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Sensational Ways to Make Homeschool History Fun

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Let's make homeschool history fun!

This homeschool subject has such spectacular potential for learning fun for kids. To make it easy to find creative ways to enjoy history fun with your kids, you'll find magnificent ideas and resources from homeschoolers like you.


You can make homeschool history fun with a bit of creativity & inspiration.


Drawing A Blank for Ways to Make Homeschool History Fun?

Studying history sounds kind of boring, right?

At least, that's what I thought growing up. Sure, I completed my assigned history readings and work. But, in my public school experience, I felt like I was just memorizing dates and facts to regurgitate onto a test for a good grade, only to have all that hard work quickly escape my mind. History was meh at best.

Then, I started homeschooling my five boys. And history became exciting!

Instead of studying dry textbooks, we discovered the joys of living books, activities, and other resources to liven up this subject. I actually looked forward to our homeschool history time and my boys quickly caught my enthusiasm.


Two brothers with pilot hat & safari hat with old map & toys to feature how you can make homeschool history fun


You Can Make Homeschool History Fun!

Learning history at home can be an amazing experience. With a few tips and the right resources, you can enjoy learning about history with your kids without spending a ton of money.

I've asked some experienced homeschoolers to share their ideas and inspiration for making homeschool history a special time for all. You'll find suggestions for:

  • Hands-On History Fun
  • Virtual Ways to Boost Homeschool History
  • Great Games for History Fun at Home
  • Creative Ways to Make Homeschool History Fun


Check out all of these sensational hands-on ways to make homeschool history fun.


Hands-On History Fun

Hands-On History Project Inspired by Native American Winter Counts (Humility and Doxology):  Enjoy a simple art project to learn more about Native American Winter Counts.


Cloth Dyeing STEAM in History (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids):  Learn about cotton production throughout American history and experiment with some cloth dying. Perfect for S.T.E.A.M clubs and co-ops!


Pool Noodle Covered Wagon (Line Upon Line Learning):  Create your own "covered wagon" with pool noodles.


You can use virtual ways to boost homeschool history fun.


Virtual Ways to Boost Homeschool History

How To Use Virtual Museums in Your Homeschool (Captivating Compass):  It’s time to get creative and have fun at some of the world’s most favorite museums. Get ready for a virtual museum tour you’ll not soon forget!


The Best Virtual Museum Resources for Studying Roman Britain at Home (Captivating Compass):  Many of Britain’s customs, recipes, and culture are deeply rooted in ideas and objects imported during Rome’s attempt to conquer the British Isle. So, when you learn about ancient Britain, you create a great opportunity to learn how the Romans lived whilst in Britain. Make homeschool history fun by learning about Rome & Britain from a new perspective.


The Best Virtual Museum Resources for Studying Egyptian Mummies at Home (Captivating Compass):  Every museum and every collection reveals a mystery and re-tells an ancient story. Come along on a grand Egyptian adventure at the finest museums in the world. Explore virtually and learn digitally about Egyptian mummies.


Games are a fantastic way to make homeschool history fun.


Great Games for History Fun at Home

Marco Polo Silk Road Game (Line Upon Line Learning):  Review the ancient trade routes that Marco Polo traveled as he went from Venice to China. We try our hand at buying and selling goods along the way, and we hope to return to Venice to make a profit!


Guess the Explorers (Line Upon Line Learning):  Put a new twist on classic Guess Who? by playing Guess the Explorers. Use the facts from the explorers' lives to ask process of elimination questions.


Check out these creative ways to make homeschool history fun for your kids.


Creative Ways to Make Homeschool History Fun

Personal or Family Timeline Printable (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids): Before you dive into history, you need to spend some time with your kids going over their own personal history. Fill in this printable with their birthday, special moments, or future events. Help them establish an idea of time past and where they fit in world history.


Family History Interviews (Line Upon Line Learning):  Extend your pioneer study into your own personal family history. Find the ways that your family members and previous generations have been pioneers, too!


A Surprising Homeschool History Curriculum Hack (Hess Un-Academy):  Did you know there is an entire ancient history curriculum hidden inside the fun computer game, Age of Empires? Learn how this homeschooling family homeschools with this video game, and download some free Age of Empire history worksheets to use in your own home.


Teaching Kids About WWII Airplanes (Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids):  If you have a mini flyboy (or a big flyboy) in our house, you'll love this list of ways to teach kids more about WWII airplanes. From flight simulators to books to field trips, I've got you covered!


How to Create an Amazing Milton Hershey Unit Study (Homeschooling in Progress):  Create a Milton Hershey unit study to learn more about Hershey's life, the

chocolate company, and how chocolate is made. Your kids will eat it up!


How to Make Homeschool High School American History Interesting (Rock Your Homeschool):  My two older boys swear by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for their high school history 🙂


Increase the Fun Factor by Learning History in the Kitchen (Power Line Productions):  Food from other times and places is fun and delicious. Plus, a great way to learn history!


Gameschooling: History & Geography (The Waldock Way):  Add the magic of games to your homeschool history and geography fun.


Host a Gran Prix to Study 20th Century History the Fun Way! (Power Line Productions):  Car racing became very popular in the 1930s so we have our own Grand Prix when we study HIS Story of the 20th Century. After all, these history labs bring our studies alive and add so much fun to our homeschooling adventure!


Learn about the Middle Ages by Jousting & Feasting at a Medieval Banquet (Power Line Productions):  History comes alive when you act it out, feast, and play games--how about combining all three with a medieval banquet!


How Do YOU Make Homeschool History Fun?

What creative ways do you make homeschool history fun? Share your ideas in the comments area below 🙂 And feel free to share links if you have them!


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  1. So many fun ideas here! Thanks Amy, I'm encouraged with even more ideas. I'm ready to plan exciting history lessons for the coming school year.

  2. One way to make history fun for older students is to bring it into social media. "If you were reporting on the Revolutionary War on Twitter what would you be saying." Just pick a date and remember you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. I have a fashionista so create an Instagram of your newest gown from 1850. What makes it special? Who made it and how? When I taught history I always did "A Day in the Life" and my kids loved it. So what was a day in the life like for someone your age in 1659? The kids were always shocked! I find putting the kids in the middle of the history really makes it more fun and more real. Now that I am homeschooling I put my granddaughter in the middle of it.

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