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Valentine's Day Coordinate Graphing Worksheets for Holiday Math Fun (Free)

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Get ready to sprinkle a little love into your learning with our Valentine's Day coordinate graphing worksheets!

These 8 free printable activities are fantastic ways to help your students enjoy holiday math fun.

Find out more about these Valentine's Day math + art worksheets and get your free pack today ❤️️

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Examples of free printable Valentine's Day coordinate graphing activities featuring cat, bear, hearts, and more.

Easily Add Math + Art Fun to Your Valentine's Day

Would you like to have some simple yet creative ways to have your older kids have Valentine's Day learning fun? Or perhaps you need some print-and-go activities to use for this holiday with your upper elementary or middle school students?

Well, you're going to love these Valentine's Day coordinate graphing worksheets!

I'm so excited about how these printable activities combine math and art for holiday learning fun. These Valentine's Day worksheets provide a cool challenge and colorful results.

As a homeschool mom of 5 boys (with 2 graduates), I know how helpful it can be to have quick and easy ways to make learning fun, especially during a holiday. That's why I've been busy adding new resources to our holiday learning fun collection. I want creative ways to engage my boys (and your kids) in educational activities, especially through a holiday or special event.

And one of the great things about these Valentine's Day coordinate graphing worksheets is that you only need a few supplies to get started and enjoy!

Examples of free printable Valentine's Day coordinate graphing activities for math and art fun with older students.

Learn More About These Valentine's Day Coordinate Graphing Worksheets

This free printable set of Valentine's Day coordinate graphing worksheets includes 8 activities (plus terms of use page and answer keys).

The worksheets are in black-and-white. The answers keys are in color.

The Valentine's Day themes (mystery picture) include:

  • Heart with wings
  • Teddy bear with heart
  • Cute sleeping cat with heart
  • Bird with heart
  • Flower in a pot
  • The word "LOVE" (like L❤️️VE)
  • Envelope with heart
  • Whale with water spout and heart
Woman holding example of free printable Valentine's Day coordinate graphing activities featuring a heart with wings and cat with heart on red clipboard.

Creative Ideas for Enjoying These Valentine's Day Math Activities

Oh geez! I just realized that I never explained what coordinate graphing activities actually are 🤦‍♀️ Sorry! I have a tendency to get ahead of myself when I get excited about something 😉

Coordinate graphing activities are awesome. They're all about plotting points on a graph using x and y coordinates. It's like a treasure map where you mark points that help create shapes, lines, or even secret pictures. It's a fun way to explore math and unleash your creativity.

Coordinate graphing is typically first taught in 4th or 5th grade. My boys love this part of their math adventures. They say it feels a bit like playing Battleship 💘

It's a snap to get started with these math + art activities. I recommend that you have these tools available:

You'll find a coordinate graphing code with plot points (for example - 3, 4) at the botton of each Valentine's Day coordinate graphing page. In this example, your student would go across 3, up 4, and mark the spot (otherwise known as plotting points).

This graphing activity pack is a fantastic way to practice with coordinate pairs of whole numbers in the first quadrant.

When your kids have finished their graph, a mystery picture with a Valentine's Day theme will be revealed on each printable worksheet. If time allows, encourage your students to color or shade in the image. The answer keys show suggested colors. But, if you're feeling creative, go for it and add your unique touch!

This set of Valentine's Day math worksheets can be a great activity for:

  • Independent work
  • Early finishers
  • Brain breaks
  • Rainy (or snowy) day fun
  • Your Valentine's Day party
  • Community event
  • Library activity (or hand-out)
Woman holding example of free printable Valentine's Day coordinate graphing activities featuring napping cat with heart and teddy bear with heart on red clipboard.

More Cool Ways to Learn About Coordinate Graphing

Want some more wonderful ways to learn about coordinate graphing with your students? I totally get it - it's such a marvelous math activity!

Here are some incredible activities to learn about and experience coordinate graphing:

  1. Art and Creativity: Encourage creativity by making pictures or designs using coordinate graphing. Students can design their own shapes, patterns, or even images by plotting points on a graph, boosting both math skills and artistic expression.
  2. Collaborative Projects: Engage students in collaborative projects where they work together to create a larger image using individual coordinate plots. This teamwork reinforces the importance of accuracy and teamwork in plotting coordinates.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Take learning outside the classroom! Use sidewalk chalk to create a giant coordinate grid and have students physically move to plot points, turning the learning process into an active and kinesthetic experience.
  4. Cross-Curricular Connections: Integrate coordinate graphing with other subjects like science or history. For example, plot coordinates to locate historical landmarks on a map or showcase coordinates in astronomy while learning about constellations.
YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your Free Printable Valentine's Day Coordinate Activities Pack

You're on your way to have some very good Valentine's Day math fun with your older kids!

This free pack includes 8 Valentine's Day coordinate worksheets (plus answer key and terms of use page).

Print as many of these Valentine's Day math printable activities as you need to use with your students, class, homeschool co-op, or library event. Know a friend or co-worker who would like to use these worksheets? Please share this post!

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Examples of free printable Valentine's Day coordinate graphing activities.

What are some other ways that you'll be enjoying educational activities for Valentine's Day with your students? Please share your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😘

Woman holding free printable Valentine's Day heart with wings and teddy bear with heart on red clipboard.

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