9 Proven and Practical Ways to Become a Better Homeschool Teacher

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Become a better homeschool teacher with these amazing tips and ideas.

No matter where you are in your homeschool journey, you'll find helpful ways to take your homeschool teaching to the next level.

You CAN Up Your Homeschool Teacher Game

Wondering how to become a homeschool teacher?

Maybe you're new to homeschooling and not sure if you're ready to teach your own kids? Perhaps you're considered that you don't have an education background and "know" how to teach? Or have you been at this homeschool thing for a while but know that you could benefit from a few tricks or tricks?

Well then, I'm so glad you're here 😊

Because here's the thing: You don't need to be a certified teacher or have an education degree to be a good homeschooling teacher to your kids. I do recommend checking your state's requirements to make sure you're good to go.

You won't be teaching a class in a typical traditional classroom setting. The only persons of interest while you are homeschooling are your kids and you.

Once you adjust to that mindset and use these ideas, you' can'll be on your way to becoming an amazing homeschooling teacher.

homeschool mom helping her son and homeschool dad working with his son to feature these 9 tips and tricks to be a better homeschool teacher

My "Aha" Moment as a Homeschool Mom

I never ever thought that I'd be a teacher.

And then I had kids 😉

I have the utmost respect for teachers. Both of my parents were elementary school teachers. My mom taught full-day Kindergarten and my dad was a health and physical education teacher. I saw the tremendous amount of time, energy, and care that they put into their work.

I'm not exactly sure why I didn't want to teach. I think part of the reason was seeing the struggles of being the middle man between parents and administration. And knowing that teachers sadly are not paid what they're worth.

So, I studied Psychology and Community Counseling - only to have a job that was a middle man between patients and insurance plus not getting paid what I was worth 🤪

When I became a mom, I was fortunate to be able to stay home with my boys. When my 2 older boys were young, I'd put together so many mini-lessons, activities, and crafts for toddler and preschool ages. We'd have a blast learning and growing together.

At the time, I didn't view myself as a teacher. I was simply a mom who loved spending time with my kids and making learning fun.

By the time the idea of homeschooling took root, I was nervous. How could I teach my kids at home? I don't have a teaching degree. And I had different ages and stages plus household responsibilities.

Luckily, we decided to go for it. And I watched my natural talents and gifts unfold and grow.

My biggest realization about being a homeschool mom: I have what it takes to effectively teach my kids at home. I learned how to use my strengths (and build my weaknesses) to create a relaxed learning environment that allows us all to thrive.

Guess what? I know that you have natural talents and gifts to become the homeschool teacher that you are meant to be. Use these tips and ideas to help you get there 😘

mom on floor reading a book with her daughter and mom with her son and daughter working on a wall map to feature these 9 tips and ideas for becoming a better homeschool teacher

9 Powerful Ways to Become a Better Homeschool Teacher

How do you go about becoming a better homeschooling teacher?

Here are a few practical and positive ways to do so:

1. Take Professional Development Courses

Although you don't need to be a professional teacher to excel in homeschooling, you
might benefit from several professional development courses. These courses will help
you understand yourself better as a teacher and give you hints on how you can improve on your weaknesses. Most of these courses are free or offered at a small fee on many online resources.

Remember that you're doing this for the benefit of your children. You want to place
yourself in a position where you can help them achieve their academic goals. If a short
professional development course can help you do that, why not take the chance?

You can find classes specific to teaching and education. Or you can go for courses and materials that enable you to develop as a homeschool teacher.

2. Educate Yourself on Your Student’s Needs

The academic needs of your kids should be a big priority while homeschooling. Although I firmly believe that relationship comes before rigor 😊

  • What can you do for them to make them understand what you're teaching them better?
  • How comfortable are they with what you're teaching them?
  • Are there any challenges that may slow down their progress?

Now and then, take a moment to reflect on how well you understand your kids' homeschooling needs.

They may be experiencing some sort of difficulty that limit their understanding of the concepts you're teaching them. You can ask them to air their opinions on how you're conducting the program.

Be open to both positive and negative views. Take note of the negative views and figure out how to work around them.

3. Read Books as a Homeschool Teacher

Read, read, read.

Never stop reading. Never stop updating yourself with current trends in all spheres of your homeschooling life.

