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Save Money with This Ultimate List of Free Homeschool Printables



Amazing free homeschool printables can help you make homeschooling affordable (and fun!).

To help make frugal homeschooling possible, I have compiled this list of sites and blogs that offer awesome homeschool printables at no cost.

I highly recommend that you bookmark this page to refer to again and again. Save money when you can in your homeschool! There are wonderful free resources out there that might fill your need to effectively home educate your kids.


Use this ultimate list of free homeschool printables to save money & time to boost your homeschooling adventures.


Also, if you create homeschool printables that you offer at no cost (or know someone who does) and you do not see your site here, please leave the link in the comments below and I will add. This list will be regularly updated to help all of us save money and provide quality at-home education.

You will find these topics for printables here:

  • General (these are sites that have a huge variety of homeschool printables that you will love!)
  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • High School
  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Writing
  • Science
  • History & Geography
  • Music
  • Art
  • Lapbooking
  • Notebooking
  • Copywork
  • Planners
  • Homeschool Fun
  • Organization
  • Encouragement
  • Foreign Languages

If I missed a topic that you think would be a great addition to this post, please share in the comments and I will add!


Stacks of different colors of paper in blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, and orange organized by color

General Homeschool Printables

Free Homeschool Deals:  This popular site contains a wide variety of brilliant homeschooling printables.

Life of a Homeschool Mom:  Another popular blog with tons of printables.

Homeschool.com:  Hundreds of free printables to boost your homeschooling adventures

123Homeschool4Me:  Over 350 free printables for math, music, Spanish, Language Arts, science, Bible, & more!

Confessions of a Homeschooler:  Another blog with a variety of printables, including calendar time, workboxes, planners, and sight words.

Real Life At Home:  Angie has great educational printables to bless your homeschool.

Homeschooling Ideas:  This site has numerous categories plus instructions on how to edit worksheets with your iPad or tablet (great idea for saving money on printing!).

Print-a-Palooza: Free Homeschool Printables:  iHomeschool Network has a fabulous ongoing link-up. Check out what’s there (and make sure to add your own if it is not already listed!).

Hip Homeschool Moms:  Includes many free printable pages to enjoy in your homeschool.

Teach Beside Me:  Karyn has created a treasure chest of free printable pages for use in your homeschool.

Walking By The Way:  Numerous printables including copywork, notebooking, and nature study.

Embark on the Journey:  Awesome printables for activities, writing prompts, and more.

YearRound Homeschooling:  Fabulous free printable pages and activities for your homeschool.

Mama Jenn:  Copywork, notebooking, planning, habit tracking, and more.

Living Life and Learning:  Lots of super printables for preschool, science, writing, and more.

Look! We’re Learning!:  Tons of amazing printables to enjoy with your kids.

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop:  Site is crammed with amazing printables to use in your homeschool!

School Express:  Over 19,000 free printables for your homeschool!

Scholastic:  Free printable section for parents.

JumpStart:  Great resource site for homeschool parents.

The Homeschool Mom:  Lots of great free printables including planner, notebooking, and lapbooks.

Amy’s Wandering:  Variety of free printables for your homeschool, including copywork, holidays, and more.

Rock Your Homeschool:  That’s me!  Find free printables to rock your homeschool!

Living Montessori Now:  Great spot for Montessori printables & more!

Teachers Pay Teachers:  Lots of sellers offer free resources that can often be used in homeschooling.

That Bald Chick:  Virginia shares so many awesome printables and ideas for your homeschool, including handwriting, alphabet crafts, and more.

Hess UnAcademy:  Charlene provdies a wonderful variety of printables to help you boost homeschooling. 

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus:  Free 7 Step DIY Homeschool Planner, unit studies, and lapbooks and more!



Check out these free homeschool printables for preschool.


Free Printables for Preschool & Kindergarten Homeschool

Homeschool Preschool:  My #1 site to go to for adorable and effective free preschool printables.

