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2 Free Multiplication Games for Awesome Math Fun

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Your kids will have awesome math fun with these 2 free multiplication games.

These hands-on activities provide your kids with 2 different ways to learn and practice multiplication facts.

Check out both of these cool multiplication games and get your free set today!


Make math time fun with these 2 free hands-on multiplication games.


Hands-On & Interactive Ways to Make Multiplication Fun for Kid

Math time doesn't have to be dry and boring! You can easily make it more engaging and exciting when you add simple games and activities.

When my boys are learning and practicing basic math facts, I use a mix of curriculum, worksheets, and flashcards. Although my boys LOVE their online math curriculum (CTCMath), I find that hands-on activities and games reinforce concepts and easily add a fun factor.

Especially when it comes to multiplication 😉

Over the years, I've gathered and created a collection of fun math activities. We pull these activities and games out when a chapter is completed, for fun days, or just because.

These two multiplication games for kids (Rainbow Multiplication Game and Rainbow Multiplication Dominoes) have been huge hits with my younger boys!


Rainbow multiplication game and rainbow multiplication dominoes game to feature the awesome math fun your kids will have with this free set of multiplication games


How to Enjoy These 2 Multiplication Games for Kids

For both of these multiplication games, I recommend that you print on white cardstock for durability.

The Rainbow Multiplication Game includes 2 custom dice. Directions for how to play the game are provided on the printable game board.

The custom dice are easy to make and use. Watch this video to check it out:



The Rainbow Dominoes Game is also simple to prepare and use. Laminating the dominoes adds an extra bit of durability. Cut out the 24 multiplication dominoes (2 pages of 12). Instructions are included on a separate page 🙂


Multiplication dominoes and rainbow multiplication game to feature the excellent math fun your kids will have with these 2 free multiplication games


Get Your Free Multiplication Games for Kids

YES! You're on your way to making math fun with these free multiplication games for kids.

This free PDF (printable) set includes 2 multiplication games for kids.

The Rainbow Multiplication Game has 3 pages - 1 page of the game board and 2 pages of custom dice. The Rainbow Multiplication Dominoes has 2 pages of dominoes (12 per page for a total of 24) plus an instruction page.


I encourage you to print out as many copies of these resources as you need to enjoy with your kids, homeschool co-op, class, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who might like to use these multiplication activities for kids, please share the link to this post (not the download link). I truly appreciate your sharing!

**If you have questions about using for distance learning or sharing with your classroom, email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com.



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Get your 2 FREE Multiplication Games for Kids (Rainbow Multiplication Game and Rainbow Multiplication Dominoes) by clicking HERE or on the image below.

These 2 free multiplication games are super fun ways to make practicing math facts cool.

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  1. I downloaded the rainbow multiplication games - which will be fun to play with my 3rd grade granddaughter ... but I can't find the directions for the domino game. Do we just play like regular dominos?

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