Life of Fred Butterflies-Chapter 2 Lesson Extensions

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Chapter 2-Drawing Butterflies continues Fred's math adventure with time, temperature, skip counting, and more!

To delve deeper into the concepts covered in this chapter, I put together more lesson extensions filled with activities, crafts, and a snack. Make sure to sign up via email for unlimited access to FREE PRINTABLE PLANNERS, ACTIVITIES, & WORKSHEETS!

And now for the main event...Busy Boys Brigade in...Life of Fred Math Butterflies Chapter 2 Fun!

  1. 5s Garland (or Wreath): Smiley and Bear decided that they wanted to make a 5s Garland to hang in our dining room/homeschool

**I just have to add this! My boys LOVE Schoolhouse Rock videos! They go around singing them all the time. As we were working on this activity, this is what the boys were singing:

Schoolhouse Rock-Ready or Not, Here I Come! (count by 5s)

YouTube video


2. Snack Time (by 2s):  The boys had a great time pretending they were Noah and pairing up their Animal Crackers! Fun way to practice skip counting by 2s.

3. Count by 2s Bracelet:  I still can't get over how well this hands-on activity helped reinforce skip counting by 2s! Best part:  bracelet morphs into caterpillars!

4. Days of the Week Sticks:  Smiley had fun moving the sticks around as we sang the Days of the Week Song. (If you don't know it, email me or leave a comment and I'll get it straight to ya!)

5. Stars Worksheets :  Here is a sneak peak at the 2 free printable worksheets to practice skip counting by 5s!

6. More Clockwork! reuses the Butterfly Clock printed and created with Chapter 1 Planner.

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I'm telling you people-this math series "is the bomb!" (that's not from me-that's a direct quote from Skipper. Professor was too busy with his nose in one of the Life of Fred Intermediate Math books, Liver, to add his review.)

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