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Free Printable Christmas Game for Interactive Holiday Fun for Kids

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This free printable Christmas game is an excellent way to enjoy a special activity with your kids.

Featuring Santa's Workshop, you'll have a blast with this treasure hunt type of game. It's a fun challenge that can be played again and again.

Find out more about this free Christmas game and how to get your set today!

This free printable Christmas game is such a fun holiday activity! You\'ll have a blast with this Santa\'s Workshop treasure hunt type game that you can play again and again.

Enjoy Simple Yet Special Holiday Fun for Kids

As Christmas approaches, you can just feel the excitement in the air. And you want to make the most of this special time with your kids.

But, the holiday season is also a busy time of year. Baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping - your to-do list can go on and on.

How do you get all of that done and still enjoy special holiday moments with your kids? Especially older kids who might not be into babyish games 😉

As a homeschool soccer mom of 5 boys, I've found the best way to easily weave fun into the holiday season is to keep activities simple, short, and sweet.

Your kids don't need or want complicated or hours of an activity. Your kids just want time with you when your attention is devoted to them (and not with eyes straying to your to-do list or a screen).

Printable games are fantastic ways to enjoy these type of simple, short, and sweet activities. Add a Christmas-theme to a game and you have a recipe for success with a fun festive twist!

free printable Christmas game featuring Santa\'s Workshop for a treasure hunt type of game with Christmas tree mini-eraser and yellow star pencil sharpener and Christmas pencil

Why Interactive Games Are Perfect for Christmas Fun

You can totally go with classic games for holiday fun. A deck of playing cards or traditional board game can work well.

But, a game with a Christmas focus can be extra fun!

And what do I mean by "interactive" game? Aren't all games that way?

Well, yes and no.

Many games involve more than one player. So, there is some level of interaction.

An interactive game (at least, how I think of it!) involves a higher level of communication. When playing this type of game, two or more players are actively engaged in conversation throughout the game. Battleship is an example of an interactive game.

This free printable Christmas game (that can be played again and again) involves players taking turns asking questions until the winner discovers the opponent's hidden object. It's like a Christmas treasure hunt!

free printable Christmas game featuring Santa\'s Workshop in a treasure hunt style game with Christmas tree mini-eraser, yellow star pencil sharpener, and Christmas pencil

All About This Free Printable Christmas Game

This treasure hunt game is called Santa's Workshop: Help Jingle the Elf find his bell. It's kind of like a coordinate grid game. Except that there is only one quadrant and one side has letters 😉

This type of fun game is wonderful for:

  • Interactive fun - players have to take turns asking questions and responding
  • Practice using grids (for example, finding D6)
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Strategy
  • Memory

This free printable Christmas game is on one page.

Suggested instructions are included on the page but you can tweak to customize for your playing needs.

  • It's suggested that this game is for 2 players. If you have more than that (playing with a small group or class), you could have 2 teams.
  • Print out 2 copies of the game page.
  • Each player picks a square and secretly draws a bell somewhere in the bottom of it. (The boys and I have also written down our choice of square - for example, D3 - on a small sticky note to keep track.)
  • Take turns asking questions to try to find out where your opponent's bell is located. (My boys like to play "rock, paper, scissors" to sort out who goes first.)
  • Use the other grid on your game page to make note of your opponent's answers. For example, if they answer no to "Does the square have any bows?", you'd cross off all squares with bows.
  • The first person to find their opponent's bell is the winner!
free printable Christmas game featuring Santa\'s Workshop with wood background and pine branches

Creative Ideas for Boosting the Fun with This Interactive Holiday Game

I suggest that you laminate the game pages or put them in dry erase pocket sleeves. You can use dry erase markers to easily mark and wipe off your games (so you can use them again and again!).

A few ideas for places where you can use this free printable Christmas game are:

You can make this game have a more educational/learning twist by having your kids write out their questions. It's a great way to boost the holiday spirit, too.

Oh, and if your older kids are learning a foreign language, practice vocabulary. (You might have to look up these words in your foreign language dictionary prior to playing but it will be awesome practice!).

Get Your Free Printable Christmas Game to Rock Your Holiday Season

Ho ho ho! Get ready for some spectacular holiday fun with this Santa's Workshop Treasure Hunt Game!

This free printable holiday activity includes one page with step-by-step instructions and game grids.

Please print as many copies of this Christmas game as you need to enjoy for personal use with your kids, family, classroom, homeschool co-op, library, or other special event. If you have a friend or co-worker who might like using this game, I'd love it if you'd share it with them!

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Get your FREE printable Christmas Game (Santa's Workshop: Help Jingle the Elf find his bell) by tapping HERE or on the image below.

Free printable Christmas game featuring Santa's Workshop Treasure Hunt Game for interactive holiday fun with kids

Have you played this type of printable treasure hunt game before? Please let me know if you have any questions about how to play in the bottom of the post!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and tons of holiday fun with your kids!

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  1. Thank you so much for this printable! Literally yesterday I was frustrated by not having a Christmas game to play with my kids. It’s as if you are a mind reader.

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