Chinese New Year Activities for Kids: Fun Ways to Celebrate

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These Chinese New Year activities for kids are super fun and easy ways to celebrate this holiday.

This collection of activities with Chinese New Year themes includes various educational resources and entertaining activities to help your students learn about Chinese culture and traditions.

From coloring pages and crafts to fun worksheets, there is something for every child to enjoy. You’ll be embarking on an exciting adventure of cultural learning fun that builds important skills and more.

This free printable set of Lunar New Year activities is a perfect way to enjoy this special time with children.

Examples of Chinese New Year activities for kids including coloring pages, activity pack, and craft.

Want to make this Chinese New Year celebration with kids extra special?

Well, here are some absolutely amazing ways to enjoy this extraordinary time with your students!

Boost Your Celebration with Chinese New Activities for Kids

Get ready for some fantastic learning fun with your students! These Chinese New Year activities are wonderful ways to celebrate and learn about the culture.

Examples of free printable Chinese New Year activities for 2024 pack by Rock Your Homeschool.

Chinese New Year Activities Pack for 2024 (Free Printables)

These printable Chinese New Year activities pack is an amazing way to celebrate this holiday with your kids. These free printables are fantastic ways to learn about the Year of the Dragon (2024) and more. Find out more about these worksheets for Chinese New Year fun with kids and get your free set today! Easily

Chinese New Year color by number examples with crayons and color pencils.

Chinese New Year Color by Number Pages for Kids (Free)

These Chinese New Year color by number pages are simple yet super fun ways to celebrate the holiday with kids. If you need quick and easy activities for enjoying Chinese New Year, these printables are perfect!

Find out more about these color by number worksheets with Chinese New Year themes and get your free set

Toilet paper roll Chinese New Year firecracker craft by Mombrite.

Toilet Paper Roll Chinese New Year Firecracker Craft by Mombrite

Get ready to ignite the excitement this Chinese New Year with a DIY firecracker craft.

Discover why firecrackers are essential to Lunar New Year festivities as you transform simple toilet paper rolls into vibrant decorations.

Examples of Lunar New Year worksheets by Living Life & Learning.

Lunar New Year Worksheets by Living Life & Learning

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate the Lunar New Year? Look no further!

These captivating worksheets are tailor-made for young kids, offering an immersive experience of the rich culture and traditions.

Dragon handprint Chinese New Year craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Dragon Handprint Chinese New Year Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

These easy-to-follow instructions guide you through making a dragon using handprints.

The article also suggests excellent books for kids to read before craft time.

Chinese New Year shaker by In the Playroom.

Chinese New Year Shaker by In the Playroom

Prepare to shake things up this Chinese New Year with an exciting craft to entertain the kids.

This DIY Chinese New Year shaker is a simple and fun activity to involve the kids in the festivities.

Dragon blower paper craft by Ruffles & Rain Boots.

Dragon Blower Paper Craft by Ruffles & Rain Boots

This dragon craft will blow you away with its vibrant colors and fun design. The dragon blower paper craft is quick to assemble and uses materials you already have at home. Kids will love playing with this dragon after craft time is completed.

Chinese lantern sun catcher by The Gingerbread House.

Chinese Lantern Sun Catcher by The Gingerbread House

Learn how to make a Chinese lantern sun catcher with these easy-to-follow instructions. Kids can personalize this Chinese New Year craft with different colors and patterns. 

Examples of Chinese dragon masks to color by The Kitchen Table Classroom.

Chinese Dragon Masks to Color by The Kitchen Table Classroom

These printable Chinese dragon masks bring the vibrant Chinese New Year celebration to life.  Kids will love coloring their dragons while exploring the importance of dragons in the festivities.

Printable Chinese New Year dragon craft by Red Ted Art.

Chinese New Year Dragon Craft Printable by Red Ted Art

Build a customizable dragon with this free Chinese New Year printable. Whether you envision a colossal guardian or a petite companion, this dragon craft allows kids to customize the size and colors of the masterpiece. 

Example of printable dragon puppet for Chinese New Year by Little Bins for Little Hands.

Dragon Puppet for Chinese New Year by Little Bins for Little Hands

Use the free printable and easy step-by-step instructions to create a dragon puppet for Chinese New Year. Kids will love the fun accordion-style body of this dragon.

Examples of paper lantern crafts by Little Ladoo.

Paper Lantern Craft by Little Ladoo

Enhance Chinese New Year celebrations with these DIY paper lanterns. Lighting lanterns symbolize driving out darkness and bringing hope to the new year. Kids can create these paper lanterns and learn about the importance of lanterns during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Examples of Chinese New Year worksheets by Leap of Faith Crafting.

FREE Chinese New Year Worksheets Printable by Leap of Faith Crafting

Get ready to celebrate Chinese New Year with these free printable worksheets. From coloring a dragon to solving an I-Spy sheet, these fun activities will keep your little ones engaged and learning about this festive holiday.

Example of Chinese dragon craft by The Inspiration Edit.

Chinese Dragon Craft by The Inspiration Edit

This Chinese New Year activity for kids is not only fun and easy, but it also doubles as a fantastic opportunity to introduce and educate kids about the traditions of the Chinese New Year. Grab the templates for free to get started.

Variety of Chinese New Year activities for kids like dragon coloring pages and more.

More Ideas for Chinese New Year Fun with Kids

Here are more ways to have fun with your Chinese New Year celebration. Hope these 10 creative ideas are a big hit with your children:

  1. Red Envelope Math: Turn the tradition of giving red envelopes into a math lesson! Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication using these festive envelopes – learning made fun.
  2. Chinese Zodiac Wheel: Discover the secrets of the Chinese Zodiac by creating a colorful and interactive Zodiac wheel. Your kids will love learning about their own Zodiac sign and its characteristics.
  3. Chopstick Challenge: Hone fine motor skills with a chopstick challenge. From picking up small objects to transferring them, this activity is not just fun but also a great way to improve dexterity.
  4. Fortune Cookie Messages: Create your own fortune cookies with personalized messages. It's a delightful way to share positive wishes and predictions for the upcoming year.
  5. Traditional Chinese Clothing Dress-Up: Let the kids explore the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing. Provide materials for them to create paper doll versions of these elegant outfits.
  6. Make a Storytelling Corner: Dive into the world of Chinese folktales and legends. Share stories about the origins of the Lunar New Year and other cultural tales that will captivate young minds.
  7. Chinese Calligraphy Practice: Introduce your little ones to the art of Chinese calligraphy. Grab some brushes and ink to let them try their hand at this ancient and beautiful writing form.
  8. Origami Fun: Fold, crease, and create! Origami is not only entertaining but also a fantastic way to enhance spatial skills. From animals to festive shapes, there's no limit to what your child can create.
  9. Cultural Food Adventure: Explore Chinese cuisine together. Whether it's making dumplings, noodles, or other traditional dishes, involve the kids in a hands-on culinary experience.
  10. Chinese New Year Countdown: Build excitement for the big day with a DIY Chinese New Year calendar or paper chain. It's a visually appealing way for kids to track the days leading up to the Chinese New Year celebration.
Examples of Chinese New Year activities for kids including coloring pages, paper lanterns, dragon party blower, and paper noise maker.

Get ready for a joyous and educational Chinese New Year celebration with these activities that promise smiles, laughter, and lots of learning. Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧🎊

Examples of Chinese New Year activities for kids like dragon coloring pages, paper dragon party blower, paper lanterns, and other crafts.

What Chinese New Year activities for kids would you add to this list? I'd love to see your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

Variety of examples of Chinese New Year activities for kids like crafts, coloring pages, dragon party blower, and paper dragon puppet.

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