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Homeschool Fun Ideas: 26+ Creative Activities from A to Z (and Free List)

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Looking for some homeschool fun ideas to take your learn at home adventures to the next level?

I'm sharing some of our favorite ways to easily and creatively enjoy homeschool fun with your kids.

Find out more about our ideas for homeschool fun and get this free printable list of reminders!

Mock-up of free printable list of homeschool fun ideas from A to Z with young girl smiling with a homemade robot.

Homeschool Fun Ideas Spark Creativity & More

If you want to take your learn at home adventures to the next level, fun activities are the way to go!

I'm on my 13th year of homeschooling my boys - 2 homeschool high school grads and 3 younger brothers to go 🎉 And one of the best things that we did was to incorporate some type of homeschool fun activity into each day (even if it was for only a few minutes).

There are so many benefits of weaving fun into your homeschool day (see below). And what I think is totally cool is that a lot of the fun activities can also count as part of homeschooling!

Based on our experiences, my #1 tip for any homeschool family would be to find at least a handful of homeschool fun ideas to try.

Mock-up of free printable list of homeschool fun ideas on red glitter clipboard and young girl smiling with homemade robot craft.

Benefits of Adding Homeschool Fun Ideas to Your Experiences

Homeschool fun has helped my boys and I in different ways.

For me, it's allowed me to relax and enjoy special moments with my boys without the pressure of curriculum or other school work. I was a hot mess of a Type A mama when we started our homeschool adventures. Fun activities have given me the chance to meet my boys where they are and have something different than academic skills to focus on.

For my boys, fun activities have opened up a whole new world by (like these 6 benefits of homeschool fun):

  • thinking outside the box
  • exploring interests
  • discovering new hobbies
  • learning important life skills
  • taking on new challenges with subjects or areas that they weren't familiar with
Mock-up of free printable list of homeschool fun ideas on red glitter clipboard and child on skateboard wearing a toy jet pack and helmet.

Learn More About This Free Homeschool Fun Ideas Printable List

This free printable list is on one page. There are homeschool fun ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I've included resources that can help you quickly and easily boost your homeschool fun 😊

A = alphabet hunt

Use our free printable alphabet (letters) scavenger hunt to make it easy and fun.

B = book club

Enjoy a book club with your kids. You can pick a book on your own to read together (or listen to the audiobook). Chat about the book. Another cool idea is to celebrate the book with a party!

You may want to even plan a book club with other homeschoolers.

C = cooking lessons

Have some fun in the kitchen by giving your kids cooking lessons. Start with simple recipes (and build a recipe book).

D = drama play

This idea can be enjoyed in so many ways! Your kids can write and perform a short play or musical. Or make sock puppets and provide some entertainment. Maybe record a video or song?

E = exercise time

Let's get physical! Have a blast with these homeschool PE ideas. Try some different physical education activities.

Go on a nature walk or bike ride. Oh, and you can totally use our free printable fitness game for fun indoor activities!

F = field trips

Plan and go on a homeschool field trip. Work with your kids to pick out fun learning experiences in your local area. Or find virtual homeschool field trips to enjoy together.

A few cool places to consider for field trips are your local library, grocery store, historic landmarks, botanical garden, and local park.

Enjoy some awesome Field Trip Fun with this free printable pack of ideas, planner, & more.

G = gardening

Get your hands in the dirt for indoor or outdoor gardening. If planning an outdoor garden, consider the season and area that you live in. KidsGardening is a great resource to help you get started.

H = hands-on math

There are so many ways to build math skills as you enjoy hands-on math activities! Here are 7 creative ways to enjoy hands-on math fun with food.

I = indoor scavenger hunt

Explore your home with a fun search. We have these free printable scavenger hunts: shapes, numbers, colors, gratitude, and more.

J = journaling

Have writing fun by starting a journal. You can use our creative writing prompts to get started.

K = kitchen science

Get in the kitchen for some science fun with your kids. Here are 11 fun ideas for kitchen science experiments.

L = language learning

Learn a foreign language (or two). And apps are an amazing way to do that!

M = music appreciation

Here are what some other homeschool moms recommend for music fun.

N = nature study

I've tried a variety of ways to enjoy a nature study with my boys over the years. The best curriculum that we've used for nature study is Exploring Nature with Children. Oh, and Cindy West at Our Journey Westward is absolutely phenomenal! Recently, a casual approach has worked for us.

O = outdoor exploration

So many options with outdoor exploration! Play, nature study (see above), exercise in a variety of forms, gardening, and more. (Our free minibeasts scavenger hunt is a super fun way to enjoy outdoor exploration!).

P = plant study

Another really cool homeschool fun idea is to do a plant study. This activity can be part of your gardening fun - or not. Maybe your kids want to take a more scientific approach and enjoy learning about plant cells? Or make a plant diorama?

