Outdoor Water Fun for Kids: 10+ Ideas & Tips for Cool Ways to Have a Blast

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Outdoor water fun for kids makes hot weather enjoyable, even educational.

With a bit of creativity and the right ideas, your kids will have a blast with super cool outdoor water activities.

Use these terrific tips and ideas to easily boost your outdoor water fun for kids!

These 10+ outstanding outdoor water fun for kids ideas and tips will help you have a blast as you get cool this summer.

Easily Boost Your Summer with Outdoor Water Fun for Kids

Summertime is the perfect time for kids to get outside and enjoy some fun in the sun. And what could be more fun than playing in the water on a hot summer day?

Whether you’re at the beach, by a pool, or in your backyard, there are endless possibilities for outdoor water fun with kids o f all ages.

Check out these 10+ ideas and tips to get started with outstanding outdoor water fun.

3 kids leaning towards a water sprinkler on summer day and yellow wagon filled with water balloons to feature these outdoor water fun for kids ideas

10+ Outdoor Water Fun for Kids Ideas & Tips

Of course, an inflatable pool, water guns and a splash pad are fantastic ways to enjoy fun water games with kids. But, maybe your looking for MORE fun ways to enjoy the summer months? I totally get it!

I'm always looking for fun ideas to add to our summer activities list (like a simple spray bottle or squirt gun). If you're looking for some water play ideas to enjoy older kids and younger kids, you'll find some of the best ways to do it right here:

1. Water Balloon Fun

Our #1 way to have outdoor water fun for kids is with water balloons.

I get a huge bag of different colors of balloons in all shapes and sizes. The boys help me yank our garden hose over to our front steps. Then, we pull over an old baby pool (or cooler).

As we fill up our water balloons and place in the pool for storage, the boys and I chat about creative ways to use the balloons for fun activities. We have water balloon fights, challenges (like who can throw it the highest then catch without breaking the balloon), and target practice (we pick a tree or use a marker to draw a circle on a piece of cardboard).

Oh, and hula hoops and pool noodles make fantastic targets, too!

You can have SO much outdoor fun with kids using water balloon games 😊

2. Hurricane Tunnel  Play Center

With the Bestway Hurricane Water Park Play Center, the entire family can enjoy hours of summer fun! Children may climb the rock wall, slide down the water slide, and splash in the tiny pool area.

A huge water slide curves around this water park's pool area. For everyone's safety, sturdy inflated walls are in place.

3. Milliard Water Park Sprinkler Toy

The Milliard Sprinkler Water Park is a fantastic way to keep the kids busy all day. This entertaining water toy includes a tunnel, a dumping bucket, a showerhead, and a water table with funnels for hours of entertainment for toddlers through tweens.

It's been tested and certified to be safe, so you can trust that your children are in good hands while they enjoy their outdoor water play.

4. Creative Fun with Ice Cubes

A super simple and frugal way to have outdoor water fun for kids is using ice cubes.

If you have an ice maker, dump the tray into a bowl. Or you can fill ice trays ahead of time and place into a container when solid.

My boys and I will use ice cubes to "write" on our sidewalk.

You can also add small objects (like plastic toys) to the ice tray. When frozen, your kids can toss the ice cubes back and forth and then collect the toy after the game.

Another awesome activity is to freeze small toys (or rocks and pebbles) in a bowl of water. Bring the bowl outside and thaw enough so the ice will slip out of the bowl. Then, let your kids dig out the toys for fun prizes. My boys pretend they're archeologists on a dig.

5. Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park for Outstanding Outdoor Water Fun for Kids

Looking for a fun and affordable way to keep your kids entertained all summer long? Look no further than the Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park!

This bouncy playset is perfect for at-home entertainment and recreation, with three fun features – a climbing wall, water slide, and small splash down pool – that will keep multiple kids entertained simultaneously.

Plus, setup is quick and easy with the included air pump. Simply inflate this water slide park in minutes with the electric blower, then store it away in the matching carrying case when you're done.

Made of durable, puncture-resistant nylon fabric, this water slide park is sure to provide hours of wet, outdoor fun.

6. Inflatable Water Park with Splash and Slide

Looking for a fun-filled way to keep your kids active and entertained all day long? Look no further than the AirMyFun Inflatable Water Park!

This awesome bouncer comes complete with a splash pool and slide, making it perfect for hours of outdoor fun. It's made of high-quality materials and features double stitching for extra durability, so you can rest assured that it will withstand even the wildest playtime.

And thanks to its safety design, including stakes to anchor it in place and a mesh netting enclosure, you can relax knowing your little ones are safe and sound.

7. Giant Shark Sprinkler for Kids

Looking for a fun and exciting way to keep the kids entertained this summer? Look no further than the Giant Shark Sprinkler!

This upgraded shark sprinkler is easy to set up and perfect for ages 3 and up. With kid-size dimensions of 51" x 31" x 68", there's plenty of space for the little ones to splash around.

Plus, it's made of environmental material so you can rest assured that it's safe for your little ones.

8. Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

Keep cool this summer with the Stable Backyard Inflatable Sprinkler. This unique three-chamber sprinkler features two clouds and a rainbow, and comes complete with easy hose connection.

With holes on each side of the purple stripe, the water flow is evenly distributed and covers a fair distance. Stay cool and have fun in your backyard this summer with the Stable Backyard Inflatable Sprinkler.

9. Pirate Boat Inflatable Sprinkler for Outdoor Water Fun for Kids

Take your kids on a pirate adventure with this fun Pirate Boat Inflatable Sprinkler! With its creative design, your kids will have hours of fun playing in the water.

The sprinkler cannon is sure to add excitement and giggles galore, while all the included accessories provide endless possibilities for imaginative play. So bring home the pirate boat today and let the good times sail!

10. Trampoline Sprinkler

This Trampoline Sprinkler is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and cool during those hot summer days! With 39 feet of spray mist, this fun backyard water accessory will quickly turn your trampoline into a water park!

Installation is easy - simply attach the sprinkler to the netting with the included zip ties. And when the fun is done, it's easy to take down and store away until next time. So bring on the summer heat - with the Trampoline Sprinkler, it's sure to be a blast!

Bonus idea: Give your kids a bucket of water and paint brushes. Encourage your children to use their brushes to practice writing, math skills, and art. Add a simple plastic cup to use as a stamp for making circles that look like giant bubbles!

You can add a few drops of food coloring to the water to boost the creative fun, too.

Blue plastic bucket filled with water balloons and boy standing in red pool filled with water and with yellow slide to feature these outdoor water fun for kids ideas

Cool Off This Summer With These Outstanding Outdoor Water Fun for Kids Activities!

Whether you are looking for ideas for things to do with your kids or just want some new ways to cool off, these tips and resources can definitely help give you the inspiration you need to spectacular summer fun. There are so many different ways to enjoy backyard water fun with your kids.

So grab your swimsuit and a towel and get ready to have some wet ‘n wild fun! 

What other ideas for outdoor water fun for kids can you think of? Please share your tips in the comments area below 🙂

Child's water sprinkler with rainbow in water on grass and bowl of water balloons on grass to feature these outdoor water fun for kids ideas

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