June Fun Activities to Have a Blast with Kids

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Let's enjoy amazing June Fun Activities with our kids! These suggestions are based on fun holidays and don't take much prep or work. 

Julie Lavender shares her special ideas and tips for making June awesome!


There are so many amazing June fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids! Check out these ideas.


Fun Ways to Enjoy June with Kids

The longer days of sunshine and warm weather have arrived!

Hopefully, your family has a list – mental or written – of lots and lots of fun activities to accomplish over the days and weeks ahead to celebrate the gift of summertime.

If your list is short, try adding a few of these suggestions:

  • Stay up past bedtime and watch a marathon of kids’ movies
  • Build a fort in the den with blankets and sheets to hide underneath to read a chapter book together
  • Run through sprinklers on a warm evening
  • Try new fresh vegetable recipes and cool summer salad ones, too
  • Find new trails to hike
  • Eat watermelon on the front porch. 

Find unique ways to celebrate the joys of family and make the most of a month with extra daylight minutes. Add some of these zany, but real, holidays to your collection of activities for June and make every day a holiday with the ones you love! 


Include Hot Air Balloon Day in your June fun activities to enjoy with your kids.

Hot Air Balloon Anniversary – Has your family ever flown in a hot air balloon? If you haven’t yet soared high in a balloon, why not go for a spectator’s adventure? Look online to find hot air balloon festivals nearby and consider making a day trip to see these magnificent modes of transportation.

Until that opportunity arises, play balloon games to celebrate the day. Carefully inflate and tie a balloon for each member of the family, keeping in mind balloon safety for preschool-age and below.

Then, take part in relays to see who can keep their balloon in the air for the longest amount of time. Try using only the left wrist to bounce the balloon into the air. Next, try using just the ankle. How ‘bout an elbow next? Who’s the reigning balloon champion? 


National Catfish DayCreate a three-dimensional catfish craft to celebrate this unusual fishy-feline-looking critter.

  • Make a simple fish pattern, with head, tail, and fins on top and bottom.
  • Trace and cut out two fish shapes.
  • Color the outside of each pattern with crayons or markers.
  • On the inside of one shape, glue small wads of tissue paper, leaving the outside edges free.
  • Glue the second shape onto the first shape, drawing a line of glue on the edge.
  • Glue a craft, wiggly-eye onto each shape, in the appropriate place to give the critter a fish face.
  • Carefully insert craft pipe cleaners, two per fish, in an x-shape, through the mouth area of the construction paper, to resemble whiskers.
  • Poke a hole at the top of the fish’s back to attach a piece of fishing line or yarn to hang the craft project. 


Go on a sensory walk and take in the beautiful smells of nature, like this wisteria, as part of your June fun activities.

National Fragrance Week – Be sure to enjoy the season with all five senses.

Take a sensory walk late in the afternoon with the purpose of enjoying the aromas of summer. Use your nose and your eyes to seek out, aromatic splendors, like honeysuckle vines, elderberry bushes, magnolia trees, pine and pecan trees, trumpet creeper and wisteria, Jessamine, crepe myrtle trees, mimosa trees, and red cedar trees.

Take a sniff of the leaves or blossoms. If you find a sassafras tree or wax myrtle shrub, pick a leaf and crush it between the fingertips and then take a sniff.

Be sure to watch for hummingbirds and butterflies as you journey on your sensory adventure. Trumpet creeper vines and other aromatic flora make perfect summer food source for the winged critters. Relish the beauty of summer with all the senses.


These June fun activities, like Ballpoint Pen Day, are awesome ways to enjoy fun with your kids.

Ballpoint Pen BirthdayWhen’s the last time you wrote someone a letter, put a stamp on it, and placed it in a mail receptacle?

Think of others who might need some extra attention, like a grieving widow from church, an elderly friend with no family close by, someone who is dealing with a health issue, or a new mom.

Have each person choose someone to write a letter with pen and paper and add personal sentiments. Address the envelope, add a stamp, and drop it in the mail.


Vinegar Day – Who knew this was a holiday? And you may be wondering, "Who really celebrates this day as a holiday?"

Well, someone must care enough to create a festivity, so why not celebrate with this yummy recipe that includes vinegar? Or put some oil and vinegar on a salad and enjoy!


Youn girl looking at rainbow of lights with sunshine and grass in background for June fun

Make the most of June with lots of fun, family activities. There are so many ways to create lasting family memories to treasure throughout the summer and beyond. 

Which of these June fun activities will you enjoy with your kids?
Let us know in the comments area below 🙂

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