Enjoy special winter fun activities and more with your kids. Discover terrific tips, idea, and resources to make this season extra fun!

These free printables & activities are wonderful ways to enjoy Winter Fun with kids.
woman holding free printable winter photo challenge on red clipboard with red pencil on wood background
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Winter Photo Challenge for a Fun Seasonal Activity (Free Printable)

A winter photo challenge can be a wonderful creative activity for seasonal fun. Plus, it’s an awesome way to capture special memories 😊 This free printable page of winter photo prompts is an outstanding way to spark creativity in anyone who has a camera (or smartphone). Find out more about this delightful photo challenge and…

woman holding red clipboard with free printable winter walk scavenger hunt activity with rainbow of markers and color pencils on wood background
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Winter Walk Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Free Printable for Special Fun Activity

A winter walk scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to explore and enjoy the season with your kids. With a seasonal prompts and a simple printable, you’ll have so much fun searching high and low for these winter nature objects. Find out more about this winter scavenger hunt for kids and get your free printable…

woman holding 1 of 2 free printable winter alphabet scavenger hunts with rainbow of color pencils and crayons on wood background
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Winter Alphabet Scavenger Hunts for Seasonal Fun (2 Free Activities)

Add these Winter Alphabet Scavenger Hunts to your list of awesome ways to make the season amazing with kids! These simple activities will be a huge hit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Get fantastic ideas for boosting the fun with these 2 printable alphabets game and how you can get your…

two kids in bright winter clothes smiling outside in the snow
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9+ Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Super Fun Ways to Learn & Play

These winter activities for kids are wonderful ways to take boost learning and play outdoors. You’ll find a variety of tips and ideas for making the most out of your outdoor winter learning adventures. Find out why it’s important to go outside (even in the winter) and how you can help your kids enjoy it….

25 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for kids chart on background with snowflakes and wood surface
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25+ Indoor Winter Activities: Simple & Fun Ways for Kids to Have a Blast

Indoor winter activities are incredible ways to keep your kids busy and having fun. Check out these 25+ simple ideas to help your kids focus their energy and enjoy creative activities. Oh, and make sure to grab the free printable checklist with these 25 winter activities for indoor fun! Stuck Inside? Your Kids Can Still…

Winter Fun Activities pack cover and light blue pencil to feature the amazing fun your kids will have with this variety of boredom busters, games, and more
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Easy & Creative Ways to Enjoy Winter Fun Activities for Kids

These Winter Fun Activities are wonderful ways to celebrate the season with your kids. Check out this variety of activities and ideas to keep your kids busy this winter 🙂 Easy Ways to Enjoy Winter Fun with Your Kids When the temperatures drop, you might be looking for simple ways to keep entertain your kids…

Winter hat & hot chocolate playdough mats to feature the amazing creative fun your kids will have with these 10 free winter playdough mats
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Free Winter Playdough Mats for Creative Fun Activities

These 10 free winter playdough mats provide your kids with creative, hands-on activities to celebrate the season. Add these free printable playdough mats to your winter fun for kids collection. These activities are perfect ways to boost winter learning fun, especially when you need something simple to keep kids busy when the weather is yucky…

Winter Memory Game for kids cards on wood background and woman holding cookies & cocoa Winter Memory Game cards with other cards in background
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Free Winter Memory Game for Wonderful Fun with Kids

This Winter Memory Game is a wonderful activity for seasonal fun no matter what the weather! You’ll have a blast as you make matches with cute winter themes.  Don’t go stir crazy this winter! Instead of losing your mind, be prepared with open-and-go activities, like this memory game, that you can enjoy with your kids…

Winter Alphabet Game printable activity on blue paper with snowman pencil, snowman mini-eraser, blue eraser
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Free Winter Alphabet Game for Fun Activity for Kids

This Winter Alphabet Game is an amazing way to celebrate this special season with kids. You can use this free printable to get kids thinking and talking about all of Winter’s wonders. Check out these creative ways to make this alphabet game fun and get your free activity today! Easy Winter Fun Activity to Enjoy…

Winter Word Search printable page with red marker & snowman mini-eraser on light blue paper & red mittens and red ear muffs clipart
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Fun Ways to Enjoy This Free Winter Word Search

Want a fun way to get kids excited about the season? This free printable Winter Word Search is an awesome activity for kids to enjoy in your homeschool, class, library, and other seasonal events. Learn more and find helpful tips and suggestions for boosting the fun of this printable winter activity. Have a Blast with…

Sketch of snowflake with pencil and blue marker & gingerbread snowflake cookie decorated with blue & white frosting with bokah background & white paper snowflake on red background & green, red, blue, & yellow paperclips arranged as snowflakes for snowflake activities to enjoy with kids
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50+ Amazing Snowflake Activities for Winter Fun with Kids

Need some fun ideas for keeping the kids busy this winter? This curated list of 50+ Snowflake Activities are awesome ways to engage the kids in learning fun whether you have snow or not! If your kids are like my boys, then capturing their attention during the winter months can be a challenge. Before, during,…

This free printable pack of Snowflake Activities are wonderful ways to have marvelous math fun.
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Free Snowflake Activities Pack for Marvelous Math Fun

  Winter can be a tough time to get kids engaged in learning! After the holidays and a break, a certain melancholy settles in that distracts. To capture your kids’ attention, use these Free Snowflake Activities for Marvelous Math Fun.! With adorable snowmen and variety of snowflakes, your young learners will be ready to jump into…