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Layers of Soil for Kids: How to Use This Set for a Fun Project (Free)

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Make it fun to learn about the layers of soil for kids with this cool printable project!

This free pack helps you create and enjoy a 3D project featuring the different layers of soil.

Your kids will really "dig" this hands-on activity for science fun. Find out more and get your free printable set today!

A Simple Yet Fun Way to Learn About Soil Layers

Want to enjoy a fun activity about the layers of soil for kids but would rather avoid a big mess? This free printable 3D project is perfect!

This year, my younger boys and I have been having a blast with some excellent earth science projects. These activities have connected our geography and science fun for some major learning awesomeness.

I have some outdoor learning fun planned for later this fall or next spring. We'll be getting our hands dirty with this mud kitchen scavenger hunt and earthworm activities. I wanted, however, a nice mess-free activity to help solidify our lessons on the layers of soil for kids.

And this printable layers of soil 3D project is perfect for that!

Example of layers of soil for kids diorama kit with markers, color pencils, and glue stick.

Get the "Dirt" on This Free Layers of Soil Printable Project

This free printable kit includes five pages. The 3D diorama pieces are on sets of two pages. One set is in color which is perfect if you need a print-and-go activity. The other set is black-and-white so you can customize it.

Both sets include pages that serve as the base (or main parts) with the layers of soil. The last page is in black-and-white and has two trees, a rock, rock wall, and the sice layers of soil (or soil horizons) including:

  • O - Organic Layer (humus)
  • A - Topsoil (minerals with humus)
  • E - Eluviation Layer (leached materials and organic)
  • B - Subsoil (deposited minerals and metal salts)
  • C - Parent Rock (partly weathered rock)
  • R - Bedrock (unweathered parent rock)
Mock-up of layers of soil diorama kit and example with markers, color pencils, glue stick, and scissors.

How to Make This 3D Layers of Soil for Kids Project

Ready for all that hands-on science fun? With only a few supplies, your kids will have a 3D diorama of the layers of soil!

Supplies You'll Need for this Layers of Soil Project

  • white cardstock (makes the project much more durable & easy to work with)
  • scissors
  • glue stick or glue
  • clear tape (reinforces the seams)
  • coloring tools (if using the black-and-white version) - crayons, color pencils, fine-tip markers

Have your materials prepped and ready to go? Awesome! Now it's time to turn your layers of soil for kids project into 3D science fun.

Steps for Making This Layers of Soil Project

  1. Print out the layers of soil worksheets on white cardstock.
  2. Pick which style (color or black-and-white) you'd like to use for your project.
  3. Cut out the pieces.
  4. Prepare to assemble the bases of your diorama by folding along the dotted lines and tabs. This step makes it easier to adhere the pieces!
  5. Use a glue stick or glue on the tabs.
  6. Fold the base into a rectangular shape.
  7. Adhere the tabs by pressing onto the rectangular base.
  8. Reinforce seams (if necessary) with clear tape.
  9. Glue labels onto the base with the ladder and bucket on the back. From top to bottom the labels go in this order:
    • A - Organic Layer
    • B - Topsoil
    • E - Eluviation Layer
    • B - Subsoil
    • C - Parent Rock
    • R - Bedrock
Mock-up of free printable layers of soil diorama kit.

Ways to Take This Printable Science Project to the Next Level

Here are some of my ideas on how to extend the learning fun with this type of 3D science activity with your students. I encourage you to talk with your kids and explore their ideas, too.

Use this project as it is. OR adhere the bases to a piece of cardboard or other sturdy material to display.

Also, you may want to attach the two bases together with glue, glue gun, or tape.

I highly recommend that you extend the learning about the soil by using our other free printable science activity packs (like layers of the atmosphere, rock cycle, layers of earth activities pack, and more).

Your project can be a cool display in your homeschool space or classroom. My boys have their layers of soil projects on our bookshelves. You could also put them on a windowsill, desk, table, or homeschool cart.

Begin a collection of printable 3D science projects for hands-on learning fun. Use our free printable life cycle of an apple, life cycle of a pumpkin, life cycle of a butterfly, layers of the earth, and more (coming soon!)

Woman holding example of free printable layers of soil diorama kit.

Super Resources About the Layers of Soil

If you'd like more ways to boost the learning fun with this layers of soil project, these books and videos are amazing additions:

Studying Soil (Searchlight Books ™ ― Do You Dig Earth Science?)Studying Soil (Searchlight Books ™ ― Do You Dig Earth Science?)Dirt: The Scoop on Soil (Amazing Science)Dirt: The Scoop on Soil (Amazing Science)Moslion Shower Curtain Layer of Soil 72Wx72H Inch Mineral Particles Sand Humus Stones Natural Fertilizer Funny Shower Curtain for Bathroom Decoration PolyesterMoslion Shower Curtain Layer of Soil 72Wx72H Inch Mineral Particles Sand Humus Stones Natural Fertilizer Funny Shower Curtain for Bathroom Decoration Polyester


YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your Free Printable Layers of Soil for Kids Project

WooHoo! You're on your way to having a super cool learning fun with this printable science activity!

This FREE printable pack of layers of soil science project includes 5 pages.

Please print as many copies of these activities as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who'd like to use these free printables, please share this postThanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!

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Get your Free Printable Layers of Soil Project Pack by tapping here or on the image below.

Mock-up of layers of the soil for kids diorama kit.

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