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Free Christmas Math Activities for Wonderful Holiday Learning Fun

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These free printable Christmas math activities are awesome ways to engage your kids in holiday learning fun.

Designed for elementary-level students, get ideas on how to easily modify these printables with different ages and how to get your set today!


Give your kids holiday learning fun with these free printable Christmas math activities.


Dealing with Holiday Distractions Using Christmas Math Activities

Getting kids to do school work during the holidays can be a struggle. Like, fighting an uphill battle.

So much energy and excitement to fight! Distractions from decorations steal attention spans faster than Grinch snapping up presents in Whoville on Christmas Eve.

Chitter-chatter about special upcoming events, like parties and family visits, and far-off gazes thinking about all the Christmas fun make it seem like kids' ears are full of cotton or tinsel.

And my boys are no exception! Even though we homeschool.

When we first started homeschooling, I thought the holidays would be a breeze. In public school, December would bring this whirlwind of holiday excitement that overshadowed lessons. Between movies, parties, and half-days, "school" really didn't seem to happen.

Homeschooling would surely be different, right? 

Well, I discovered that there are a lot of other types of distractions at home during the holidays. Like, staring at our Christmas tree to baking a bunch of cookies to shopping for and wrapping presents. Because when you homeschool, life keeps going on and you still have to cram in all the regular stuff.

And I wanted, nay needed, to keep homeschooling through the holidays. My boys become mini-versions of Buddy the Elf in the month of December. Routine and a bit of structure help channel all that energy and allow me to maintain a tad of sanity.

But, my boys weren't having it. Pretty much every question or comment would revert back to a Christmas theme.

Tired of trying to get my boys to focus on their regular homeschool lessons, I tried something different. Desperation and a to-do list to rival Santa's Naughty or Nice list will do that to a mama 😉

I got creative and added Christmas themes to our homeschool. For every subject.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

That first homeschool holiday season happened seven years ago. And I continue to add to my arsenal of easy holiday learning fun with my boys. This free printable Christmas math activities set is another way I meet my boys where they are and preserve the love of learning in our family 🙂


Boy using Christmas math activities to feature the variety of ways you can make math time fun during the holiday season

Get Your Free Printable Christmas Math Activities for Holiday Learning Fun!

This free printable pack includes four different activities plus a sheet with answers to cut out and use like manipulatives.

Enjoy these free printable Christmas math activities for holiday learning fun with kids.
Here's Smiley cutting out pieces for practice fractions with presents.


These Christmas math activities are recommended for elementary-level students. Fractions, patterns, and multiplication are presented.


This free printable pack of 4 Christmas math activities is a great way to have holiday learning fun with kids.
Smiley is not a fan of multiplication but said this Christmas tree activity made it fun!


To modify the Christmas tree and gifts activities with younger kids, simply white out (or washi tape over) the problems/answers.

You can add your own to work on letter recognition, number recognition, basic math facts, and sight words. To cover up the ornaments or gifts, use pompoms, jingle bells, or playdough.


Make holiday learning fun easy with these free printable Christmas math activities.
Here's Bear getting a jump start on multiplication with elf feet!


You can use these free printable math activities with your classroom, homeschool, and family.


You can enjoy playing these free printable Christmas math activities again & again with your kids.
Just place all the cut-out manipulatives (answers) in one place so your kids can play again & again.

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Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started with these free Christmas math activities!

These free printable Christmas math activities are wonderful ways to enjoy holiday learning fun with kids.

What subject do you find hardest to teach during the holidays?


4 free printable Christmas math activities on light blue wood-like paper with small green tree and red & silver pinecones and boy completing Christmas tree math puzzle & boy completing Christmas ornament worksheet

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