Subscribe to homeschooling media resources if possible and always keep yourself in the know. You'll most likely pick up anecdotes here and there that will help you become an amazing homeschooling teacher.

Bonus points: When your kids see you reading, they might also be motivated to follow in your footsteps.

4. Find a homeschool support system

Reach out to other parents who are already successfully homeschooling their kids. You'll get tips and tricks on how you can make yourself a better teacher and how to have an enjoyable time homeschooling.

You can find in-person groups (like at a homeschool co-op). Other great options are online, like forums and Facebook groups.

mom reading a book with her daughter and mom working on homeschool work with her son to feature these 9 tips and ideas to becoming a better homeschool teacher

5. Focus on your child’s progress rather than perfection

Your child will probably take time to learn new things and grasp new concepts - and this is totally normal. Don't rush them.

Remember that the goal is to learn in a flexible environment and no one is expected to absorb information as readily as a robot.

Allow your kids to fail. Allow them to reflect on why they failed and guide them towards understanding (not cramming) different concepts. Growth mindset skills are perfect ways to help your kids with developing grit and resilience.

Focus on the learning journey. Of course, you have a primary goal in mind but don't let your progress get derailed because your child is experiencing some difficulty in a certain topic. Don't expect them to be perfect. They don't need to have scored everything on a test to prove that they have mastered the concept.

6. Take your time finding the right curriculum

You may be a great teacher but the curriculum you chose lets you down.

Science-based curriculums, for instance, tend to be challenging to parents and students who do not love STEM subjects. If you base your homeschool on such a curriculum, you may have a hard time explaining these concepts to your kids. And that does NOT necessarily mean you are a bad teacher. 

But how can you be a good educator when you find the concepts challenging as well?

Choose a curriculum that works well with your teaching style. Perfect what you're required to teach according to the curriculum. Do more research to understand the subject matter better. A well-prepared teacher finds it so much easier to present the material.

7. Be well-organized as a homeschool teacher

Being organized while homeschooling can save you so much stress and time.

If possible, set a specific room inside your house for homeschooling. If you don't have extra rooms, dedicate a space inside your house for homeschooling. Keep all the homeschooling resources inside this area. A homeschool cart (or two) can be a total gamechanger for this purpose!

Whenever your kids are done working on something, they should return these resources to the designated area. It can be chaotic if you need to keep running around looking for resources when you need them.

By being organized, you'll be able to quickly set up your classroom and start the homeschooling day.

Remember: Your kids learn from observation. If you're not organized, don't expect them to be organized.

mom helping her daughter with hands-on activity and dad helping his daughter with homeschool work to feature these 9 tips and ideas to becoming a better homeschool teacher

8. Encourage creativity in your teaching

Homeschooling should be fun.

Although some subjects may not be that exciting to learn (or teach), strive to have a positive mindset when teaching these subjects.

Encourage your kids to find creative ways to solve their problems. When they're doing extracurricular activities, let them come up with ideas. Teach your kids how to become problem solvers at an early age and you'll be instilling an important life skill into them. 

Your role as a homeschooler goes beyond covering what's required in the curriculum. You are a guide that steers the kids on a self-awareness journey while still helping them accomplish their educational goals.

9. Be patient and understanding

Don't expect miracles to happen overnight when you're homeschooling.

Your kids won't start magically understanding tough concepts because you're spending a lot of time teaching them.

It takes time - and patience is one of the virtues of a good homeschooling teacher.

Sometimes, you may feel as if you're not progressing. Take a break and evaluate what could be going wrong. When your child is experiencing difficulties in a certain subject, offer them proper guidance and be patient as they work through the issue. 

Allow Your Inner Teacher Shine

Ditch those fears and doubts about being a homeschool teacher. If you're doing your research about homeschooling (or already started), you've already shown a tremendous amount of care and concern for your kids' education. Feel good that you've taken steps to learn more about teaching at home.

Your homeschool will be unique. Just like your kids and you. And that means that you have a fantastic opportunity to become the homeschool teacher that you're meant to be based on your talents, skills, interests, and personality.

Cover requirements. Consider the needs of your family. Learn from others and embrace what works for you.

Wishing you the very best on your homeschool journey and beyond!

Oh and if you have any questions about being a homeschool teacher, please let me know in the comments area at the bottom of this post.

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