Rosetta Stone Homeschool French For Effective Foreign Language Study

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Looking for way to teach your kids a foreign language? Discover why Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is an effective way for homeschool families to provide their children with quality foreign language studies.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French has been the answer to my homeschool foreign language prayers. I have always wanted to include a foreign language study into our homeschooling adventures but felt lost as to where to start. I am so excited to share how this well-known foreign language program has blessed our homeschool-and why I know it will bless yours, too!

Disclosure:  I received this product for free for review. I was compensated for my time but not required to write a positive review. All opinions are %100 my own.

I have always wanted to try Rosetta Stone foreign language programs. Commercials and informational pieces have made it a very appealing resource that has been on our homeschool wishlist. When I had the opportunity to review this homeschool foreign language curriculum, I just had to jump on it to discover what all the buzz was about and to share our discoveries with you.

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I shared about our initial trials in homeschool foreign language studies in Let's Chat About Homeschool Foreign Languages Curriculum. I know the power of studying a foreign language and its numerous benefits for overall learning. My own four years of study of French in high school gifted me with increased ability to analyze and process English grammar, as well as translate similar foreign languages.

My high school studies, however, did not focus on conversational French. My pronunciation of French is comical and I am extremely limited in understanding conversational French.

When we began our homeschool adventures five years ago, I had foreign languages at the top of my list. I had big hopes and dreams of interweaving French or Latin into my boys' learning experiences. Unfortunately, my own years of foreign language study were well behind me and had focused primarily on written word.

Knowing that I could not pull from my limited experience with the French language, I began to research homeschool foreign language options. I quickly became overwhelmed in my search and budget! Also, my boys were not sure which language that they wanted to study. I did not want to waste our time or money until we put more thought and research into what would be best for all. Exasperated, I temporarily gave up my dreams of foreign language study in our homeschool.

What is a homeschool mom who desperately wants her kids to learn a foreign language to do?

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is an excellent way for large families help their kids learn a foreign language. Find out why we love this well-known program.
Captain getting started with one of his Rosetta Stone Homeschool French lessons.

Why Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Works

With five boys (ages 2, 5, 7, 11, and 13), I knew that I would need a homeschool foreign language curriculum that could be easily implemented and shared. I wanted a trusted resource that is known for effective foreign language study. Honestly, I do not have time or money to waste on trying different homeschool curricula.

Our oldest, Captain (13), is a rising 8th grader. I was in panic mode to find a foreign language for him to study. I felt like I dropped the ball in this area and needed to make a decision for our homeschool foreign language studies like yesterday!

Also, I wanted a curriculum that could be used at different levels and ages. We are always on the lookout for getting the most bang for our buck. Budget and saving time are key factors in helping us run our homeschool.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is a fantastic program for helping kids learn a foreign language. Find out why this learning resources is perfect for large families.
Professor learning through Rosetta Stone's immersion approach.

6 Reasons Why We Love Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool

 1. Perfect for Large Families!

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is ideal for large families. With the ability to set up multiple users with separate accounts, you can track your kids at their different course levels. My older boys and I (I'm brushing up on my rusty French!) are able to discuss the lessons that we complete. Although we are at different levels, we are able to share our learning.

2. Build Your Course

As mentioned above, the boys and I are working at different course levels. With Rosetta Stone Homeschool French, you can build your courses based on your goals for your kids and yourself. These courses may include Reading, Writing, Speaking, and/or Listening. I love having this option for my boys! Captain is using the Recommended Course (includes all 4 components). I chose Speaking and Listening for Professor (11) because I thought it better fit his age level and homeschool goals.

Looking for a quality foreign language curriculum for your homeschool family? Discover why we love Rosetta Stone Homeschool French for our large homeschool family.
Captain listening to his Rosetta Stone Homeschool French lesson. Instructional audio through headphones has been an excellent way for my boys to learn this foreign language.

3. Immersion

After my own weak French studies, I am thrilled to find a homeschool French language curriculum that will fully help my boys (and me!) learn real French! Learning to correctly pronounce and interpret conversational French was a key factor in our decision to go with Rosetta Stone Homeschool French. My hope for our foreign language studies is for my boys to have a skill that they may actually be able to use some day (if they so desire). I believe that this program will be able to do that-and more!

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French uses 4 "I"s for Immersion:

  1. Images
  2. Intuition
  3. Interactivity
  4. Instruction

This immersion approach makes you work to learn the material-and that work pays off! When I first completed a lesson, I was concerned if my boys would be able to focus and learn with this approach. Both boys reported that they find it challenging, like a game, and it makes them want to learn more and practice.

Discover why Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is wonderful for large homeschool families.
Professor enjoys learning with Rosetta Stone Homeschool French. He loves practicing correct pronunciations and vocabulary.

4. Effective

I was skeptical about the immersion approach. Of course, I had read about it and heard amazing things. But, I wasn't sure if it would actually work for my boys. I thought it might be too difficult to piece it all together and there would be gaps in their learning.

I am please to report that I was pleasantly surprised with their results! The boys are doing better than I ever imagined. They have been enjoying going around our home and challenging each other with French words and phrases. Professor turned to me after one lesson and said, "Mom, this is actually fun!"

The boys and I agree that the self-correcting component of Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is key. You can not proceed until you make the correct choice or pronunciation. It makes us be accountable and not rush through our lessons.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is an effective way for homeschool families to teach foreign languages.
Captain learning how to correctly pronounce French greetings with Rosetta Stone Homeschool French.

5. Time Saver

Using an online program for a subject area that I am lacking in is extremely helpful in our homeschool. This year, all five boys will be doing homeschool. I have a very hands-on and interactive Toddler Time planned for Xman (2). Bear (5) is Kindergarten/1st grade level with skyrocketing reading and math skills just waiting to explode with Momma's gentle guidance. Smiley (7) is taking off with his homeschool work, too. My younger three boys will require a lot of my time-and I am so thankful to have Rosetta Stone Homeschool French to use make sure my two older boys will be getting effective and quality foreign language study.

Find out why Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is an amazingly effective way for your kids to learn a foreign language.
Captain uses microphone on his headset included in Rosetta Stone Homeschool French set. I love that my boys are learning & practicing correct pronunciations of French words & phrases.

6. Easy To Use

After initial set-up, Rosetta Stone Homeschool French is super easy to use. You insert the disc, have user log in to their account, and away they go with their lesson. We also like how it is all in one place and we do not have to be-bop all over the internet looking for different sites.

You can find out even more about Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool in this demo.  Another great way to get updates and find out more about Rosetta Stone Homeschool is to follow them on Facebook!!

We love Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool ! Which language would you love to study with your kids?


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