The 9+ Best Homeschool Grammar Curriculum Options to Make Your Life Easier (Updated)

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Wondering what homeschool grammar curriculum will be a good fit for your family?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the available options, narrow down your search with these 9 best grammar programs recommended by homeschool families.

Homeschool grammar can be an enjoyable experience for all, when you have the right curriculum 😉

Don\'t stress out about picking homeschool curriculum! Check out what other homeschoolers recommend with this list of the 9 best homeschool grammar curriculum options.

The Right Homeschool Grammar Curriculum for Your Family Can Make a World of Difference!

Whether you love it or hate it, teaching grammar is a reality as a homeschooling family.

I LOVED grammar when I was in school. The rules and such just seemed to make sense to me. I remember being thrilled when our teacher would announce that we'd be diagramming sentences that day.

But, I know that my love of grammar wasn't shared by my classmates.

As a homeschool mom, I wasn't too surprised when my boys weren't keen on grammar either.

I felt like I'd learned so much from my experiences with grammar (and that it helped my writing soar) that I wanted to make sure that my boys did, too.

Fortunately, as homeschool parents, we have the flexibility to pick curriculum that works for our kids (and don't have to force a program that doesn't jive with them).

I went on a search for the best homeschool grammar curriculum that would work for our family. And, of course, had to share my discoveries with you 😊

I’m happy to tell you that there are plenty of excellent options.

Many programs hold your hand, helping you teach your child grammar. You don’t have to know all the ins and outs. A good homeschool grammar curriculum will tell you what your kids need to know and how to help your kids learn it. 

Let’s take a look at the best homeschool grammar curriculum options. You truly don’t need to stress about teaching your kids grammar anymore! 

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9 Best Homeschool Grammar Curriculums 

1. Fix It! Grammar 

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) created Fix It! Grammar. It’s one of the most popular grammar programs used by homeschooling families.

IEW changed how grammar is typically taught and it works for almost any grade. It’s suggested that families start in the first book no matter what grammar level their child is at because all books include advanced concepts.

Typically, grammar is taught with individual sentences that students dissect and diagram, but the sentences are rarely related. IEW uses a different approach, with pieces of literature that are split apart. Students have a set amount of sentences to study each week. 

Also, Fix It! Grammar builds vocabulary by including bold words that the students look up in a dictionary.

It’s an all-encompassing grammar curriculum that's highly rated by homeschooling families. 

2. Easy Grammar 

Another popular choice for homeschool grammar curriculum is Easy Grammar. It’s listed in Cathy Duffy’s top picks, so you know it’s a good choice. 

Easy Grammar has six books from grade 2 up to grade 7 and above.

The books aren’t particular to grade level - you can match the book to your child’s skill levels.

This curriculum uses daily lessons that include four to five different exercises that students need to complete. For example, a lesson might focus on capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, or one of the many other concepts taught in grammar. 

One of the reasons that parents like Easy Grammar is that it is, for the most part, self-instructional. There is a teacher’s edition that has reviews, tests, and answer keys. 

In general, Easy Grammar is considered an excellent choice for students who struggle with grammar and need something with short sentences but also need comprehensive learning. 

3. Rod & Staff 

The Rod & Staff English blends grammar and composition. When used with Spelling by Sound and Structure, your child will have a complete and thorough language arts program. This series is highly rated by parents and simple - your child will develop a strong understanding of the English language.

While using Rod & Staff English, your child will learn the traditional grammar facts and mechanics, like punctuation and capitalization.

It uses a conservative approach to teaching grammar, and Rod & Staff incorporates many Biblical aspects into its curriculum. You’ll find that many of their exercise sentences are Christian, so if you aren’t religious, I suggest sticking to a different curriculum.

Rod & Staff is one of the best homeschool grammar curriculums because it’s so tried and true. Thousands of families have used it, and it’s complete. With several different books, you can use this from elementary into high school. 

4. BJU Press 

BJU Press is a solid curriculum all around - all of its programs are well-made and complete for your students. If you want your kids to have strong grammar skills, the BJU Press writing and grammar curriculum is a great choice.

Programs are available for grades 1-12. Students increase their analytical abilities by expanding their vocabulary and learn how to use proper words in context.

Also, students will read literature that contains Bible passages and Christian morality, something to consider if you prefer using secular resources in your homeschool.

When you look at each grade level of BJU Press grammar, it tells you what your child will learn that year. For example, in English 2, students learn traditional grammar such as parts of speech, sentence structure, and mechanics. This information can help you place your child at the appropriate level

5. Analytical Grammar 

Here is another one of Cathy Duffy’s Top Picks! Analytical Grammar is broken down into several different sets based on age and grade:

  • Junior Analytical Grammar (JAG) - 4th and 5th Grade
  • Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics (JAGM) - 4th and 5th Grade
  • Analytical Grammar (AG) - 6th grade and above. 

When you start with JAG, your student focuses on parts of speech and understanding word functions in a sentence. It doesn’t cover things like punctuation, dictionary skills, or other lessons, but it introduces sentence diagramming. This unit only takes around 11-12 weeks to cover.

Then, your student moves into JAGM, and this is when punctuation, capitalization, and proper verb tenses and uses. This curriculum includes 15 weeks of units. Both of these are typically used in the same year before advancing to Analytical Grammar in the following year. 

Analytical Grammar is quite comprehensive in its approach to grammar. It reviews and expands everything that the students learned in the previous units, building skills.

If you want your kids to have a strong background in grammar, this curriculum is a great choice, but it doesn’t include things like composition. You’ll need something separate for those skills. 

