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The holidays can heap stress onto homeschoolers. Use these 10 Holiday Self-Care Tips to help you better enjoy special moments with family, friends, loved ones, & yourself.

10 Holiday Self-Care Tips For Homeschoolers

  ‘Tis the season to start thinking about the holidays!  All that hustle and bustle, that whirlwind of excitement and merriment! All that preparation and energy for good times with family and friends! When you think about the holidays, what are your first reactions?  Do visions of smiling faces dance in your head?  Do you hear […] Read more…

8 Easy Ways To Help Kids Overcome Holiday Stress

  Oh, the holidays!  What a jolly time of year! So much excitement and celebration! For many people, the holidays can feel like an emotional roller coaster.  Depending on one’s expectations and prior experiences, any activity associated with the holidays can bring highs or lows.  Many factors can influence an individual’s reactions, thoughts, and feelings during […] Read more…

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