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Special Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool

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Get excited about the holidays and enjoy learning fun with these Special Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool shared by amazing homeschoolers just like you!

Discover amazing ways to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool. Fantastic ideas, resources, & tips to help you thrive this holiday season.

Some of my awesome blogging homeschool friends have generously shared these ideas, tips, and resources to help you create a delightful learning experience in your homeschool this holiday season.

With twelve categories filled with holiday suggestions, I encourage you to bookmark this page to reference as you plan how you will celebrate Christmas in your Homeschool.

If you're like me, you'll want it to be as stressfree and simple as possible as you make the most of this precious time. Grab your favorite notebook or planner. Jot down one or two ideas that stand out and you think would really make the holidays shine in your homeschool.

Remember, you don't have to do it all!!

If time permits, add another special way to keep the learning fun going during the holidays. The key is to keep the experience relaxed and enjoyable for all 🙂


To help you easily find what you need to enjoy an extra special Christmas celebration in your homeschool, I sorted these posts into these twelve categories:

  • Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration for Enjoying Christmas in Your Homeschool
  • Amazing Advent Activities & Resources for Your Homeschool
  • Christmas Book Recommendations & Activities
  • Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Christmas Music in Your Homeschool
  • Christmas Art & Crafts in Your Homeschool
  • Awesome Activities for a Special Christmas Celebration
  • Great Games to Celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool
  • Marvelous Christmas Movies for Your Homeschool & Family
  • Smart Ways to Enjoy Holiday Baking & Cooking in Your Homeschool
  • Enjoy Christmas Math & Science in Your Homeschool
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Stressfree Shopping! Gift Ideas So You Can Enjoy Your Holidays


Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration for to Celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool

Homeschooling with Company (The Zoo I Call Home):  Felicia shares her large family keeps a holiday homeschool schedule when your company arrives.

100 Bible verses to inspire you this Christmas and New Year (The Sparrow's Home):  Bible verses speak to us at Christmas and New Year's in different ways. Often times at Christmas we are reflective, looking back and taking stock of what Christ’s coming has meant to us. And then we look ahead at the New Year with anticipation and hope.

How To Transition To A Minimalist Christmas With Kids (This Simple Balance): Less can be more 😉 Get great tips on how to enjoy a simple Christmas with your kids.

8 Ways to Add Christmas Cheer Without Breaking the Bank (Homeschool Your Boys):  Money can be scarce around Christmas. If you want to buy Christmas gifts on a budget, here are 8 ways to add Christmas cheer without little or no money!

Christmas Trees for Small Spaces (Like an RV or the School Room) (Hess Un-Academy):  Fantastic ideas for decorating your homeschool room this Christmas.

Pushing Pause in the Midst of the Christmas Chaos! (Most Important Work):  These tips will help you slow down and enjoy your holiday season.

My Favorite Christmas Tradition – You May Want to Try It! (Homeschool Your Boys):  I LOVE this idea! My boys and I will plan this new tradition as part of our Christmas homeschool activities for our family 🙂

5 No-Prep Last-Minute Homeschool Christmas Ideas (Table Life Blog):  Feel like you're running out of time this holiday season? Here are some great ideas to help you still celebrate Christmas in your homeschool. 

How to Be Present with Jesus this Christmas (Most Important Work): Great ideas for your Christian homeschool.

I Have No Gift to Bring: 5 Low Cost Ways to Make Christmas Special (Homeschool Your Boys):  Is money tight? Are you unwilling to go into debt to buy presents? Are you looking for LOW-COST ways to make Christmas special? It’s definitely possible!

5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays With Young Kids (Homeschool Your Boys):  Got cranky kids? Concerned about your Christmas gathering? It IS possible to enjoy the holidays with young kids! Here’s my advice.

30 Ways to Make Christmas Season More Fun for Your Family

5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays Without Losing Your Mind (Homeschool Your Boys):  Buckle up! It’s about to get REALLY busy. This season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to help you ENJOY as you prepare for the holidays!