Q = quiet reading

Oh, quiet reading is one of my favorite times of day!

Although it might not initially sound like a whole lot of fun (especially to your kids), you'll find that quiet reading CAN be - especially when you chat about what you've read (or used creative activities - like the drama play that I mentioned above).

R = recycled art

Another way to have homeschool fun (and keep it frugal) is to enjoy recycled art time.

My boys love to search all around our house for interesting items that they can upcycle into projects and art. They use all sorts of things, like toilet paper rolls (for example, our Harry Potter, Star Wars, Christmas, and more).

S = science experiments

Take your homeschool science to the next level with experiments. We've enjoyed these earth science experiments and simple ideas for learning fun with magnets.

You can use homeschool science kits or find cool ideas on Pinterest.

T = technology time

Screen time can be positive! Kids can learn so much through educational apps, videos, and other resources.

U = universe exploration

Your students can take a rabbit trail or deep dive into learning about the universe. Our solar system cootie catcher and fact cards and space unit study are easy ways to make it fun.

Enjoy a fun hands-on science activity with your kids! This solar system cootie catcher + planet fact cards is a fantastic way to boost science.

V = virtual museum tours

Explore a variety of museums from the comfort of your home! Travel + Leisure shares 12 museums that help you do just that.

W = writing workshops

Try some writing fun! You can use printable prompts and activities OR just free write ✍️

X = xylophone music

Got a xylophone? Put it to work with some groovy tunes!

Y = yoga

Your kids can experience the benefits of yoga in their homeschool fun activities.

Z = zoo day

Field trip time! Go on an actual visit to the zoo OR find a virtual tour or experience of one. (My boys and I ADORE the Cincinnati Zoo videos.)

Mock-up of free printable list of homeschool fun ideas on red clipboard and child wearing cardboard wings for creative play.

Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of The Homeschool Fun Ideas

I hope that by this point that I've convinced you that homeschool fun is where it's at 🎊

But, you may be wondering how in the world to make it happen - especially without letting your house turn into chaos.

I completely understand! Fun is often equated with crazy and out of control. But, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, homeschool fun is actually an incredibly awesome way to help your kids learn how to follow rules, express creativity without all the mess, and become more independent learners.

  • I'm a firm believer in setting realistic expectations. With my background in mental health counseling and having five boys, I've had to embrace this type of approach.
  • Also, I've found it helpful to provide variety of homeschool fun supplies and tools. This type of availability encourages kids to try different materials and see what works best for them.
  • Read through this list of homeschool fun ideas and encourage your kids to express their thoughts. Work together to try to incorporate their ideas into your experiences.
  • Use these ideas as motivational tools to complete tasks and challenges. Decide if you're going to enjoy homeschool fun ideas in the middle of your day or at the end.
Mock-up of free printable list of homeschool fun ideas on red clipboard and boy using map while playing in a tent made of sticks in the woods.

MORE Homeschool Fun Ideas

The 26 homeschool fun ideas on this free printable list are super cool. But, maybe you'd like even more fun things to do to rock your homeschool? I get it - fun homeschool activities are awesome!

I've put together a list of 100+ homeschool fun activities that can definitely extend your learning adventures.

Use your windows for some wonderful homeschool fun with these activities and great ideas.

And your refrigerator is another remarkable way to enjoy so much fun!

Need holiday fun activities? Try some of these Christmas homeschool fun ideas.

Celebrating fun days (for example, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ice Cream Day, and Dictionary Day) are absolutely some of our favorite ideas for homeschool fun activities. I update our free printable Fun Days for Kids calendar every year!

A fun game can be a great way to have homeschool fun. My boys and I love to add a touch of gameschooling to our routine. Board games (like these reading, geography, math, history, and science) are brilliant. Card games are also cool for math fun and more.

You can make your first day of homeschool extra special with fun activities. Our free printable 5 Days of Back to Homeschool Fun guide can help (and is filled with activities, like bingo, conversation starters, scavenger hunt, handprint art, and more).

And don't forget to have some end of the year homeschool fun, too!

Add fun school supplies. Use audio books. Consider creative ways to enjoy video games (like with our perler bead crafts for Minecraft and Super Mario). 

Get creative with common household materials, like balloons, paper clips, and pencils.

Long-term project ideas are perfect for homeschool fun. Our free printable project planner pack can help you get started and enjoy the process.

Oh, another fantastic idea for homeschool fun is to make a vision board! Use our free printable pack!

Learn how to make a homeschool vision board & how it can help your homeschool work together & focus.

Get Your Free Printable Homeschool Fun Ideas List

High five! You'll have a blast with all these fun ideas and activities!

This free printable homeschool fun ideas list includes 1 page.

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Okay, it's your turn! What other homeschool ideas would you add to this fun list? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😘

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