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Make Scrabble Day Fun with Your Kids!

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Scrabble Day is a fun holiday celebrated on April 13. Make it fun with this free printable and ideas!

Great for classroom, family, & homeschool fun activities πŸ™‚


Enjoy Scrabble Day fun with your kids using this free printable & ideas.


Enjoy Scrabble Day Fun with Your Kids

Scrabble is one of my favorite games ever! As a child, I loved sorting through my selected tiles and figuring out what high-scoring words I could make. As an adult, it's a fun way to continue my crossword puzzle obsession πŸ˜‰

The Scrabble letter tiles have been awesome hands-on learning tools for my boys in our homeschool. We use them for many learning fun activities like:

  • Letter recognition
  • Teaching letter sounds
  • Forming words
  • Spelling fun
  • Creating words for high scores
  • Dictionary fun

Check out these amazing resources and free instant download for Scrabble Fun with kids πŸ™‚


Scrabble tiles on game board spelling out Scrabble to feature the fun ways you can celebrate this fun holiday with your kids


Resources for Scrabble Day Fun

Hasbro Scrabble Crossword GameHasbro Scrabble Crossword GameWinning Moves Tile Lock ScrabbleWinning Moves Tile Lock ScrabbleWinning Solutions Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game BoardWinning Solutions Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game BoardScrabble Junior GameScrabble Junior GameScrabble Tiles (100 Letter Tiles)Scrabble Tiles (100 Letter Tiles)Scrabble to Go Board GameScrabble to Go Board Game


Make Scrabble Day fun (April 13) with your kids with these ideas + free printable instant download!


Free Instant Download for Scrabble Day Fun!

In case you don't have any of the above Scrabble resources or want some more ways to have learning fun, here's a free instant download for Scrabble Fun (or any day you'd like to boost learning!).

You can have so much fun with the game of Scrabble and its tiles! Some learning fun activities you can enjoy with these printable Scrabble tiles are:

  • Use the letter tiles to find scores for:
    • your first, middle, and last names
    • your town or city
    • your state
    • your favorite book, T.V. show, or movie
    • your favorite food or drink
    • this week's spelling words
  • Compare letter tile scores in a bar graph or pictograph
  • Create fun cards or messages for loved ones
  • Make a super secret spy code! (Use numbers from tiles to represent letters in your message)

To get started today with this free instant download, simply click on the image below! You will get immediate access to this one page printable with Scrabble letter tiles for all letters of the alphabet.

thumbnail of Scrabble Day Fun!

I suggest printing out a few copies to maximize the fun! Also, you can laminate the page prior to cutting out and using to extend the learning fun.

How will you enjoy Scrabble Day Fun with your kids? 

Scrabble game, tiles, & bag and free printable Scrabble Day Fun with scissors on dark wood

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