How to Homeschool Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Mind (Hide the Chocolate):  More great tips for not just surviving, but thriving, through the holidays.

7 Ways to do a Homeschool Shake-Up Over the Holidays (Homeschool Your Boys):  Are you dreading homeschooling over the busy holiday season? No need! Here are 7 ways to shake things up that will make you love homeschooling again!

Christmas Break Tasks for the Homeschool Mom (iHomeschool Network):  Christmas break for the homeschool family is a rather fluid concept. Here are some school-related tasks moms could do over the holidays to help get ready for the next year.
How to Homeschool Through the Holidays With A Month Long Study of Motivating Lessons (Hide the Chocolate):  Save yourself some time and stress with these amazing ideas for successfully homeschooling through the holidays. 

Christmas Learning Activities to Finish Your Semester Strong (Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling):  Are you feeling a little overwhelmed during this time of year? All the things—planning, shopping, decorating, baking—while trying to teach your kids can feel like a little bit too much sometimes. But your end of the semester doesn’t have to look exactly like the rest of your school year to still be effective. Relax and take advantage of the many learning opportunities this Christmas season!

Christmas Countdown Activity with Free Printable (Hustle and Homeschool):  Make a Christmas Countdown calendar filled with fun family activities. 


Find awesome Advent activities & resources to use to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool.

Amazing Advent Activities & Resources for Your Homeschool

Christmas Countdown Chain (Hess Unacademy):  If you're looking for a Christmas advent that is filled with fun holiday activities, then check out this great Christmas countdown chain. Each chain link includes a new Christmas activity for kids and families to enjoy. And as the chain gets shorter, the days until Christmas get fewer.

24+ Printable Advent Activity Cards (Learning Mama):  Fill your Advent Calendar with these FREE printable Advent Activity Cards instead of chocolate, and start a new family tradition your family will love!
Advent Resources for Homeschool Families (Humility and Doxology):  Whether you’re looking for Advent-themed memory work for Morning Time, hands-on projects for the family, or new Christmas book ideas, this round-up of Advent resources for homeschool families is sure to bring new elements of joy to your holiday traditions!

Simple Advent Ideas for Families (Humility and Doxology):  In Advent activities, as in all things, something done simply and imperfectly with love will be much more delightful than some fancy activity done with a grumpy mom and stressed-out kids! This Advent season, consider incorporating these 3 simple family activities into the weeks leading up to Christmas.

My friend, Dianna of The Kenedy Adventures, shares some of my favorites resources to celebrate Advent in your homeschool:


Enjoy a wonderful learning boost to your homeschool this holiday season with these fantastic book recommendations & activities.

Christmas Book Recommendations & Activities

Our Christmas Homeschool Morning Basket (Heart and Soul Homeschooling): Great suggestions for books and hands-on activities to use to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool. 

Christmas Books for Kids and Families (The Kennedy Adventures):  Wonderful recommendations for classic titles and new 🙂

8 Classic Christmas Read Alouds (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  My family loves these books-and I hope you do, too.

7 Christmas Novellas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit (The Koala Mom):  Great holiday reads for you, mama!

Five Days of Classic Christmas Books and Activities for Kids (As We Walk Along the Road):  Excellent ways to enjoy holiday books with your kids this season.

25 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids (Hustle and Homeschool):  Find some new Christmas books to add to your seasonal book rotation!

Christmas Around the World in 100 Books (Table Life Blog):  Great suggestions for reading about Christmas traditions in other countries.


Your kids will love these creative ways to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool with music.

Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Christmas Music in Your Homeschool

Unconventional Christmas Songs You've Probably Never Heard (The Sparrow's Home):  A Star Wars Christmas album? How about David Hasselhoff, Regis Philbin, Jingle Cats and more? Warning: these cannot be unheard!
6 Unique Christmas Music Albums You Don’t Want to Miss (Humility and Doxology):  If you're looking for fun, fresh sounds to enliven your Christmas music enjoyment, don't miss these 6 unique Christmas albums!

