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Believe it or not, you can make time for self-care as a homeschooler! Learn my secrets for "me-time" that are simple and practical. Make your dream a reality!
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How To Make Time for Self-Care as a Homeschooler

  As a homeschooler, self-care time may feel impossible. On top of the normal day-to-day family responsibilities, you’re responsible for the education of your children. Who has time for self-care?!? Not only do you have time for self-care, but you need it. If you want to avoid burnout and make sure you’re functioning at your…

Feel like the joy has been sucked out of your homeschool? Here is a list of 10 homeschool joy suckers with tips on how to conquer each.
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How to Conquer Joy Suckers in Your Homeschool Life

  Have you had to deal with joy suckers in your homeschool life? Wonder why these joy suckers rob the joy and steal the delight in your homeschool day? Find out more about joy suckers and their perceived power over your homeschooling plus how you can conquer homeschool joy suckers and get on with enjoying…

If you struggle with homeschool mom guilt, anxiety, or self-doubt, here are 7 useful tips to help you trust in yourself & the homeschool process.
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7 Helpful Tips to Trust in the Homeschool Process

  Do you worry if you’re doing this homeschool thing “right”? You’re not alone! As a homeschooler, it’s normal to fret over if you’re doing enough and what’s best for your kids. Before you let those fears bring you down, read these 7 Helpful Tips to Trust the Homeschool Process. You have what it takes…

Sketch of the year 2020 with rainbow target & green arrow in center and woman's hands in shape of rectangular frame to demonstrate how using a Homeschool Word of the Year can help find focus & maintain vision
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Find Focus & Maintain Vision with a Homeschool Word of the Year

    Discover how a homeschool word of the year can help you find focus and maintain your vision this year. Get tips and a free printable guide to show you how to get started with this positive practice. (Plus, find out our 2019 Homeschool Word of the Year and share your own!)   “In…

Woman smiling at butterfly through window to feature how your mindset is important in your homeschool
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Why Your Mindset is Important in Your Homeschool

  Discover why YOUR mindset is important in your homeschool. If you want to transform your homeschooling adventures, these tips and resources will help you become more positive, patient, and relaxed with your homeschool mindset.     The Importance of Mindset as a Homeschooler Let’s play Homeschool Truth game, shall we? Don’t worry about your…

Discover the joys and benefits of building a homeschool treasure chest, one gem at a time. Use this positive approach to homeschooling to help your kids & yourself.
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How to Build Your Homeschool Treasure Chest, One Gem at a Time

  You want to look back on your homeschool day with a smile. But, it feels like it gets harder and harder. You feel like you’re buried in a mountain of to-dos and doubts. Plus, you’re not sure if it’s been harder to fight the kids or yourself to get motivated and get it done….

Woman wearing glasses and red shirt smiling as she gives a thumbs up to feature how to know you're doing enough in your homeschool with these 10 secrets from an experienced homeschool mom
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How to Know You Are Doing Enough in Your Homeschool

  One of the most frequent questions that I hear homeschoolers ask is:  How do I know that I’m doing enough in my homeschool? I’m sharing my top 10 tips for overcoming this common homeschool fear. As a homeschool mom of 5 boys (and former mental health therapist), I’ve had a lot of practice helping…

Red glitter star on striped wand with blank white wood picture frame in background to feature how these tips and tricks will help you when you feel like you need a homeschool fairy godmother
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When You Need a Homeschool Fairy Godmother

  Oh, to have a homeschool fairy godmother! Someone who could magically sweep in and rescue you from stress, dealing with resistance, and that teetering tower of laundry that’s threatening to topple at any second on you and the kids. Find out why you’re definitely now alone for wishing you had a homeschool fairy godmother…

Learn how to masterfully handle haters in your homeschool life with these 3 simple tips to help you reclaim your joy.
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How to Masterfully Handle Haters (in Your Homeschool Life)

  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! Ah! The old children’s rhyme often chanted on playgrounds and school yards. Remember hearing it? Or maybe saying it yourself? Did you ever think you would need to refer to a similar approach in your adult life? About homeschooling or other…

Get your free printable homeschool encouragement bookmarks!
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12 Uplifting Bookmarks For Homeschool Encouragement

  Homeschool encouragement can come in a variety of uplifting forms. For those times when you can’t talk to another homeschooler or loved one who understands, written text like inspirational quotes can do the trick. These 12 Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement are my way of reaching out to all homeschoolers to let you know…

Tired of getting sucked into negative? Want powerful ways to fight resistance? Here are 10 tips to help you stay positive as a homeschool mom.
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How to Stay Positive in Your Homeschool

  “Keep a stiff upper lip!” “Don’t let them catch you with your guard down!” “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” ~Muhammad Ali You are probably familiar with these suggestions. These popular tips are often given in boxing to new fighters. You may have even heard variations of these ideas from well-meaning friends…

Discover why it is essential as a homeschool mom to take time to learn & grow.
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What Is Homeschool Professional Development Time? (& Why You Need It!)

  As a homeschooler, what kind of time do you take to learn more about homeschooling-and yourself? Are you laughing right now at the thought of being able to steal away a few precious moments to get a shower, let alone make time for homeschool professional development? Let’s chat about what homeschool professional development is…

Do you realize that you have homeschool super powers? Yes, you do! Are you using these powers to help you rock your homeschool? Find out what these 6 tools are and how you can be accessing for greater homeschool peace.
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Homeschool Super Powers Activate: You Do Have What It Takes!

  As a homeschooler, it is normal to have moments when you less than enough. On those drab days where nothing seems to go right, you might feel: hopeless helpless friendless sleepless humorless worthless powerless That last one is the worst!  Have you ever felt like there was absolutely nothing you could do to improve…

Do you struggle with homeschool comparison? Learn more about how comparison can wreak havoc on your homeschool & what you can do to overcome it.
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Homeschool Comparison: What Is It And What To Do To Overcome

  Comparison. Consider that word for a few moments. What are your first thoughts when you read it? When you say it out loud? Sit with those thoughts for a minute or so. Comparison is an intense word when you look at it closely. Like most things, it can have positive and negative connotations. In…