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New Year's Eve Poppers: How to Make & Enjoy to Celebrate with Kids

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New Year's Eve Poppers are simple, frugal, and fun ways to celebrate with your kids.

These DIY treats are delightful surprises that can be used in a variety of ways.

Discover how you can easily make these creative New Year's Eve crackers for kids and get ideas on how to use in your celebration.

These DIY New Year's Eve Party Poppers are simple, frugal, and festive ways to enjoy a fun celebration with your kids.

Add a Creative Twist to Your New Year's Eve Celebration with Kids

Want a simple yet creative way to make this New Year's Eve extra special for your kids? Try party poppers (a.k.a. crackers).

These frugal treats are easy-to-make, cute, and totally customizable. Plus, each party popper can be filled with a variety of New Year's Eve (or special) treats.

My five boys are getting older. And I'm regularly finding myself looking for new and creative ways to make our holiday celebrations rock.

These New Year's Eve DIY party poppers will be such a hit with my boys. I'm just about bursting to surprise them with these goodies.

The coolest thing is that these party poppers are affordable ways to take our holiday celebration to the next level. I'll be using candy and little treasures that I'd already be giving them (plus some extra stuff like shredded paper and glitter). These New Year's Eve party popper ideas will add a special touch and bit of mystery 😊

Examples of DIY New Year's Eve Party Poppers in tissue paper of gold sparkle, gold, black with ribbons, confetti, and party favors for kids

Excellent Supplies for Your Surprising New Year's Eve Treats for Kids

To put together these New Year's Eve party poppers, you'll only need a few materials. And you probably have most of these supplies already in your home!

New Year's Eve Poppers

Suggested Supplies:

  • Tissue paper (gold, black, white w/gold specks)
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Small toys or favors
  • Candy or other treats
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Confetti (silver and gold)
  • Tape

How to Make Your New Year's Eve Party Poppers

Wondering how to make party poppers?

Making these celebratory party poppers is actually quite simple. Just follow the directions below.

And feel free to customize how you make them. Think outside the box and use materials that you have when you're making holiday party poppers.


  1. Cut the tissue paper down to fit the empty toilet paper roll (or empty paper towel roll), leaving about an inch on each side.
  2. Place candy, toys, and confetti into each toilet paper roll.
  3. Roll the toilet paper roll up in the tissue paper. Twist the edges on the side and tie together with a piece of ribbon (pipe cleaner, yarn, or string) until it’s closed well. 
  4. Repeat this process to create as many of these party poppers as you'd like to enjoy and share. 
  5. Set out at your next New Year’s party or other related celebration!

FAQs on Making New Year's Eve Party Poppers for Kids

Do I have to use empty toilet paper rolls?

I suggest using empty toilet paper rolls to allow your party poppers to keep their shape AND make the treats inside a surprise. If you'd like a larger treat (for example, have New Year-themed pencils to add), you could use empty paper towel rolls.

What are some ideas for fun treats to include in our New Year's Eve party poppers?

Such a terrific question! A few ideas include candy pieces, lollipops, stickers, stamps, mini-erasers, coins, small toys, and anything else fun that fits.

I'd like to add a name and special message to the party poppers. What are some cool ways to do that?

You can simply use a permanent marker to add the name and message. Another idea is to make a small gift tag out of cardstock or paper and attach to one of the tied ends. Or write the name and message on a blank sticker label and adhere to the party popper.

Examples of DIY New Year's Eve Party Poppers for kids in black, gold sparkle, and gold tissue paper with confetti, party favors, and candy

Creative Ways to Use These New Year's Eve Surprises for Kids

Of course, New Year's Eve party poppers are perfect for parties.

Another way to share these party poppers with your kids is leading up to the big celebration. You can choose to give one party popper per hour as you get closer to midnight OR get an early start (like at noon and then move forward - I totally did this when my boys were younger and we all still had a blast!).

If you prefer to go candy-free (or sugar-free), you can customize these party poppers with small toys and other treasures.

I plan on hiding these party poppers around our house my boys to find. I'm going to assign each boy a color and they will get to search for their own. Since my boys love all types of scavenger hunts, I think this activity is going to be a huge hit.

examples of DIY New Year's Eve party poppers in gold, gold sparkle, and black tissue paper with confetti, party blowers, confetti, and ribbons to feature how you can enjoy simple and frugal treats for kids

Make This New Year's Eve Super Special with Party Poppers!

If you're looking for an easy, affordable, and fun way to take your New Year's Eve celebration with kids to the next level, party poppers are the way to go.

You'll have a blast making these special goodies. And your kids will be talking about these surprises for years to come.

Your turn: Please share your ideas on things to add to these New Year's Eve Party poppers in the comments are below!

Wishing you tons of New Year's Eve fun with your kids!

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