15-Minute Music Lesson Freebie for "Sleigh Ride" with Printable Pack (Music in Our Homeschool):  Wonderful way to include a music lesson into your homeschool Christmas celebration.


You'll find amazing art & crafts ideas for special ways to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool.

Christmas Art & Crafts in Your Homeschool

30+ Christmas Art Projects to Enjoy with Your Children (Learning Mama):  Add a little fun and creativity to your home this season with these free Christmas themed art projects. From toddlers to teens, there’s something here for all ages!

Homemade Clay DIY Christmas Ornaments (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  Includes simple recipe and instructions for creating beautiful ornaments with your kids.Easy DIY Glittered Cookie Cutter Ornament (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  Gorgeous glitter ornaments! Bit of a mess but these decorations will look great in your homeschool.

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Families (Hall of Fame Moms):  Make memories with the family making new DIY ornaments!

Christmas Wreath Craft for Children (The Kennedy Adventures):  Adorable craft to make and enjoy with your kids.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids (The Koala Mom):  A list of easy gift and decor ideas you can make with your kids.

Super Simple Catholic Christmas Crafts to Make with Your Kids (The Kennedy Adventures):  So many great suggestions for easy crafts to make in your homeschool! I added the stained glass silhouette Away in the Manger craft to our list.

5 Days of Mixed Media Christmas Art for Kids (Table Life Blog):  Wonderful ways to add a creative touch to your Christmas art lessons.

Paper Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids (Blooming Brilliant):  So simple and you can make it with glitter glue or paint.

Snowflake Ornament Craft for Kids (Blooming Brilliant):  Making handmade ornaments for the tree are a great way for the kids to feel important and have their artwork treasured.

Snowman Lights Christmas Craft for Kids (Blooming Brilliant):  The snowman lights are so much fun. Kids love anything that glows. 

Gingerman Christmas Craft for Kids (Blooming Brilliant):  The Gingerbread men craft is great when you don't want to make a mess baking.


Enjoy a special Christmas celebration in your homeschool with these amazing holiday activities.

Awesome Activities for a Special Christmas Celebration

Free Christmas Word Search (Rock Your Homeschool):  Fun word puzzle to easily add holiday fun to your homeschool. 
The Ultimate Homeschooler’s Christmas Countdown (iHomeschool Network):  The ultimate homeschooler's Christmas countdown is an inexpensive, original, and educational way for your family to prepare for the holidays.

How to Host a Christmas Poetry Teatime with a Keen Observation Writing Activity (Hide the Chocolate):  Fabulous way to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool!

Ultimate List of Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities (Rock Your Homeschool):  Oh my stars! So many awesome ways to easily add fun to your Christmas homeschool celebration.
Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues – Inspired by Christmas Songs (Freddie's Mummy UK):  Fun activity to enjoy in your homeschool that combines music and movement!

Free Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt (Rock Your Homeschool):  Keep kids busy and build observation skills with this interactive fun.

Free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (Rock Your Homeschool):  You can enjoy this activity from your window, walk around your neighborhood, or driving about town for holiday errands and trips.
Small Ways to Serve Close to Home this Christmas (The Sparrow's Home):  There are loads of ways your family can help your community without traveling far from home! Parents and kids can serve together, helping others as a family.

How to Encourage Christmas Random Acts of Kindness (iHomeschool Network):  Learn how to boost your holiday season with random acts of kindness at Christmas. Start a new, positive family tradition.

9 Tangible Ways to Help our Kids Be Kind Around Christmas (Homeschool Your Boys):  If your kids think it’s all about them during the holidays and you want to train the greediness out of them here are tips for helping teach kids to be kind around Christmas.

Wintergreen Homemade Playdough (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  Include hands-on fun with holiday-themed playdough! Smells great and great way to keep kids busy 😉

Frozen-Inspired DIY Playdough (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  This recipe is great for Christmas and Winter homeschool fun.

