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Math Games for Kids: 20+ Fun and Creative Activities to Try

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Discover how math games for kids can help you easily make learning new concepts and skills fun.

You'll find a variety of games that take your math adventures to the next level.

Get our top recommendations for creative math games and start boosting the fun in your educational activities today!

Variety of examples of creative and fun math games for kids.

Jumpstart Learning Fun with Math Game for Kids

These games are your gateway to transforming math into something exciting in and outside the classroom. In these games, you’ll find diverse interactive and engaging games that will enhance your child's math skills and ignite their passion for numbers.

From thrilling board games to hands-on activities, these math games cater to various age groups and skill levels. Whether mastering multiplication, exploring geometry, or sharpening problem-solving abilities, these games make learning math an exhilarating classroom activity.

While these work great in a homeschool classroom setting, you can also use them for at-home practice and fun. Here are 20+ Fun and Creative Math Games for Kids:

⭐️ Snakes and Ladders Game

This free printable math game for kids makes it easy to have fun with counting, adding, and more.

Enjoy easy math fun for kids with this free Snakes and Ladders Game.

⭐️ Addition Activities with Dice

These 3 free printable activities are super fun ways to learn and practice addition facts using dice, coins, and more.

free printable addition activities for hands-on math fun

⭐️ 2 Fun Multiplication Games

Your kids will have a blast with 2 creative printable multiplication games for math fun.

2 free printable multiplication games

⭐️ LEGO Tower Game 

Combine LEGO building and math with this fun game to practice early math skills.

⭐️ Pete the Cat Math Game 

This Pete the Cat game goes perfectly with the book Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and is super easy to make for math fun in less time.

⭐️ Build a Marble Run Game STEM Challenge

Get your marbles ready and build this fun Marble Run Game that focuses on both STEM and will help your kids practice counting.

⭐️ Snake Math Game 

This fun snake-themed math game will get your kids excited about addition in this fun math game.

⭐️ LEGO Baseball 

Your kids won’t know they’re working on their math skills with this fun and easy baseball-themed math game using LEGOs.

Variety of examples of math games for kids for creative and engaging ways to make learning fun.

⭐️ 3rd Grade Math Game

Get your 3rd grader excited about math with this math matching game that works on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

⭐️ Pattern Lines Preschool Math Game

Work on teaching patterns and extending the patterns in this preschool-aged math game.

⭐️ Bubble Pop Math Games

If you’re looking for a great math game for fidgety kids or a fun sensory math game, this bubble pop math game set will incorporate both!

⭐️ Fishing Math Game

This fishing math game has everything you need to practice one-to-one correspondence or addition with this fun fishing game. 

⭐️ Sidewalk Chalk Math Games

Use some sidewalk chalk to assemble these fun and easy math games for kids!

⭐️ Ladybug Math Game

If you want a more hands-on math activity, try this math game using ladybugs!

⭐️ Chalk Numbers with Leaves: An Outdoor Fall Math Game

Combine chalk and leaves for a fun and creative outdoor math game perfect for the fall season.

⭐️ Preschool Math Game 

Practice large numbers in a fun and visual way with your little ones in this creative math game.

⭐️ Build a Base Ten Math Game with Pool Noodles

Use pool noodles to build a base and help your children build and explore numbers 0-100 in this creative, hands-on math game.

⭐️ Moon Math Game

Practice counting, number recognition, and more in this fun moon-themed math game for kids.

⭐️ Rainbow Math Game

Learn the colors of the rainbow and practice counting in this fun and easy math game for kids.

⭐️ Gross Motor Math Game: Counting Action Dice 

This simple gross motor math game is great for practicing counting and getting your kids up and moving.

⭐️ Exploring Size

Get outside and help your kids explore size with this outdoor math game for little ones.

⭐️ Tens Go Fish 

This unique card game will help your kids learn basic addition in a fun and creative way.

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game

Get outside and learn with this fun and helpful outdoor math game.

Examples of creative math games for kids to make learning fun.

Math Games for Kids Rock!

Wow! Aren't these math game for kids totally awesome? I love how these activities are creative and make learning fun for all.

Which of these math games will you be trying first with your students? Oh, and if you have any games that you'd add to this list, please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

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