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Pollinator Activities for Kids: Fun Ways to Learn (Free)

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These pollinator activities for kids are perfect for learning about these essential creatures in fun ways.

An incredible introduction to pollinators provides helpful information, like facts, habitats, threats and ways to help. Examples of pollinators and a visual representation of the pollination process lead into activities like Pollinator Bingo and Pollinator Word Search. Oh, and the observation journal page guides your students through recording what they find for science fun and more!

I'm sharing my tips and ideas for using these free printable pollinator facts and worksheets with your kids. Find out more and get your FREE set today!

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Woman holding clipboard with pollinator activities cover and examples of free printables from set.

Why Learning About Pollinators Is So Important

Do you want to help your kids learn about pollinators and their role in our lives? Maybe you need a print-and-go science activity to enjoy in your homeschool or classroom? Or perhaps you're planning and preparing for education activities about conservation and you want to include pollinators?

Well, this free printable set of pollinator activities is perfect for all of those reasons and more!

We live in a rural area. My boys and I have always incorporating outdoor learning into our homeschool fun. One of our favorite things to do is raise and release butterflies. We also observe hummingbirds at our feeder, as well as other birds.

On one of our many walks around our yard (which borders two farms) this spring, we observed all sorts of pollination happening right before us. My younger boys had all sorts of questions so I knew their curiosity was sparked - and it was time for some fun with pollinators!

And we've learned some amazing facts! Did you know that over 80% of all the food we eat requires pollination? Pollinators ensure plant reproduction by transferring pollen, leading to a more diverse and healthy plant world.

When we think about pollinators, we often think of bees and butterflies. But, there are many other helpers! Moths, hummingbirds, bats, beetles, and ants all perform important pollination roles.

I hope that these free printable pollinator activities help you and your kids learn about and appreciate these small but powerful helpers, too!

Examples of free printables from this pollinator activities pack.

Learn All About These Pollinator Activities Pack

This FREE set of pollinator activities includes 5 printable pages (including cover page).

The cover page features a bee flying over a bunch of flowers.

This printable pack also has:

  • Introduction to Pollinators with:
    • What are Pollinators?
    • Types of Pollinators
    • Pollination Process
    • Pollinator Habitats
    • Ways to Help Pollinators
    • Treats to Pollinators
    • Fascinating Facts and Examples
  • Examples of Pollinators
    • Flying Pollinators
    • Non-Flying Pollinators
    • The Pollination Process (visual example)
  • Pollinator Word Search
  • Pollinator Bingo Game (with 4 cards)
  • Pollinator Observation Journal
Two printable pages from free printable pollinators activity pack.

More Interesting Facts About Pollinators

Different pollinators prefer different habitats. Meadows full of flowers are big hits with bees and butterflies.

Forests also provide nesting sites for bees and butterflies. Our yards can also be amazing places for pollinators. Some pollinators, like bats, prefer caves or hollow trees for roosting.

Unfortunately, many pollinators are facing threatened habitats because of deforestation, urbanization, and pesticide use.

Wondering how you and your kids can help? You can plant a pollinator garden with native flowers that bloom throughout the season. Also, opt for natural alternatives for pesticides.

A creative way to help bees is to provide or make a bee hotel. My boys and I have this activity on our homeschool bucket list!

And, of course, you can always support organizations (like The Bee Conservancy) working on pollinator conservation.

Two pages (observation journal and word search) from pollinator activities pack.

Creative Ideas for Enjoying These Science Printables

This free printable pack can be used as a mini-unit study. It's also great for spreading the learning fun over a week or so.

I recommend that you print the informational pages on white cardstock if you're using with multiple students. If you're printing out copies for each student (perfect for binders!), then regular printer paper works fine.

I found it helpful to read through a section with my boys and allow time for questions. My boys like to have a few books about a topic (see our recommendations below) to use for further research.

We have a whiteboard in our homeschool area so I encouraged the boys to draw their versions of the pollination process on the board. Individual whiteboards work well, as well as plain paper or construction paper.

For Pollinator Bingo, I suggest that you play it while reading through books and watching videos about pollination.

The Pollinator Word Search is a fun way to review terms covered in the material. You can use as spelling and vocabulary words for the week. Encourage your older kids to write sentences using each term.

I had my boys use the back of their pollinator activities pages to draw a favorite pollinator, make lists of ways to help pollinators, and add interesting facts.

Print out multiple copies of the Pollinator Observation Journal page. Your students can place on a clipboard or put in a binder. Record the different pollinators that you see throughout the year, read about in books, and find in videos.

Perfect Resources for Pollinator Fun

Extend your fun with pollinators with engaging books, videos, and other educational materials. A few of the resources that we recommend are:

World of Pollinators: A Guide for Explorers of All Ages: Fun Projects, Over 600 Amazing Facts About Plants, Bees, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies (Creative Homeowner) Outdoor Activities for Kids 8-12World of Pollinators: A Guide for Explorers of All Ages: Fun Projects, Over 600 Amazing Facts About Plants, Bees, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies (Creative Homeowner) Outdoor Activities for Kids 8-12Protect The PollinatorsProtect The PollinatorsMeet the Pollinators: A Night and Day AdventureMeet the Pollinators: A Night and Day AdventureThe Pollinator ABCs: Meet the friends that make flowers happy (The Rose Sisters Garden Series)The Pollinator ABCs: Meet the friends that make flowers happy (The Rose Sisters Garden Series)Animal Pollinators (First Step Nonfiction ― Pollination)Animal Pollinators (First Step Nonfiction ― Pollination)Insect Pollinators (First Step Nonfiction ― Pollination)Insect Pollinators (First Step Nonfiction ― Pollination)The Secret Life of PollinatorsThe Secret Life of Pollinators


YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your Free Printable Pollinator Activities Set

Sweet! I'm so happy that you're ready to make learning about pollinators fun for your kids (and you).

This FREE pollinator activities pack includes 5 printable (PDF) pages (including cover page).

Oh, and you can print as many of these freebies as you need to use with your students at home, in the classroom, and at the library. Please share this post if you know anyone who also likes to make science fun for their kids!

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Get your free printable activities pack featuring pollinators!

Free printables pages and cover from pollinator activities pack.

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