Christmas Elves ABC Printable Pack (I Choose Joy):  Adorable learning activities with holiday themes for your young learners!

Join the Shepherd on the Search for Jesus this Christmas (The Koala Mom):  A Christian alternative to the Elf on the Shelf and a fun family activity that helps kids "move towards" Jesus throughout the holiday season.

Free Gingerbread Man Printable Activities (Rock Your Homeschool):  Fun activities featuring gingerbread friends for open-and-go learning fun during the holidays.

Gingerbread House Decorating Party (Hustle and Homeschool):  Host a fun Gingerbread House Decorating Party for your family or friends! This is the perfect activity for a big group.

12 Free Christmas Coloring Pages (Rock Your Homeschool):  Print out these coloring pages for easy activities that engage kids in holiday learning fun-and make excellent decor!

Free Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages (Rock Your Homeschool):  Includes coloring pages gingerbread man, woman, Santa, color-by-number, and gingerbread house.

Free Christmas I Spy Printable Activity (Rock Your Homeschool):  Simple printable that your kids will think is super cool! (I have one printable ready for each boy in the morning while I'm prepping homeshcool materials. Keeps them busy and having fun!)

Free Gingerbread Man Coloring Bookmarks (Rock Your Homeschool):  These bookmarks with cute gingerbread friends were such a hit in our homeschool this year! Includes one coloring set and one color set if you need to print-and-go (wonderful additions to holiday gift bags!).

An Educational Christmas Eve Box (Hustle and Homeschool):  An education twist on the Christmas Eve Surprise Box will make for a fun evening with your family! Enjoy the activities on Christmas Eve and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Have holiday fun with your kids using these great games to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool.

Great Games to Celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool

The Tradition of a Family Game for Christmas (The Sparrow's Home):  Family games for Christmas are a great idea. Lots of game ideas that your older kids and teens will love. Start a new tradition this Christmas!

Free Christmas Bingo Game (Rock Your Homeschool):  Incredible interactive game to use in your homeschool to celebrate Christmas.

Free Gingerbread Man Activity Cube (Rock Your Homeschool):  Get your kids up and moving with these fun prompts with gingerbread themes. Great for holiday brain breaks!

Free Christmas Alphabet Game (Rock Your Homeschool):  Brainstorm different Christmas-related words for each letter of the alphabet with this free printable. 


Discover new & classic movies that will help you enjoy Christmas in your homeschool this year.

Marvelous Christmas Movies for Your Homeschool & Family

Christmas Movies and Shows to Stream on Netflix (The Kennedy Adventures):  Can't wait to add these movies to our watchlist!

30+ Holiday Family Movies to watch for Christmas & Thanksgiving (Hall of Fame Moms):  Snuggle up with a warm blanket, some hot cocoa and popcorn with your family to watch a new holiday movie. Here's a list of over 30 to check out!

How To Make Unit Studies From Your Favorite Holiday Movies (Homeschool Mastery Academy):  Look at these 6 tips on creating homeschool unit studies around your favorite holiday movies. These tips can help you enjoy the movie further and continue to use it as a learning tool long after the show is over!


Add holiday baking & cooking to your homeschool to help you save time & celebrate Christmas with your kids.

Smart Ways to Enjoy Holiday Baking & Cooking in Your Homeschool

Christmas Cookies: Host a Cookie Baking Day (The Sparrow's Home):  Ideas, tips and recipes to help you plan and host a Christmas cookie party this winter.

Easy Christmas Wreath Cupcakes (The Kennedy Adventures):  My boys can't wait to make these cupcakes for our Christmas Poetry Teatime!


Black chalkboard with wood frame decorated with Christmas banners, jingle bells, pine and holly, and gingerbread cookie family for special ways to celebrate Christmas in Your Homeschool


Enjoy Christmas Math & Science in Your Homeschool

Free Printable Christmas Math Activities (Rock Your Homeschool):  Variety of printable math activities with Christmas themes.

