Let's Chat About Homeschool Reading

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Let\'s chat about homeschool reading is part of a Periscope and blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Find curriculum recommendations and suggestions.

Let's chat about homeschool reading! This post is the first in our Periscope and blog series dedicated for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers with curriculum.

If you missed the details of how this series is going to work, please read Homeschool Curriculum Help For All In New Series. My goal with this series is to provide an area for homeschoolers to ask questions and find answers to their homeschool curriculum questions.

I thought it would be helpful to singularly look at homeschool subjects. At this point, all age ranges will be included for one subject. If requested, larger areas like homeschooling high school may be added on for extra help.

Let\'s Chat About Homeschool...Reading is a Periscope and blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Homeschool reading curriculum and resources will shared based on experiences and recommendations.

The focus of this week's Periscope and blog series is homeschool reading. Viewers of my weekday morning Rock Your Homeschool! Periscope broadcast had asked specific questions about our approach to reading in our homeschool. I also wanted to get feedback to apply in our selection of higher level reading curricula for middle and soon-to-be high school students.

In case you are wondering, reading selections in our homeschool have been quite varied. We have used materials provided from the cyber school my older boys attended for our first year homeschooling. Our relaxed, eclectic approach to homeschooling has definitely extended into our reading. We have used guides from Mater Amabilis, Catholic Heritage Curricula, Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, and Brave Writer.

While I have found all of these homeschool resources to be helpful, our recent use of The Arrow and The Wand from Brave Writer have been the most fitting. I have also considered a few of the suggested selections that these wonderful ladies shared during my afternoon Let's Chat About Homeschool...Reading and in Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group.

Let's Chat About Homeschool Reading

Whew! There were some amazing homeschool reading curricula suggestions flying fast during this scope! I have done my very best to record and credit those  great gals who joined the discussion. If you were part of the scope and I missed your suggestion, please leave the information in the comment section below and I will be sure to add.

Click here to view the scope for Let's Chat About Homeschool Reading!

Also, if you would like to add to this list, leave a comment. Better yet! Come and join Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group, share your information, and get to know the incredible homeschoolers who are super supportive and encouraging.

Logic of English (recommended by @meghanrenee for its comprehensive approach to reading)

All About Reading (recommended by Sarita)

Sonlight (recommended by Melissa from Soaring Arrows. Melissa shared this scope with demonstration of several levels of Sonlight plus Explode the Code.) Sarita also recommended the Instruction Guide for Sonlight.)

7Sisters Homeschools (my affiliate link)--This site is fabulous for high school! The literature guides look like they are going to be very helpful for my older boys.

Brave Writer (recommended by Dachelle from Hide The Chocolate)

Poetry Teatime Companion (I highly recommend this book!)

Ambleside Online

Hooked On Phonics (Amanda over at Raising DaVinci shared her review)

Life of Fred Early Readers

LeapFrog DVDs (recommended by Ana from They Call Me Blessed)

The Ordinary Parents Guide To Reading (recommended by Betsy)

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Lessons (I have used this resource with success with my two older boys.)

BOB Books (recommended by Jana from All About Mommas)

Daisy from At Home French is a Montessori homeschooler who shared her recommendations in these scopes-part 1 and part 2. She shared this list of homeschool reading resources:

Brandy BJ shared classical reading resources in these scopes about reading and reading with littles. Her explanation on the classical approach to reading was fabulous! I encourage you to watch these scopes for more information.

  • Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum-Brandy shared how this is a great resource to set up your own classical homeschool or to integrate classical features into another homeschool approach, like lapbooking or unit studies.
  • angelicum.net-site with free lists of classical resources. It is Catholic but could be adapted. Lists for little kids in their Good Books program, as well as lists for older students in their Great Books program.
  • classicalcurriculum.com-another site with free book lists for classical approach to reading
  • Well-Trained Mind-Brandy shared that this site has an updated challenge for reading a book a week.
  • Veritas-resource for finding comprehension and study guides to classic books

Jen from Practical By Default shared her homeschool curriculum choices which include reading.

So many wonderful homeschool resources shared by homeschoolers for homeschoolers!

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