Your Homeschool):  Add a fun twist to homeschool writing time with DIY comic strips.


Free Printable Pack of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Prompts (Rock Your Homeschool):  Got Harry Potter fans? They'll love these writing prompts based on the popular series. Great for making homeschool writing fun and Harry Potter unit studies.


How Do You Make Homeschool Writing Fun?

I'll be adding to this list of incredible ideas for how to make homeschool writing fun. Please share your suggestions for making writing fun at home in the comments area below. (And please add links if you have them 🙂


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