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Fun & Free First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt

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Celebrate the start of a new year with this fun and free First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt!

It's an awesome activity to get kids excited about your upcoming homeschool year. My boys and I have enjoyed this type of scavenger hunt as part of our back to homeschool fun for years.

I'm sharing my creative ideas and tips for using plus this free scavenger hunt printable to enjoy with your kids.

Example of free printable back to homeschool scavenger hunt with pencils.

Fantastic Ideas for Enjoying First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Fun

The first day of your new homeschool year sets the tone for your homeschooling adventures. Will your year be ho-hum or filled with learning fun?

Instead of starting your homeschool year with a boring peek into your curriculum and materials, make it fun with a First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt.

Over the years, my boys and I have had a blast our first few days back at homeschooling. We've made back to school handprint crafts and poetry activities. Our back to homeschool conversation starters have been awesome ways to chat about our hopes and goals for the year. I love to look back on their First Day of Homeschool worksheets, too!

This scavenger hunt activity is amazing whether it's your first year of homeschooling or you've been doing it for years. Kids love getting new homeschool supplies and resources. A scavenger hunt to find those materials adds a touch of excitement and mystery to the day!

Many homeschoolers begin a new year in August or September, following a more traditional school schedule. But, you can enjoy this type of scavenger hunt fun any time of year.

Look for back-to-school or office supply sales to stock up. Or, if you're like me and have a busy schedule, shop online for great deals and have your new homeschool supplies shipped right to your door!

Psst! Need some help figuring out homeschool supplies to get? Here's a printable list of materials that we use to rock our homeschool.

Here'a a free printable homeschool supplies list to help you save time & money.

Oh, and it can be so much fun to surprise your kids with some fun homeschool supplies!

Boy using mechanical pencil to fill out Back to Homeschool Scavenger Hunt on granite surface and Back to Homeschool Scavenger Hunt printable on pink and blue paper with blue pencil

Ideas for Boosting Your Scavenger Hunt

Once you have your new homeschool supplies, prepare for some awesome fun with a scavenger hunt of supplies. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy a successful scavenger hunt:

  1. Label and/or color coordinate per child your new homeschool supplies. This step will reduce bickering over the supplies.
  2. Print out enough copies of the First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt printable for each child.
  3. Add the color and/or name to the top of each scavenger hunt printable.
  4. On your First Day of Homeschool Eve (and after your kids are in bed), hide your new homeschool supplies.
  5. Determine a good time for your homeschool to do this scavenger hunt. Would it be best to have some fun first thing in the morning? Or do you think it would be a great motivator and reward to look forward to at the end of your homeschool day?
  6. Announce the fun to your kids!
  7. Review your rules and expectations for this scavenger hunt fun.
  8. Prior to the start of your scavenger hunt, designate an area for each child to put their new homeschool supplies.
  9. When the scavenger hunt is over, ooh and aah over the new supplies.
  10. Then, demonstrate how each supply is to be used and where to store.

Please feel to customize this free First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt printable. You can add your own stickers or include more items on the back of your printable. The goal of the activity is to get your kids excited about your new homeschool year!

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Get Your Free First Day of Homeschool Scavenger Hunt Printable

WooHoo! I'm SO excited that you want to make your back to homeschooling time extra special for your kids and you.

This free printable back to homeschool scavenger hunt includes one PDF page.

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you have a friend who you think would enjoy this free printable activity, please share this post with them.

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Get your Free Printable Back to Homeschool Scavenger Hunt now!

Make your first day of homeschool memorable with this free printable Back to Homeschool Scavenger Hunt.

How will this Back to Homeschool Scavenger Hunt help you enjoy a memorable First Day of Homeschool with your kids? Do you have an ideas to add to my list of ways to make this activity more fun? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

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