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The Most Fun Science Kits for Kids

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Provide awesome learning fun and spark creative thinking with these fantastic science kits for kids.

If the thought of a science project or experiment makes you groan at the cost, time, and energy put into gathering all the supplies, you'll love these science kits with cool themes that make it super easy to enjoy science fun.

These science kits are excellent for gifts, rainy day fun, science boosters, and just because.

Here are my 5 boys' top picks of fun science kits that make kids smile 🙂


Your kids will have so much fun with these amazing science kits for kids. Fantastic for gifts, homeschool, & just because.


Why Kids Love Science Kits

Science kits are super engaging for kids. Usually in a box, science kits for kids combine the awesome experiences of something new, surprising, and with lots of potential.

Kits with science themes provide kids with fantastic hands-on and interactive ways to bring concepts to life. Instead of reading about these science ideas in a dry and boring textbook, science kits contain a variety of activities and projects to explore.

Plus, science kits for kids feel safe. Although the kits may be challenging, step-by-step instructions guide kids in learning or making something new.

Ultimately, the satisfaction of seeing the steps of the project or experiment build to completion is exciting. And those final results often prompt further investigation, testing, and learning!


Variety of science kits for kids including anti-gravity, rainbow gummy candies, water rocket, creative robots, make your own chocolate, science buckets and more to feature how your kids will have a blast with these super fun science kits for kids


Why Moms Love Science Kits

As a homeschool mom of 5 boys, I love science kits for kids because of these practical reasons:

  • simple
  • time-savers
  • focused activities
  • save energy (most kits contain all you need for the guided activities) so you don't have to go running around all over the place to find materials

Personally, I appreciate how science kits help moms feel like you're doing enough (and then some) without too much effort on your part.

And, of course, watching your kids' faces light up when they're engaged in their science activities is priceless!


Variety of science kits for kids including smart robot, rainbow gummy lab, science bucket, & creative robots


Our Top 10 Favorite Science Kits for Kids

I've learned over the years that not all science kits are equally made. Although you can be cheap science kits for kids, these options don't always provide you with the materials you need (or instructions). Plus, those cheap kits often contain inferior materials that lead to frustration (even tears).

To find the best science kits for kids, my first stop is always Home Science Tools.

I appreciate the information, support, and subscriber perks (discounts, updates, and more). My boys and I shop Home Science Tools all the time for our homeschool science supplies and to get inspiration in the free Learning Center.


If you'd like to give your kids cool ways to enjoy science fun, these kits are our top recommendations 🙂


Your kids will have so much learning fun with this Goofy Glowing Gel Kit.

1. Goofy Glowing Gel Kit

If you have kids you enjoy all things slime, oobleck, and oozy, they will LOVE this science kit.

Your kids will learn the chemistry behind polymers, cross-linking gels, and phosphorescence.

This kit includes activities for fun stuff like making goofy gel-like "Silly Putty," slimy ooze, and Eco-foam fizzle. You get everything you need for 15 different experiments.


Spark some amazing learning fun with this super fun science kit for kids.

2. Fizz Wizard & Jammin' Jelly Kit

Kitchen science has been such a hit with my boys! This kit helps you enjoy 16 experiments (that you can eat when you're done).

These activities make sometimes hard-to-understand concepts come to life. Your kids will learn about pH level, polymers, chemical reactions, and more.


Enjoy some amazing learning fun with your kids using this super fun science kit.

3. Clock Reaction Kit

This kit (recommended for ages 12+) includes all you need for 13 different experiments for learning about reaction rates based on chemical concentration and temperature using the famous iodine clock reaction.


Your kids will love this Make Your Own Chocolate Kit & other super fun science kits for kids.

4. Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Smiley got this amazing kit last year for Christmas. He was so excited to try it out that we did the activities the day after with visiting family members. All ages learned a lot (and enjoyed some yummy chocolate 😉 ).


Enjoy super fun science kits for kids, like this Make Your Own Gum Kit.

5. Make Your Own Gum Kit

Chewing gum is such an interesting substance. Your kids will be fascinated by these activities for learning about and making gum.


This Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab is such a fun science kit to enjoy with your kids.

6. Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

You really can't go wrong with this kit featuring making your own gummy candies in rainbow colors.

As your kids use the materials in the kit to make unicorn, cloud, or rainbow-shaped gummies, they'll be learning about the scientific properties of natural polymers.


This water rocket kit is definitely something you want to add to your list of fun science kits for kids.

7. 4M Water Rocket Science Kit

Test out Newton's Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) with this awesome hands-on experiment.

This kit guides your kids through making a rocket bottle and water (plus, bicycle pump that you must provide).


This smart robot kit is a wonderful addition to your list of fun science kits for kids.

8. 4M Smart Robot Kit

Prepare for lots of oohs and aahs this affordable robot kit that's fantastic for beginners.

Your kids can extend the fun with this project by building simple mazes and more for their smart robot.


This Bristlebots Robot Kits is such a fun science kit for kids.

9. Bristlebots Robotic Kit

If you're looking for a cool way to introduce robotics to your kids, this kit is perfect!

Your kids (grades K+) will build 3 different types of robots that can perform a variety of tasks. These kits are great for brain breaks, homeschool science fun, and even science fair projects.


These science kits for kids (like this anti-gravity maglev kit) are amazing ways to boost learning fun.

10. 4M Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

My younger boys recently became fascinated with magnets. I'm surprising them with this kit to take their interests to the next level 😉

With 6 different activities (including an antigravity sculpture and a floating spinner), I know my boys will be thrilled. I'll make sure to come back and update with our experiences!


Have you tried any of these fun science kits for kids?
Which one looks like the most fun to you?

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