Homeschool Creations:  Early Learning Printables:  Fun printables with topics like learning songs, workboxes, lapbooks & more.

20+ Free Learning Packs for Preschool & Kindergarten:  Becky of This Reading Mama created these awesome printable packs that are available for free.

Preschool, Tot, & Kindergarten Printable Packs:  Carisa from 1+1+1=1 has some of my favorite free printables for young learners.

Free Kindergarten Printable Packs:  Homeschool Share has over twenty themes for learning fun.

Tracing Lines Busy Bag (Free Printable):  This resource from Happy Brown House is great for fine motor skills development!

PK1Homeschool Fun:  So many terrific free printables for your young learners!

Color by Letter Fun: You can find this free printable resource here at Rock Your Homeschool 🙂


Check out these awesome free homeschool high school printables.

Free Printables for Homeschool High School

Best FREE Homeschool Printables for High School Ever!:  The Frugal Homeschooling Mom did a marvelous job gathering these free printables for homeschooling high school!

High School Worksheets and Printables:  Education.com has a fabulous collection of printables for the high school level.

Middle & High School Planner Printables for Homeschool:  Free planning pages from Homeschool Creations to help with homeschool high school.

Free Homeschool High School Planning Sheet:  Great printable from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus, a mom who has been there and done that!

Homeschool High School: Free Curriculum Plan for US Government and Economics Courses:  My friend, Amy at Humility and Doxology, shares this fantastic resource for planning this high school course.


Check out these FREE homeschool math printables!


Free Printables for Homeschool Math

Free Math Worksheets:  HomeschoolMath has printable math worksheets for first through seventh grade.

Dad’s Worksheets:  Free printable math worksheets from flashcards through sixth grade.

MathGeek Mama:  Whew! What a great place for free math printables! 

Life of Fred Butterflies:  Here are our free lesson extensions for the second book in Life of Fred Elementary series.
FREE Math Activities To Build Number Sense In Your Students:  Rachel from You’ve Got This Math shares over 200 free ways to have math fun with your kids.



Check out these awesome FREE language arts printables for your homeschool.

Free Printables for Homeschool Language Arts

Free Printable Reading Logs:  Starts at Eight shares these super cute ways to keep track of what books have been read.

Reading Comprehension Marks:  From 123 Homeschool4 Me, check out these resources for fiction or nonfiction and grades K-8.

15 Free Bookmarks for Reading & Writing Fun: Bookmarks from Rock Your Homeschool that your kids can color and use to record books and minutes read, as well as jot down writing ideas.

Language Arts Worksheets:  Found at About Education, these lists of free printables ranges from preschool through high school.

Free Punctuation Mini-Book:  I created this free printable to help young learners learn about punctuation marks.

Free Word Family Printables:  Kingdom First Homeschool offers this free printable for young learners.

Fun Activities with Nouns & Verbs:  Free printable pack with DIY Mad Libs, sorting games, and scavenger hunt.

Free Reading Punchcards for a Creative Way to Track Progress:  Super fun ways to motivate your readers.
Reading Book BINGO: Printable Reading Game:  Brandi from Mama Teaches shares this cool activity to make reading fun.


Here is an awesome list of free printables for homeschool writing.

Free Printables for Homeschool Writing

Free Writing Prompt Printables for the Entire Year:  Awesome free printable pack with creative writing prompts from The Kennedy Adventures.

Freewriting Lessons!:  Have a free writing frenzy in your homeschool with this free download from Brave Writer.

Teaching Effective Revision:  A Free Printable Checklist:  Help your kids hone their writing skills with this free printable from Not So Formulaic.

What Is A Brain Dump & How To Use With Kids: I explain how a brain dump can help your kids in all areas of homeschooling, especially writing. Includes free printable.

How to Make Creative Writing Fun with Comic Strips:  Here is our free printable pack to get you started with comic strip writing.


Here is a great list of free printables for homeschool science.

Free Printables for Homeschool Science

Free Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook:  Homeschool Gameschool offers this free secular printable for homeschool science labs.

