How I Rock My Homeschool as a Work at Home Mom

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“I can’t homeschool, I have to work.” I hear it all the time, one of the main reasons most people think they cannot make homeschooling work in their family. These days it’s almost impossible to live on only one income. Many people are shipping their kids off to public school so mom can get herself to work on time. All just to support their family.

how I rock my Homeschool as a work at home mom

I understand how it is completely. In our family, we depend on a second income as well just to be able to get everything we need.

Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a work at home mom and I homeschool my kids. It is possible to do both! It takes a lot of patience, heart, and self discipline, but it is possible!

I am a blogger (3x blogger actually), virtual assistant, small business owner, and.... a homeschool mom. Today, I’m going to share three things I do to rock my homeschool as a work at home mom.

Enlist Help As A Work At Home Mom

I am blessed to be a work-at-home mompreneur, but I know many have to work outside of the home. No matter where you work, you will need help.

When my husband gets home from his day job, he spends his evenings helping me manage the kids. This even includes teaching a subject or two himself! This helps me lighten my load a little.

red HELP button

After we eat dinner (that sometimes the husband makes to help out) , I retreat to my office and close the door. At this time, both the kids and husband know that “mom is at work”. This means they are not to bother me unless it’s time for bedtime kisses or something important that needs my attention.

Without having help from my husband, this would not be possible! My girls love it because they get quality time with their daddy since they spend all day with mommy.

Have a Routine

Having a routine is crucial as a work at home mom. It doesn’t have to be a set-in-stone-super-strict type of schedule. Just enough to make sure your day flows with ease of routine.

As a work at home mom, I’ve set “business hours”. I don’t do any other work unless it falls during that time. I don’t plan any school related activities unless it’s during our designated school hours. If it doesn’t get done in the time I have allotted for that day, then we do it the next day.

I’m not perfect about staying on schedule all the time, but I’m working on being more strict about it. I’ve learned that if I don’t set these routine and be strict about them, everything blends in together and then I’m a ball of frazzled mom at the end of the very long day.


On Sundays, it’s my “me time” and “plan and prep for next week”. I spend all day Sunday either relaxing, planning my week (appointments, lesson planning, work projects, meals, etc), or indulging in my hobbies. I also do any grocery shopping that needs to be done on Sundays as well. This helps me  make sure that I have everything I need for the week (I try to include the kids too - life skills!).

I know that having these routines are ultimately what keeps me sane. When I don’t have time to prepare for the upcoming week, my life is a hot mess and my anxiety is through the roof!

Buy a Planner (or 5) and USE THEM

I cannot tell you how important this one is. Having some sort of plan and using it is so important! Again, it doesn’t have to be a concrete set of plans. A generalized idea of what to do during certain times or on certain days works perfectly fine, and helps you keep it all together! There is nothing worse than forgetting important things like appointments!

I use five planners. Yep, that’s right, I said five. I have a planner for our homeschool, family/life, blog, work, and a personal planner that I bring with me everywhere I go (the rest stay home).

variety of planners

Now do you see why I spend my Sunday’s planning? I know, it seems really excessive. If I kept everything in one planner, it wouldn't help at all. It'd be so cluttered and full that it would overwhelm me and I probably wouldn't want to look at it! Having one for each area of my life just makes sense to me, and works so much better!

I make the planning process fun by decorating my planner. You do not have to do that of course, but it helps my anxiety with having a bit of creative time. Plus, it makes actually looking at my planner all week more fun.

Check out these great resources, ideas, and stories on homeschooling encouragement. 20 Days of Homeschooling Encouragement Blog Party is dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers find support and inspiration.

Without having help, staying on a routine, and using my planners, I wouldn’t be successful in anything I do. Life is busy to say the least, but if I stay on top of things I can totally rock my homeschool as a work at home mom.

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You can too! It is possible! If you’re thinking about homeschooling but you still have to work, I encourage you to start with these three tips. You’d be amazed by what you can really accomplish if you try.

You’ve got this momma! Now, go and rock your homeschool (and your job)!

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