Christmas Learning Activities for Young Scientists - PreK to Middle School (BJs Homeschool):  Are you looking for something fun for your young scientists during the holidays? Mine loved doing these little science kits during the early winter, while awaiting all the festivities of our Christmas celebration. All of these ideas are also frugal. I hope that your kids find something in this list that they would not only enjoy, but learn from at the same time.


Make this Christmas special in your homeschool with a Christmas Around the World celebration.  

Celebrate Christmas Around the World

Christmas Fun Around the World (Rock Your Homeschool):  Enjoy holiday fun with your kids as you learn how different countries celebrate Christmas. Includes a variety of activities, printables, and tips for making the most of this special time.

Christmas in Canada (Heart and Soul Homeschooling):  Learn all about Christmas in Canada with these resources and tips.

Christmas in Ireland – A Unit Study (Homeschool Your Boys):  Wondering how they celebrate Christmas in Ireland? Learning about Irish Christmas traditions is a great way to teach kids about Irish culture. Here are 14 easy things you can do with your kids!
Chinese Christmas Crafts and Activities Pack (Fortune Cookie Mom): Five Christmas crafts and activities for age 3-7 are introduced in this blog post that are in Chinese and English. These activities are low prep, easy to make, and super fun for kids and even a whole family to make around the Christmas season.

Christmas Around the World Unit Study and Free Notebooking Pages (As We Walk Along the World):  Great ideas and resources for learning fun during the holidays.

100 Christmas Around the World Resources for Your Homeschool (Table Life Blog):  Check out these amazing ways to learn about Christmas around the world.

Our Scandinavian Holiday Traditions (Eva Varga):  In our home, the traditions of Scandinavia are most evident during the holiday season. In this post, I share with you our Scandinavian Christmas traditions.


Don't get overwhelmed with trying to homeschool & shop this year! Be inspired with these wonderful gift ideas for all.

Stressfree Shopping! Gift Ideas So You Can Enjoy Your Holidays

30+ Useful Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List (This Simple Balance):  Creative ways to add fun and useful gifts to stockings!

Best Gift Lists for Everyone on your List (The Zoo I Call Home):  Tired of stressing over what to get your loved ones? You'll find amazing ideas on these lists.

Best Gift Ideas for Large Families (The Zoo I Call Home):  Smart ideas for gifts that large families can enjoy together.

10 Timeless Christmas Gifts For Kids Under 8 Years Old (This Simple Balance):  Give a gift your younger kids will remember 🙂

60+ Gift Ideas For Minimalists (Clutter-Free!) (This Simple Balance):  Want to keep it simple? Check out these ideas for minimalist gifts.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas the Encourage a Love for God Kids Edition (Most Important Work): Great gift ideas for Christian families.

Gifts for Boys – 20 Games Your Boys will Love! (Homeschool Your Boys):  Like games? Board games make great gifts. If you’re looking for gifts for boys, look no further. Here are our all-time family favorites!

100 Educational Gifts Boys Love (Homeschool Your Boys):  Gifts don’t have to be frivolous. And educational gifts don’t have to be boring. Here are some suggestions for educational gifts boys love which will also feed their minds!

Homemade Gifts for Christmas (The Zoo I Call Home):  Creative and frugal gifts ideas that your kids can make and enjoy.

Homemade Christmas (The Zoo I Call Home):  Incredible DIY gifts ideas that you and your kids will love.

Easily Rock Christmas With More Than 44 Whole Family Gift Ideas (Hess UnAcademy):  Are you looking for a clutter-free Christmas? Maybe an experience gift would be better for you. Check out this list with more than 44 whole family gift ideas! (Including ideas that are perfect for homeschooling families!) 


Whew! So many excellent ways to celebrate Christmas in your homeschool! Which of these activities will you include in your special celebration? Share in the comments area below 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much, Sara! I'm so thankful to all the amazing bloggers that linked up & shared their ideas. I have enough special ways to celebrate Christmas in our homeschool for at least a few years 🙂

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