Free Homeschool Science Printables:  The Crafty Classroom has printables for the scientific method, periodic table, and more.

The Homeschool Scientist:  Great site to search for printables to use for homeschooling science!

Free Science Printables for Middle School:  Eva Varga shares a list of her own printables, as well as others.

Free Scientific Method Printable Worksheet for Kids:  Homeschooling on a Dime offers this printable for young learners.

Magic School Bus Lesson Plans (Free Printable):  180 days of lessons from Cornerstone Confessions!

Free Scientific Method Cootie Catcher:  Get this free printable, hands-on activity for learning and practicing the scientific method with your kids.

Amazing Solar System Activity with Free Cootie Catcher:  This free printable set also includes planet fact cards for a sensational interactive way to boost science fun.


Check out this list of free printables for history & geography in your homeschool.

Free Printables for Homeschool History & Geography

The Presidents Game-Free Printable:  Homeschool with Love offers this game in black and white (easier on your printer!).

13 Free Printable History Board Games:  Tina shares her own history board games and recommendations for others.

History Worksheets and Printables:  Education.com has these printables a wide variety of history themes, including paper dolls, games, and more.

Free History Worksheets:  For grades preschool through sixth grade from TLS Books.

History Worksheets: Free printables at History for Kids.

Free Geography Resources:  Homeschool Creation has free printables for both world and United States geography.

Geography Worksheets and Printables:  Pages of free geography printables at Education.com.

Free Geography Worksheets:  TLSBooks has free printables for maps, word searches, National Parks, and more!

Fun With Geography ~ FREE Geography Printables:  Heidi of Starts at Eight has awesome printable geography games like Bingo and scavenger hunt.

Free USA Geography Homeschool Printables + 5 EASY Ways to Make Learning FUN:  Hall of Fame Moms shares this amazing set of ways to boost United States geography.


Here is a list of free printables for music in your homeschool.

Free Printables for Homeschool Music

Let’s Play Music:  Tons of free sheet music and music theory printables.

Music Worksheets & Printables: Pages of free music printables to use in your homeschool.

45 Learning Songs for Homeschool Morning Time:  Includes printable list of titles of learning songs.

Music Worksheets & Coloring Pages:  TLSBooks offers these great music printables.


Amazing list of free printables for homeschool art.

Free Printables for Homeschool Art

Printable Art Worksheets:  More great printables by Education.com. Includes activities, artist biographies, and more.

Free Printable Art Appreciation Worksheets:  Printable pack from Art Curator for Kids shares these cool ways to enjoy art appreciation with your kids.

How to Make Fingerprint Insects and Bug Art for Kids Free:  Homeschool Master shares this amazing set that combines nature and art.


Check out these free homeschool printables for lapbooks.

Free Printables for Homeschool Lapbooks

Homeschool Share:  My boys love these free lapbooks! I often include one in our homeschool portfolio and our evaluator gushes over them.

Lapbook Lessons:  Free lapbooks for a variety of topics.


Check out these free homeschool printables for notebooking.

Free Printables for Homeschool Notebooking

The Notebooking Fairy:  You need to go here. The ultimate site for free notebooking pages.



Free homeschool printables for copywork.


Free Printables for Homeschool Copywork

Free Growth Mindset Copywork Pages:  30 pages of free printables with growth mindset themes from Rock Your Homeschool.

FREE Copywork Printables:  Available for grades K-2 from Cornerstone Confessions.

Free Handwriting & Copywork Printables:  Available at GuestHollow with print and cursive.

Copywork:  Free printable copywork pages based on Charlotte Mason approach found at Practical Pages.

Free Copywork Pages for Your Homeschool:  Walking by the Way shares a variety of resources to boost your homeschool copywork (and find out why it’s a great addition to learning at home!).


Free printables to help you rock homeschool fun,

Free Printables for Homeschool Fun

Harry Potter-Inspired Printables for Learning Fun:  You can find a variety of resources here for your Potterheads.

