Travel Journal for Kids: Fun Ways to Boost Your Vacation and More (2 Free)

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This travel journal for kids (plus vacation journal!) makes it to take your learning adventures to the next level.

There are so many cool ways to use these printable pages to keep kids busy on trips, record memories, and even as part of your reading and writing fun.

Find out more about these activities for travel and vacation fun with kids and get your free set today!

Examples of vacation and travel journal pages for kids.

Creative Activities for Travel (and Vacation) Fun for Kids

Looking for simple yet cool ways to make your vacation and travel fun with kids?

You'll love these free printable journal pages that are just perfect for jotting down memories and boosting creativity.

As a mom of 5 boys, I know joys and struggles of traveling with children. Whenever a big trip (or soccer event for older brothers) was coming up I'd search high and low for creative and quiet activities for keeping my boys busy without screens.

Coloring ideas, like books and printable pages, would often work well. With a bit of prep, I'd have plenty of ways to keep their hands busy and focus on something productive.

My two younger boys still like to break out their coloring tools when we're on the road. Lately, our travel has been to Professor's college soccer games. His college is about 50 minutes away so the boys have plenty of time to color and such to home and away games. We chat about where we're going, how long it will take, and any interesting sites along the way.

All that on-the-go learning fun inspired these free travel and vacation journal pages for kids. I have so many ideas for using these activities for trips AND in our homeschool!

Examples of 2 free printable vacation and travel journal pages for kids with color pencils and markers.

Learn More About These Free Travel and Vacation Journal Pages

This free printable pack includes 3 pages (2 journal pages plus terms of use page).

The pages are in black-and-white for your kids to color and customize.

You'll find both My Travel Journal and My Vacation Journal with these sections:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Date of trip (Start and End)
  • I travelled by (color and circle car, airplane, train, boat, or bus)
  • I stayed in (recreation vehicle, tent, home, hotel, boat)
  • The weather was (sun, cloudy, rain, stormy, windy, cold)
  • My travel buddies (space to draw and write)
  • My best day (with area to draw and write)
  • My fav food (with space to draw and write)
  • Number of days away
  • Rate your trip (out of 5 stars)
Example of free printable travel journal page for kids.

Fun Ways to Enjoy These Free Journal Pages

Oh my stars! You can use these free printable travel journal pages in so many ways for learning fun.

I recommend that you print these pages on white paper (computer or cardstock). Print extra copies for your kids to use whenever they feel inspired.

Make sure to have a variety of writing and coloring tools available for your kids to pick from, like:

  • Crayons
  • Color pencils
  • Fine-tip markers
  • Pencils
  • Erasable pens

Encourage your students to use the back of these their travel journal for kids to extend their creativity. They could:

  • Make a map of their travel routes
  • List landmarks
  • Record high and low temperatures
  • Add a drawing or picture
  • Jot down facts about the town, city, state, or region

A few of my ideas for enjoying these travel and vacation journal pages with kids are:

  • Homeschool field trips
  • Roadschooling
  • Holiday travel
  • Vacation memories
  • Books (read-alouds or individual) - capture the adventures of the character(s)
  • Writing - brainstorm places that you'd like to visit, fill out the journal page, and write a story
Example of free printable vacation journal page for kids.

Get Your Free Travel Journal for Kids Set

High five! You're on your way to easily turning your travel and vacation time into fantastic learning fun!

This free printable vacation and travel journal for kids pack include 2 pages (plus terms of use page).

Please print as many copies of this pack as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who may like to use these free printables, please share this postThanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!

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Examples of free printable travel and vacation journals for kids.

Wishing you tons of learning fun on your vacation and travel adventures!

Examples of free printable vacation and travel journal pages for kids with color pencils and markers.

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