Smartick Math: Amazing Online Program to Boost Your Homeschool

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Smartick Math is an amazing online math program that can help you rock your homeschool. Learn about its benefits, unique approach, and why my boys love it! Includes giveaway! (ends 3/6)


Has math time become a sore spot in your homeschool?

Does the mere mention of math induce moans, groans, and "Leave me alone!"s?

Homeschool mama (or concerned adult who wants to help your kids learn to love math again), I have a very special resource to share with you!

Math struggles are common to many families, homeschool or not. Either kids balk at the work or parents balk at teaching it. "I did my time when I was in school and hated every minute" just doesn't cut it when it comes to helping our kids get a great education.

Excuses about math struggles can be dug up as easily as worms after a rainstorm in Spring. Have you used any of these popular excuses for {homeschool} math?

  • It's the curriculum, not us
  • We've tried every curriculum and none of it works
  • We've stuck with the same curriculum for a long time because it's supposed to be the best
  • My child just doesn't like math
  • I hated math so it's natural that my kids do, too
  • Math is boring
  • Math is too complicated
  • Math takes too long

Hey, chin up! No worries if you have uttered any or all of the above! Yours truly has actually spoken a few of these excuses. And guess what? I'm a self-described math nerd. I mean, I took Calculus 2 in college as an elective for fun.

But, get a load of this...homeschool math doesn't have to be painful.  Oh no! It doesn't have to hurt or inflict long-term wounds to your psyche.

Smartick is an amazing online math program that can help you rock your homeschool. Find out why my boys loves this efficient & fun resource!

There's A New Math Program In Town...Smartick!

Just when you felt like there was no hope, Smartick is here to help.

This unique online math program is the bees knees, my friend!

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My four older boys have using Smartick for over a month now. I am incredibly pleased with their progress and enthusiasm for homeschool math.

Smartick allows your kids to work online to develop math confidence and accuracy. This math program is ideal for ages 4-14. Kids take a placement test to determine what level to begin. After the placement test, your child works at a pace best suited to them. Daily practice is recommended but five days a week will work fine, too.

Smartick can be used for:

  • remediation
  • on level work
  • accelerated/enrichment

Smartick is an online math program recommended for ages 4-14.
You will note that Xman (2) is always by one of his brother's sides when they are working on Smartick. He can't wait until he is 4 can get started on his own!

Awesome Features of Smartick

  • Short sessions (younger kids will work for about 10 minutes while sessions for older kids take about 15 minutes)
  • Avoid frustration while reading potential
  • Efficient
  • Fun
  • Build skills in math, logic, and reading comprehension
  • Development and practice with independent work (audio option to dictate and explain)
  • Continuously adapts to your child's progress
  • Interactive
  • Positive reinforcement  (kids earn points to apply to their virtual world)
  • Uses different approaches (exposure to variety of problems and type of solutions)
  • Based on best educational approaches & research for teaching math

When my boys beg to do homeschool math, I know we have a keeper. Bear (5) is slightly obsessed with Smartick. He views it as a challenge and wants to accumulate points for his avatar and virtual pet. Another cool feature that my boys love is that they can friend each other and give gifts.

Bear made me promise that I would share some of his favorite parts of Smartick. He wants you to know that his two pets (a fox and a turtle) are doing very well and he has big plans for decorating his virtual world. Oh, and Bear gives Smartick "Two thumbs up because that's all I have. If I had ten thumbs, I would give it that much." He then started to count by 10s to 100. (Life with a five-year-old!)

Smartick has engaging scenes to help your kids get excited for online math.
Bear wanted you to see his welcome page:) He enjoys changing the scenery on a frequent basis.


Smartick presents kids with a variety of problems as they develop math and logic skills.
Bear loves to practice sorting with tags on Smartick!


Positive reinforcement is just one awesome attribute of Smartick online math.
Your kids accumulate points (see green bar on left) as they correctly solve problems. These points can be used for purchases in their virtual world.


Your child has the opportunity to rate their experience with Smartick math after every session.
Bear likes to rate his Smartick experience at the end of every session.


Your child will love the options to select from in their virtual world, a positive reinforcement in Smartick math.
The Christmas background is Bear's favorite for his virtual world.


Smartick online math program helps kids develop math, logic, and reading comprehension skills.
Bear always checks the status of his pets after completing his math session.


Your child benefits from online math learning fun plus virtual world play with Smartick.
Bear is a proud member of Smartick's Smart Club. He is happy to report that his older brothers also belong (and has no problem reminding them that they better keep working hard to stay there!).


Smiley, Professor, and Captain are using Smartick as a supplement to their Life of Fred math books. The extra practice with drills and outside the box thinking has been extremely beneficial.

Bear uses Smartick now as his primary math. He is technically in Kindergarten but has been making such tremendous progress with this program that I can see how he has blown past that level.

More Details on Smartick

Homeschool accountability help! Daily results are sent directly to your email inbox. You will find information on how your kids perform on warm-up exercises, as well as problems. Results show length of session time, response speed, and performance in terms of percentage and number correct.

Homeschool accountability help! Get results from your child's Smartick online math lesson straight to your inbox.
Example of email results that arrive daily to your inbox. You will also receive notification if your child has not completed their lesson for that day.


Smartick has three levels of membership with Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. There are also different price points for 1, 2, or 3+ kids.

You can try Smartick for FREE for a 15 day trial!

Try Smartick for yourself! Click here for your free 15 day trial to learn more about this amazing online math program.


Smartick Giveway!

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Check out this amazing online math program! Smartick has a unique approach that can help you rock your homeschool.

How would Smartick help you rock your homeschool math?

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