Star Wars-Inspired Fun:  So many awesome ways to add interest-led learning to your homeschool with these Star Wars-themed resources.

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Fun:  These freebies are awesome for your Dr. Seuss Day celebration or any day you’d like to have learning fun with Dr. Seuss and friends.

Holiday & Seasonal Fun for Your Homeschool:  Rock Your Homeschool offers a variety of resources to make your seasons and holidays fun.

Calendar of Fun Days for Kids:  Get fantastic ideas for easily celebrating fun days with your kids.

Minecraft Freebies:  Make your Minecraft lovers happy with these free printables.

Restoring Chivalry & Civility (Free Printable):  Super awesome way for kids to have fun while learning positive behaviors.

First Day of School Printables:  Celebrate your first day of homeschool (and capture precious memories) with these adorable free printable signs from Rock Your Homeschool.

54 Brain Breaks To Boost Your Homeschool Day!:  Free printable strips to make homeschool brain breaks easy.

Learn With Videos Printable Pack:  Effectively use educational videos in your homeschool.

Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt for Kids:  The Purposeful Nest shares the super fun activity to enjoy with your kids this Spring.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids:  My friend, Brandi of Mama Teaches, has this awesome activity that your kids will love.


Check out this great list of free printable homeschool planners.

Free Printables to Use for Your Homeschool Planners

Free Homeschool Planning Mini-Kit:  Gorgeous homeschool planning pages by Pam Barnhill.

Free Printable Daily, Weekly Focus Planner Pages:  Tracy from Hall of Fame Moms shares these fantastic printable planner pages that you can customize for your homeschool and family life.

7 Step Curriculum Planner:  Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Planner is off the charts! Customize and enjoy.

Printable Homeschool & Household Planner Pages:  The Homeschool Mom has these functional planning pages for at-home education and meal planning.

Free Printable Homeschool Planner Pages:  I love the set up of these pages shared at Homeschooling on a Dime and have used for toddler and preschool time.

Free Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner:  Simply beautiful planning pages by My Humble Kitchen! Includes poetry on the monthly view!

Free Homeschool Planner:  From the Crafty Classroom. Includes goals, character building, and Student Planner option.

Free Ultimate Homeschool Planner: The Relaxed Homeschool shares this planner in pretty pinks and teals, with meal planner, attendance record, and more.

Teatime Planner Page:  Free printable to help you plan and enjoy a fun poetry teatime.

3 Simple Planners to Boost Your Homeschool:  For Educational Games, Special Homeschool Days, and Continuing Education for Homeschoolers.


Great free printables for homeschool organization!

Free Printables for Homeschool Organization

Workbox System and Free Printables:  Fun way to organize homeschool work.

Homeschool Morning Time Board Organizers:  Two printable sheets to help you rock your homeschool morning time board.

Create Your Own Homeschool Vision Board:  Organize your homeschool goals with a great visual reminder!


Get encouragement for your homeschool with these free printables.


Free Printables for Homeschool Encouragement

24 Free Affirmations Cards for Homeschool Moms:  Beautiful cards to get you started on a path to positive growth.

12 Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement:  Pretty printable bookmarks with inspirational quotes.

101 Sensational Ways for Moms to Enjoy Self-Care Time:  You can still have time to take care of yourself when you use these ideas and tips 🙂


Foreign Languages

Fortune Cookie Mom:  FREE Chinese Resource Library with tons of Chinese printable, art & crafts, pretend play, math, etc.


Spread out pile of colorful papers to feature all the possibilities that you can find in this ultimate list of free homeschool printables with resources for a variety of subjects, ages, & more


Whew! What an amazing list of homeschool printables! Know of another awesome site that shares free printables for homeschooling? Share it in the comments below 🙂

Where do YOU love to go for homeschool printables at no cost? We’d love to know!


Variety of colorful folders & papers to feature how you can save time & money using this Ultimate List of Free Homeschool Printables to boost learning at home

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