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3 Simple Planners To Help You Boost Your Homeschool!

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Come and get 3 simple planners to help you boost your homeschool. Read why homeschool planners rock, factors to consider when selecting a homeschool planner, & get 3 FREE homeschool planning sheets.

Homeschool planners are brilliant ways to organize and schedule your homeschooling. Paper or electronic, planning is a must for homeschoolers. All homeschool approaches, from traditional to unschooling, can benefit from the consistent use of homeschool planners.

Before I get to your free instant downloads of 3 Simple Planners To Help Boost Your Homeschool, I would like to share a few of the reasons I think homeschool planners are important. Also, I will give you a few suggestions on different ways you can use your homeschool planner to boost your homeschool.

I totally  understand if you are busy and need to get right to the 3 Simple Planners! Scroll down and click on each image to download these 3 planner sheets to add to your homeschool planning system.

Why Homeschool Planners Rock!

Let's face it-homeschooling can be a lot of work! On top of our regular family and home responsibilities, we home educate our children. Just one of those areas can require dedicated organization-combine family, home, and homeschooling (sometimes with work and volunteering) and there's a slew of to-dos!

Homeschool planners are blessings because they can provide us with a one-stop storage place to tackle homeschooling tasks like:

  • attendance
  • year goals
  • term goals
  • reading log
  • state required paperwork (if necessary)
  • daily, weekly, and monthly layouts of subjects and lessons
  • project lists
  • spiritual encouragement

Many homeschool planners are easy to customize as well, like my Funkydori with DIY Traveler's Notebooks. Planners for homeschooling can be as simple (like a spiral notebook suggested by Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things) to as complicated (with pocket folders and pull-out charts) as your budget and desire allow. You may like something that you can whip up yourself or prefer something ready-to-go.

Homeschool planners can vary widely in cost, to free (Jill over at Blessed Beyond A Doubt as a rockin' round-up of Free Homeschool Planners) to expensive. It is all a matter of taste and homeschool budget. Honestly, I think that the best homeschool planner is the planner that works for your homeschool!

How You Can Make Your Homeschool Planner Work For You

The type of homeschool planner that you require will depend on a few factors like:

  • homeschooling approach
  • budget
  • number of children you are homeschooling
  • state requirements
  • type of homeschooler (traditional calendar, year-round, or unique)
  • your personality type
  • frequency of your homeschooling planning (weekly, monthly, by term, year)
  • extracurricular activities (sports, music, etc.)
  • participation in a co-op

A homeschool family that unschools will probably have a much different type of homseschool planner than a more traditional homeschooler. Some states (like Pennsylvania-my stomping grounds) require attendance and a portfolio. Less restrictive states require nothing (you lucky ducks!).

Consider the above factors as questions and jot down your answers. Do a Google search or talk to other homeschool moms in similar situations and see what they use. (You can join a super-dee-duper Facebook group for homeschoolers called Rock Your Homeschool! I own the group and we chat about all things homeschooling there!)

I encourage you to take a peak into a few different homeschool planners before purchasing. Homeschool budgets can be tight and you will want to make the best decision possible to rock your homeschool planner!

Consider using your creativity to make your homeschool planner pretty! It doesn't have to be boring! Even on a limited budget, you can use stickers and washi tape found at the dollar store. Color coding with different colored pens can be extremely helpful in organizing different subjects and kids, as well as making it look nice.

Traveler's notebooks are a fun, frugal, and easy approach to homeschool planning.
Bit of color coding with different color pens.

Use helpful organizational office supplies to make it easier to navigate your homeschool planners. Pretty paper clips, tabs, and dividers can add a touch of style along with their functionality.

Have a brain dump page (or three!) for each month! You will be glad to have the extra space to jot down ideas for teaching a particular lesson or organizing a homeschool project.


Homeschool Planning can be easy and affordable! Learn why I love to use traveler's notebooks for simple and frugal homeschool planning.
My homeschool Funkydori with washi tape & Frixion pens.


3 Simple Planners To Help You Rock Your Homeschool Planner

I primarily use my Funkydori to rock my homeschool planning. I do use a 3-ring binder for each boys' portfolios and to store larger papers. I often place free planner sheets from other  sites or from those I created (like my Homeschool Teatime Planner) on clipboards to use through our homeschool day.

Teatime Planner is a simple and free way to organize and schedule successful homeschool teatimes. Great way to help you rock your homeschool planners!
My Homeschool Teatime Planner is great for organizing and scheduling a successful teatime.


I created 3 more simple homeschool planners that I am excited to share as FREE INSTANT DOWNLOADS! I pray that they bless your family and help you rock your homeschool planners!

Educational Games

Special Homeschool Days

Continuing Education for Homeschoolers

I would love to hear all about how you rock your homeschool planners!

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