Grammar book on wood table with grammar words around it to feature how you can use this list of the 9 best homeschool grammar curriculum options to find what works best for your family and your budget

6. The Good and The Beautiful

The Good and The Beautiful has taken the homeschooling world by storm and many families love it. Their Language Arts program is comprehensive and budget-friendly, making it a parent favorite. 

The Good and The Beautiful ties in grammar work with all of their language arts work. You might already have a language arts program that you like, and if that’s the case, you won’t want to use this program because everything is built together. TGTB even ties geography and poetry together with their language arts programs. 

However, if you want grade-appropriate grammar and language arts in an all-in-one program, The Good and The Beautiful is a great choice. You’ll know that your child is learning everything that they need to know for their age range. 

7. Using Language Well

One of the best homeschool grammar curriculum options is Using Language Well, if you’re a Charlotte Mason homeschooler.

It’s designed to be used along with Spelling Wisdom books that contain literature, poetry, scripture, and more. 

Using Language Well uses the passages and readings in Spelling Wisdom to teach students punctuation, word usage, capitalization, grammar, and more. 

Parents start with Book 1 that focuses on basic capitalization and usage. It’s ideal for third and fourth grades (elementary school).

Then, students move into Book 2, where students focus on parts of speech. It’s recommended for fifth and sixth grades.

The final book is Book 3, for students in seventh and eighth grade, with a focus on sentence analysis. 

Using Language Well is an excellent choice because it uses a rich literary approach to grammar and helps keep your child’s attention with short, purposeful lessons. You never have to worry that your child is completing busy work or things that aren’t that important. 

8. Writing With Ease

Writing with Ease is a supplement rather than a core curriculum, and while it includes grammar instruction, you shouldn’t consider this a comprehensive homeschool grammar curriculum. 

The creators of this curriculum believe that students will pick up grammar through exposure to good writing and copywork. Then, the students learn grammar through another program and use Writing with Ease as reinforcements and extra practice. 

Despite the name, Writing with Ease is also not a composition course, so while your child will develop some writing skills through the practices, it should still only serve as a supplemental course for your child. You’ll find that reading comprehension, narration, summarizing, and copywork make up the majority of this program. 

You should know that Writing with Ease is not something that you can hand to your child for independent work. It’s a one-on-one program with the parent working with their child for a good part of the time. As your child advances through the levels, there are some independent activities, but you’ll need to be close. 

9. Winston Grammar 

We switched to Winston Grammar after trying a few other programs. And I'm so glad we found it! This grammar program is by far our favorite.

My kids weren’t a big fan of traditional diagramming, and I read that Winston Grammar was different. 

Students begin with the Basic set and move into the Advanced once they complete that level. This program uses key questions and clues for word identification.

Instead of worrying about diagramming sentences, the students use color-coded cards that correlate to the words in the sentence. Students also use other symbols and arrows to show parts of speech in the sentence. My boys have truly benefited from this hands-on approach to grammar!

When you start with the Basic Winston Grammar, your student will study parts of speech, nouns, prepositional phrases, and modifiers. This set is ideal for students who are in the fourth grade or above.

Workbooks are also part of the program. Your kids get that hands-on approach plus opportunities for editing and more.

Once your child is in seventh grade or above (upper middle school), they can move onto Advanced Winston Grammar. This set is when your student learns more complex functions, possessives, infinitives, and kinds of clauses. 

This homeschool grammar curriculum has been such a blessing to our family! 

10. American English Grammar

This high school grammar course from the team of Mr. D Math is a perfect pick for homeschoolers.

It's a self-paced online class that provides a solid foundation of English skills plus 1 credit of high school English.

This grammar course has actually made English grammar engaging and enjoyable for my high schooler!

Picking the Right Homeschool Grammar Curriculum

Finding and using a homeschool grammar program doesn't have to be torturous for you or your kids.

Think about homeschool curriculum options for other subjects work for your family. Take clues from those experiences (visual vs. hands-on, for example) and apply that knowledge to your grammar and writing program choice.

I encourage you to try free samples of the grammar lessons. And see if other homeschoolers that you know use the grammar curriculum that you're thinking of - ask if you can take a peek and get their feedback.

After considering these 9 best homeschool grammar curriculum options, eliminate ones that are too expensive, don't fit your beliefs, or just don't seem like a good fit.

And, please let me know in the comments section if you have questions about any of these grammar programs - I'll be happy to help!

Have you tried any of these grammar programs? Please share your experiences!

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  1. I really like timberdoodle’s curriculum because it is hands on and helps grasp every concept for well trained minds.

  2. What would be your suggestion for a 9th grader who is smart, but doesn't have the highest grammar skills (thanks to public schools). This was pur 1st year homeschooling and Abeka grammar killed us both! I don't want him to have to take a course he knows is for elementary students. I feel that would hurt his self-esteem. Thoughts?

  3. Hey! Winston Grammar seems like it would work well for my son. However, he’s only in second grade. Do you have a recommendation for something similar?

  4. Can any of these products be used digitally? I teach GED courses and I wonder if these programs would be suitable to use with students who could use them with tablets and cell phones. Thank you.

  5. We loved BJU grammar when we homeschooled. My daughter is starting second grade in public school this year. Looking back to where my son was grammatically when he started second grade I do feel like BJU gave him a firmer foundation in grammar than the public schools curriculum has done for my daughter.
    All of these that you listed are fantastic curriculums though! You picked great ones Amy!

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