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Free Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List

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Plan and prepare for awesome learning fun in your homeschool with this free printable Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List. Great ideas for inspiration & motivation to create special memories with your kids.


Homeschooling the elementary years can be such a blast! It's a wonderful time filled with new discoveries and learning joy. Make the most of homeschool fun for elementary kids with this bucket list. Find out how I use these activities and ideas with my boys and get your own printable Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List today.

This free printable Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List is for homeschool families who:

  • are new to or considering homeschooling their kids
  • have elementary-level kids who could benefit from positive ways to channel attention and energy
  • lack creative ideas for fun learning activities with elementary-age kids
  • are too busy to even think about what types of learning fun to do with elementary-level kids
  • are on a budget and need free or frugal ideas for having homeschool fun with elementary-age kids

These homeschool fun activities are great ways to interact with and connect with your homeschool learners. There is a mix of independent activities and projects that your elementary-age student will need you present to help and support.

Homeschool life gets busy. It can be hard to think of what to have for dinner or when you last switched the laundry. With five boys who range from preschool to high school, I know how easy it is to let planning homeschool fun slip through the cracks.

I created this homeschool fun bucket list for elementary to provide an easy reference for planning and preparing learning fun with our homeschool kids. Having easy-to-do activities, especially quiet ones, can be extremely helpful when you are homeschooling!

A homeschool fun bucket list is a fantastic starting point for having learning fun with your kids. The suggested ideas and activities are meant to be customized to best fit the needs of your kids and homeschool.

free printable homeschool fun elementary bucket list

Plan & Prepare with Your Free Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List

This free printable has a prepared list that is full of ideas for elementary-level kids for:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Projects
  • Challenges

These themes are great for helping elementary-age kids learn skills plus develop a love of learning. You know your child best. Adapt any suggested idea to best meet the need of your child.

If you are like me, you like to tweak things. Use the blank homeschool fun for all bucket list to customize your homeschool fun. Let these themes and ideas be a springboard for planning homeschool fun for elementary-level kids.

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Get your free printable Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List!


Suggested Resources for Your Homeschool Fun for Elementary Bucket List

One of the BEST mess-free and stress-free homeschool fun resources that my boys and I recommend is Kwik Stix. Here are a few of our other favorite resources for elementary-age kids:


Candy Math:  Use candy as math manipulatives with great ideas from these books

Card Games:  Ideas for using playing cards for math learning fun from Math Geek Mama

Hands-On Math Fun:  Use a variety of common household materials (like paper clips, building blocks, cotton balls) for math manipulatives

Life Skills Math:  Show your kids how math is used every day, like in the grocery store, doing laundry, and paying bills.



Seed Experiments:  Seed science activities & experiments for kids from Gift of Curiosity

Cloud in a Jar:  Make a rain cloud in a jar with this cool idea from Mom Inspired Life

Moon Phases:  Create a flip book about moon phases with these free printables from Simple Living Creative Learning

Balloon Fun:  Steve Spangler Science shares this awesome Pop Rocks Expander with Candy Science and Balloons



Book Bags:  Fun book in a bag project (alternative to book report) from Teachers are Terrific

Vocabulary Dice:  Play Vocabulary Rock and Roll with this free printable dice from Mrs. Bainbridge's Shop.

Book Party:  Have a book-themed party with these ideas & inspiration from Hide the Chocolate

Story Spinner:  Imaginative Teacher shares this free printable reading comprehension story spinner



Book Brochure:  Relief Teaching Ideas shares this idea for creating a book review pamphlet

Burger Report:  Free printable Hamburger graphic organizer from Plug-n-Plan

Creative Journals:  Awesome ideas for creative journals from What Do We Do All Day

Mini-Books:  Primary Punch shares these ideas for using index cards to make mini-books


Social Studies

Geography Flipbook:  Firstieland has this free printable Me on the Map flipbook

DIY Map:  Work with your elementary-age kids to draw a map of your homeschool area, home, neighborhood, or area of choice

Native American Crafts:  Artsy Craftsy Mom shares these 9 Native American crafts to do with your kids

Virtual Field Trips:  Travel to all different types of museums and learning centers for social studies and more!


Arts & Crafts

Origami:  Mom Junction shares these 15 ideas for origami with kids

Creative Sculpture:  Use a variety of materials to create art, like these cylinder sculptures from Art is Basic

Tape Resistant Painting:  The Soccer Mom Blog has this fabulous idea for using one of our favorites for mess-free creative fun, Kwik Stix!

Scribble Art:  Fireflies + Mud Pies shares these fun ideas for turning scribbles into art



Recipe Book:  Make a recipe book using family favorites dishes

DIY Book:  Encourage your young writers to write and create their own book, complete with dust jacket

Volcano:  Have a blast with this classic science fun by Fun With Mama



STEM:  Playdough to Plato shares endless STEM challenges

Random Acts of Kindness:  Use these free printable Random Acts of Kindness cards to challenge your elementary-age kids with who can be the most kind.

Spelling Words:  Have a homeschool spelling bee!


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