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Free Hogwarts Sorting Game for Fantastic Harry Potter Fun

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Have some fantastic Harry Potter fun with this free Hogwarts Sorting Game!

This simple yet super cool activity will be a huge hit with your Harry Potter fans.

Find out why I created this Harry Potter game for my Potterheads and get your free set today!


Have fantastic Harry Potter fun with this free Hogwarts Sorting Game.


More Harry Potter Fun? Always!

Oh my stars! Our Harry Potter obsession continues.

My boys and I just love all things Harry Potter.

The two older boys (Captain and Professor) began their Harry Potter obsession at young ages. Captain read the entire series before he started first grade. Professor did the same.

And it looks like their three younger brothers are following in their footsteps 😉

After an amazing summer of learning fun with Waldock's Wizards and Wands (Harry Potter unit study), it seems as though we just can't shake our desire for more Harry Potter fun.

If you're a fellow Potterhead or know one, I'm sure you can totally understand why!

Although my boys and I are busy with our homeschool year, we find that we keep returning to Harry Potter themes. We relisten to the series on Audible. Brain breaks, activities, and games usually feature Harry Potter.

Naturally, I made a new Harry Potter-Inspired resource for our use-and to share with you 🙂


Woman holding Hogwarts Sorting Game custom die with House cards in background to feature the fantastic Harry Potter fun you\'ll have with these free Harry Potter game


Fun Harry Potter Game for Sorting Your Hogwarts House

To keep the magic alive, I created this simple Hogwarts House sorting game. My younger boys contributed to the design and House cards. (I love working on projects like this one with them!)

We decided to make a custom die to guide the sorting process. This die features all 4 Hogwarts Houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin), the Sorting Hat, and a wand.

Each House is represented on 8 cards each. If the card's question or command is correctly answered, the player keeps that card.

Once all of the cards are drawn, the House most represented in your collection is the one you've been sorted into.

*This game is totally customizable! Make your own House cards. Create your own rules. It's supposed to be a fun way to get to know more about the Hogwarts Houses and have Harry Potter fun!

**If you need help with some of the facts for Hogwarts Houses, grab these free printable bookmarks featuring the Hogwarts Houses. You'll find the answers that you need 😉


Custom die & cards for Hogwarts Sorting Game to feature the fantastic Harry Potter fun you'll have with this free game


Tips & Tricks for Playing This Hogwarts Sorting Game

There really is no magic needed to play this game. Just have fun with it!

I recommend that you print the custom die and Hogwarts House cards on cardstock for durability. You may want to laminate the cards, too.

You can watch this video to see how I made this custom die plus check out how we play this Hogwarts Sorting Game:

The more times that we play this game, the more variations that we give it! And I think that's what has making it such fun 🙂


If you're a bit rusty on your Hogwarts Houses facts, pop over to Harry Potter Fandom to read up.

Also, you can take the Hogwarts Sorting quiz at Wizarding World and compare those results to our free printable game. (I'm a Hufflepuff for both!)


This easy-to-use Hogwarts Sorting Game is an excellent Harry Potter-Inspired activity.


Get Your Free Hogwarts Sorting Game & Have Magical Fun!

Ready for some super cool Harry Potter Fun? Get your free Hogwarts Sorting Game 🙂

This free PDF (printable) set includes 1 page of Hogwarts Sorting Game custom die and 2 pages of Hogwarts Houses cards.


Please print as many copies of this Harry Potter game as you need to enjoy with your family, class, or community event. If you have a co-worker or friend who would enjoy this game with their Potterheads, I ask that you share the link to this post (and not the download link). Thanks in advance for your cooperation and sharing!


The custom die in this Hogwarts Sorting Game is easy to make & fun to use.


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Have some fantastic Harry Potter fun with this free Hogwarts Sorting Game.

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