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40 Fun & Easy Ways To Celebrate President’s Day

Celebrate President’s Day with your kids with these 40 easy & fun ways to make the holiday special.

Discover awesome ideas, activities, & resources to make your President’s Day celebration rock.

Celebrate President's Day with your kids by using these 40 fun & easy ways to make this holiday special.

Make This President’s Day Extra Special!

President’s Day is a special holiday in our home.

Professor (14) is our resident history buff.  One of his favorite history topics to study is American Presidents.  He’s had a fascination with their lives, presidencies, and effects on our history since a young age.

Professor devours books about presidents.  Nonfiction, fiction, and trivia. If a book has anything to do with presidents, Professor will drop everything to read it.

Over the years, we have accumulated several large stacks of books and resources to learn about Presidents.  (See pictures in our guest post at iHomeschool Network.)  In our homeschool, these books are often scattered about and thumbed through at leisure.

To prepare for a grand celebration of President’s Day this year, I have gathered these 40 Fun & Easy Ways To Celebrate President’s Day.  You will find a variety of free and affordable resources to help you celebrate this special day with us.

For easier navigation purposes, I have grouped resources to help you find what you need when you need it!

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Mount Rushmore with sunlit rainbow background and black chalkboard with wood frame on American flag

Activities To Help You Celebrate President’s Day

President’s Day Masks:  These adorable masks are frugal to make and have for fun photo props.

Photo Props:  Faith-Filled Parenting shares these fun President’s Day Activities with photo prop craft ideas and free printables.

Build a Log Cabin:  Martha Stewart shares this fun activity using pretzels, graham crackers, and peanut butter to build a log cabin.

President’s Day Cookies:  These cookies would be a great hands-on activity with your kids.  So cute!

Red, White, & Blue Popcorn:  Patriotic snack for presidents.

President’s Day Snack Ideas:  Super cool snack and drink ideas to help you celebrate the presidents!

Favorite Foods of Presidents Trivia:  While you are enjoying all of your President’s Day tasty treats, check out Favorite Foods of U.S. Presidents for interesting facts about their culinary preferences.

Madlibs:  Have some good chuckles with these Madlibs about the Presidents.

Search-a-Word Puzzles:  Your kids can have tons of learning fun with these word search puzzles with U.S. President’s themes.

Presidents on Your Money:  Here’s a great infographic to help you learn more about the Presidents who are on bills and coins.

Hands-On Fun:  Have some fun with playdough and coins to recreate Mount Rushmore!

Worksheets:  These FREE President’s Day Printable Worksheets are fun!

Mini-Unit Study:  My boys love unit studies! Check out this free fun unit study for President’s Day from Free Homeschool Deals.

Lapbook:  Free resource for making a President’s Day lap book (plus list of great book ideas!).

Online Unit Study:  Beth of Techie Homeschool Mom has an awesome online unit study for President’s Day learning fun.

Free President’s Day Printables & Montessori-Inspired Activities: Lots of great hands-on activities and printables for President’s Day.

Coloring:  123Homeschool4Me shares these awesome 15 FREE President’s Day coloring pages!

Color by Number:  Here is a free color by number page for George Washington.

Coloring & Fact Pages:  Raising Our Kids shares these fabulous free coloring pages with facts, pictures, and biographies..

More Photo Props:  Here are a variety of cut-outs of President’s faces to place on sticks for photo props.  I can’t decide if they are super creepy or super cool.

Dress-Up Fun:  Let the kids play dress-up!  These costumes are a great way to have learning fun on President’s Day.

Celebrate President’s Day with Crafts

Popsicle Stick Log Cabin:  Scroll down in this post to see the cute craft made with popsicle sticks.

TP Roll Presidents:  Upcycle those empty TP rolls into George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Popsicle Stick Presidents:  Scroll down in this post to see a fun way to make George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with popsicle sticks.

Mount Rushmore Crayon Rubbing:  Cool craft that even little ones can do!  All you need is a brown crayon, white paper, and coins.  Place the quarter first, nickel next, dime, and then a penny.  Put the paper on top of coins and use the side of the brown crayon for a DIY Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore with bright blue background to feature 40 fun & easy ways to celebrate President's Day with kids

Games & Puzzles to Celebrate President’s Day

Free Printable Card Game:  Homeschool With Love has this free printable card game to celebrate President’s Day.

Trivia:  My boys love this trivia card game by Professor Noggins.

More Legos Fun:  Susan Evans and her kids made a DIY Lego White House.

DIY Presidents Hedbanz Game:  My boys and I have had such fun with our DIY Presidents Hedbanz game.

Celebrate President's Day with your kids & have learning fun.

Learning Songs to Help You Celebrate President’s Day

Free Printable President’s Song:  Amy’s Wandering has a great printable to use with your kids to learn the order of the presidents.

President’s Song:  Learn all 46 presidents in order with this video.

The Presidents Song:  Learn the first and last names of all presidents (in order).

Animanicacs-The President Song: Fun way to learn about the presidents.