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How to Use Your Windows for Homeschool Fun Activities

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There are so many amazing ways to use materials and resources naturally available in your home for homeschool fun activities. I thought it would be fun to share how we use windows for homeschool fun activities with our boys. These ideas are easy and frugal ways to brighten your learning fun at home.

Make sure to share your ideas for using windows for homeschool fun activities in the comments section 🙂

We are blessed to have three large windows in our homeschool area. As our homeschool progresses throughout the year, my boys and I enjoy using these home fixtures in a variety of learning fun activities.

Windows for homeschool fun activities are fantastic for:

  • Observation
  • Writing surfaces
  • Art display
  • Science experiments

Check out these easy & frugal ideas for using your windows for homeschool fun activities.

11 Easy & Frugal Ways to Use Windows for Homeschool Fun Activities

1. Window Markers

My boys and I love using these window markers for all types of homeschool fun activities. My younger boys practice handwriting. The older boys write out math problems. All of us enjoy doodling and leaving funny messages on our windows for homeschool fun activities.

2. Do You See What I See?

My younger boys love to play this interactive game! We take turns spotting and describing different objects and animals in our backyard. This game develops observational and communication skills.

3. Weather Observation

Use your windows to maintain a weather observation chart. You can use a window thermometer to record temperatures. Click on the image below for a free instant download you can print 🙂thumbnail of Weather Chart

4. Water Cycle in a Bag

Have a blast with this fun science experiment shared by Living Life and Learning. Awesome way to teach and observe the water cycle!

5. DIY Suncatchers

You can make beautiful DIY suncatchers. I love using this activity with all ages. You can use seasonal themes or just because. We often use these materials:

6. DIY Window Gel Clings

This hands-on activity makes such cool window decorations! DIY window gel clings are easy to customize and pretty to view.

7. Bird Observations

You can enjoy bird counting and observation from your window. Your homeschool can also enjoy close-up bird observation using a window bird feeder.

8. Silhouettes

Use black construction paper or cardstock to cut out interesting shapes, figures, and scenes to decorate your homeschool windows for fun silhouettes.

9. I Spy Game

Here's another fun game you can play with your kids using your windows! Take turns selecting and describing an object or animal located outside your window. Other players get to guess what you are "spying".

10. Seed Observation

Make a DIY window greenhouse or try this Sprout & Grow Window Kit to observe a seed sprouting.

11. Sticky Art

All of my boys have enjoyed Sticky Art over the years. I use painter's tape or washi tape to hang contact paper (sticky-side out) to a window. Kids can stick things like scraps of paper, feathers, sequins, buttons, and more to create DIY window art.

These easy and frugal ideas are ways that my boys and I use windows for homeschool fun activities.
What are some ways you use windows for learning fun for your family?

Sharing is caring!

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