Uplift your homeschool with these 30 free Random Acts of Kindness printable cards. Help your kids & yourself cultivate positive & encouraging habits. Build connections within your homeschool, family, and community. Find out why RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) can boost your homeschool.


February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day.  To help celebrate this fun day, let’s start adding RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) to your homeschool now! Find out how these simple steps can be powerful ways to boost your homeschool and family.

Plus, use these free printable 30 Random Acts of Kindness to boost your homeschool and your family!

During these long winter days, I have noticed that my boys have become cranky with each other.  Okay, homeschool mom confession:  I’ve become cranky with them, too.  And none of us feel like doing our chores or preparing a meal.  (Another confession: I never do but can usually fake it ’til I make it.)

Most days, it feels like we are snapping at each other like hungry baby birds in a nest.  Feeling cooped up in our home due to either frigid temperatures or pouring down rain, all of us are experiencing the negative effects so commonly associated with winter life in Northeast America.

I knew that a change was desperately needed to boost our homeschool.  As I was working on our free printable 30 Random Acts of Kindness for February (coming January 18!), I noticed that February 17 is National RAKs Day.  A lightbulb went off! My boys and I were going to talk about and start doing Random Acts of Kindness in our homeschool!


Build connections and instill positive habits with Random Acts of Kindness in your homeschool. Use these 30 free cards to get started!

Why Use Random Acts of Kindness In Your Homeschool

Many people have this Pinterest perfect version of homeschoolers in their heads.  Like kids always get along and help each other voluntarily.  Or homeschoolers have an odd Spidey sense for knowing just when a neighbor or friend needs a good deed done.   Like we all sit around and smile at each other pleasantly, asking to do more work and chores.

If your homeschool operates this way, more power to you!  I am here to say that our homeschool in no way, shape, or form remotely looks like that!  All of us require multiple kicks in the pants to jostle us into doing what needs to be done.

Random Acts of Kindness are effective yet relatively easy ways to improve relationships in your homeschool (and, therefore, your family).  Usually free or at little cost, Random Acts of Kindness can benefit your health by reducing anxiety and blood pressure.  Dr. David Hamilton shares his findings on The 5 Side Effects of Kindness as:

  1. Making us happier
  2. Good for heart health
  3. Slowing the aging process
  4. Improving relationships
  5. Being contagious

Kindness is definitely something that I want my boys and myself to catch!  Spread those kindness seeds around!

Random acts of kindness can boost your homeschool! Use these 30 free printable cards to help you get started.

How We Are Doing Random Acts of Kindness In Our Homeschool (and You Can, Too!)

I created these free printable 30 Random Acts of Kindness for use in our homeschool.  Print, cut, and store in a bag or container. If you are really ambitious, pull out that laminator and give it a good dusting before laminating these cards.  You can make a set for each of your kids or use one set for all like we are doing.

During our homeschool morning gathering time, the boys and I each select one RAK card.  I help the younger boys read their cards and determine how they can possibly perform that Random Act of Kindness that day.  The older boys take time to think about what they will do.

As we proceed through our day, RAKS are completed.  The boys are allowed to talk about their RAK or keep it secret if they prefer.  When a RAK is done, we all talk about what it was like to do and how it made the recipient feel.

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The beauty of these Random Acts of Kindness For Your Homeschool is that they cost nothing.  These RAKs are positive acts and habits that your kids will carry with them as they grow older.

As homeschoolers, we have the privilege to be with our children for most, if not all, of the day.  Let’s wisely use this time that we have been gifted to with our kids (even on those days when we want to pull our hair out and run for the woods).  Instill positive habits, like these Random Acts of Kindness, for better kids today and tomorrow.

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How will you use these Random Acts of Kindness cards in your homeschool?  

What RAKS will you add to these cards?