Powerful Practice for Quality Homeschool Mom Self-Care

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Discover how this powerful daily practice can help you establish quality homeschool mom self-care. Taking little time and supplies, you will find this activity to uplift your spirits and boost your day.


As a homeschool mom, demands on your time can be overwhelming. The combination of family and homeschool responsibilities for homeschoolers would make some CEOs cower in fear. With little to no time to do what must be done, how do you make ensure you get essential homeschool mom self-care time?

I will be sharing a powerful daily practice that does not require a lot of time. This positive activity is something you can do in the morning or any time of day that best fits your schedule. Also, you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway where one lucky winner will receive tools to help them establish and maintain this practice.

In my 10 Easy Time Management Tips for Homeschool Moms, I shared suggestions to help you create more of that precious commodity that we all crave-time. This list, however, neglects one very important area.

Spiritual Health for Homeschool Mom Self-Care

No matter your beliefs (or lack thereof), you must create time for silent reflection. How you use those quiet moments is up to you. Prayer or meditation, coupled with reflection on inspirational and thought-provoking words, has the capability of empowering your approach to life.

Want to know a secret? You CAN boost that glorious and self-healing quiet reflection time with one simple practice!


Journaling for Homeschool Mom Self-Care

Maintaining a homeschool mom journal is an effective way to carve out precious "me time". With supportive resources (like Maintaining a homeschool mom journal) and tools, you will discover that even a few well-spent minutes each day can have a powerful effect on your well-being.

There are different approaches that you can take to journaling based on inspirational reading. The best approach is the one that you will actually use! A journal to record your thoughts and feelings about an encouraging book or article can help to solidify your understanding and how you apply that knowledge.

  1. Copywork (record word for word) the inspirational verses, phrases, or quotes.
  2. Paraphrase your reading for the day.
  3. Jot down your reaction to the reading. Make a note of your thoughts, feelings, memories, hopes, and goals created by your reading.
  4. All of the above!

Scripture Journaling is a great daily practice for homeschool moms. The right tools can make the activity even better!
My Scripture Journaling tools

My New Homeschool Mom Self-Care Practice

Scripture journaling! A dear friend of mine shared how she strives to begin her day. She uses her DaySpring Monthly/Weekly Planner to jot down her thoughts and feelings on a daily Bible verse.

Her idea inspired my new homeschool mom self-care practice. I use my DaySpring Planner to plan out daily Scripture reading and journaling. To guide my reading, I use these .

For those homeschool moms who are not inclined to do scripture journaling, seek out alternatives. Look to religious or spiritual texts that guide your faith. Read and find encouragement from positive thinkers who motivate and inspire a healthy approach to life. The point of this daily practice is to find and use resources that will uplift and remind you of your goals, as well as desired behaviors and thoughts.

Homeschool moms can practice daily self-care with scripture journaling.

Benefits of Scripture Journaling

Although this is a new addition to my daily life, I have already reaped these benefits:

  • improved focus
  • centering as it reminds me of my purpose and calling
  • strengthens me for my homeschool day
  • powerful and effective use of time
  • induces a relaxing effect
  • stress management

Scripture journaling can have many benefits for homeschool moms.
Monthly spread with daily Bible verses


Daily scripture journaling is a powerful self-care practice for homeschool moms.
Weekly spread with daily copywork of scripture

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Best of luck to all entrants!

I pray that you have found inspiration to begin this positive daily self-care practice as a homeschool mom.

What other ways do you make sure you take care of yourself every day?


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