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Enjoy Easy Creative Fun for Kids with 6 Picture Frame Craft Ideas

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These picture frame craft ideas are fantastic ways to enjoy creative fun at home with kids. You'll find inspiration for turning old picture frames into new treasures, plus suggestions for creating special decor and gifts.

Oh, and I share some tips and tricks for enjoying this special time with your kids, even if you're not a fan of arts and crafts 😉


Check out these 6 picture frame craft ideas for easy creative fun with kids at home.


Craft Time with Kids Can Be Fun & Rewarding

Not all parents like to do arts and crafts with kids. This time can be messy and feel chaotic. Plus, maybe you just don't feel like you're very creative?

I'm not the most creative gal out there, but I do enjoy working on crafts. I have fond memories of working on projects with friends, as a babysitter, and summer camp counselor.

When I became a mom, I couldn't wait to start arts and crafts with my boys. And our overflowing cabinets, drawers, and art cart definitely show it 😉 



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It never really hit me that other parents might not enjoy arts and crafts with kids until I took my older boys to storytime at our local library. Our sweet librarian would plan simple yet delightful activities for the kids to work on after the storytelling portion was done. Oh, the moans and groans from moms and other caretakers! 

After a few chats, I heard these complaints from parents that didn't care for arts and crafts times. Maybe you can relate?:

  • Mess & Feeling Out of Control
  • Cost of materials
  • Perfectionistic expectations
  • No idea what to do with projects when completed 

If you find yourself nodding at any or all of the above, it's okay. You don't have to like arts and crafts with your kids. It's not written down anywhere that it's a requirement to be a cool or fun mom.

But, I'm guessing that since you've read this far, you want to give it a try. Or at least, need something creative to do with your kids at home.

Check out my tips and tricks to make the most of arts and crafts time.

Then, keep going to discover why a simple picture frame is perfect for a variety of crafts with kids.


Wood picture frame with wood paint brushes that have splatters of paint to feature the easy creative fun for kids with these 6 picture frame craft ideas


Tips & Tricks for Enjoying Arts & Crafts with Kids

Contain the Mess:  Cover your work surface with newspaper or old plastic tablecloth. Go over or review your expectations for fun activities. Choose materials that aren't quite as messy but still get the job done. For example, we'll use Kwik Stix, instead of paint if possible. 


Save Money (& Help the Environment!):  Whenever possible, recycle materials for your arts and crafts supplies. Cardboard, popsicle sticks, and old decor can be given new life. Below, you'll find a few picture frame craft ideas to get you started.


Let It Go!:  Do projects with your kids make you cringe because it's hard not to correct them or touch up their work to make it better? It's not always easy to admit this one but it's more common than you think. Give yourself frequent reminders that this opportunity for creative fun for your kids allows for tremendous growth and development.

Need some help with this one? Check out my free resources for transforming your mindset.


Completed Projects:  It's so hard to figure out what to do with your kids' arts and crafts projects! You can't keep everything but feel guilty getting rid of any of it. 

To help curb that guilt, one idea is to choose a project with the end in mind. Will this project be a gift or used for home decor? 

If you just really have no room, take a picture and create a special portfolio (set up in a three-ring binder or something similar) to store those memories so you can revisit in the future.


Luckily, you'll find that these 6 picture frame craft ideas all have ways to be used around your home or as a gift!



Your kids will love these picture frame craft ideas for creative fun at home.


Picture Frame Craft Ideas for Creative Fun with Kids

Picture frames are perfect to work with because they’re versatile. And you might have some laying around the house.

Below are several ideas for hands-on fun with kids. You might even want to grab an extra picture frame or two and join in on the creative fun 😉


1. Paint

One of the easiest ways to craft with picture frames is to paint them. We like this paint for our projects 😉

Disassemble the picture frames (remove glass and backing). 

Allow your kids to select paint supplies to begin their masterpieces. As your kids are picking out their paints, chat about their ideas and ask questions about what they hope to create.

When the painting process is done, allow plenty of time for the picture frame to dry. To help the time pass, encourage your kids to doodle or paint a picture to put in their new frame.

Then, reassemble, add the new artwork, and enjoy it.


2. DIY Chalk Board

Another way to upcycle a picture frame is to create a chalkboard.

Deconstruct the picture frame and let your kids decorate and paint the frame (see above) as they wish.

Dispose of the glass properly; you won't need it.

Trace the back of the frame onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out.

Then, paint the piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint. You’ll want to have 2-3 layers of paint in total.

After everything is dry, reassemble the frame. Use chalk or chalk markers to write a message.

Ribbon or colorful twine make excellent embellishments as decorative handles to hang on your new DIY chalkboard.

Enjoy creative fun at home with kids using these 6 picture frame craft ideas.

3. Fancy Frame

An awesome DIY approach when it comes to picture frame craft ideas is simply decorating the outside.

Instead of just painting it, add some cool textures and themes.

You can use seashells, pompoms, rocks, puzzle pieces, yarn, and more!

Find any material and glue it to the frame. You may need to use craft glue or hot glue gun, depending on the craft material. 


4. Creative Collage

This idea will take a little more help from you because it requires a glue gun, but the idea is to create a collage of picture frames!

You can buy these already done, however, making it from scratch shows ultimate personality and skill set.

Let your children pick out a variety of picture frames in different styles and colors.

Then, lay each one on the ground and move them around to find the preferred placements.

After your final decision, glue them together. The kids can decorate the frames or leave as is.

Fill each picture frame with photos or personal artwork. This type of creative collage is brilliant decor for bedrooms, play areas, and hallways.

Get awesome picture frame craft ideas for easy creative fun at home with kids.

5. Refrigerator Magnet

A picture frame craft is terrific for displaying the kids’ achievements and creative work on the refrigerator door.

Get a picture frame for each child. Have them decorate it with one of the above ideas.

When done, put the frame back together. Remove the back support piece and glue on heavy-duty magnets.

These frames can show off positive report cards, pictures, or select school work. 


6. Magnificent Monogram

Your kids can also decorate a frame to display their initials.

Get a bigger sized frame, deconstruct it, and dispose of the glass properly.

Have them paint or decorate the outside of the frame. Then, find a patterned piece of fabric or felt that they like for the background.

You can either buy letters or use cardboard and cut each initial out. Paint the letters and let dry. When ready, glue to the background. Reassemble the picture frame for customized wall decor. 


I hope these 6 picture frame craft ideas gave you some inspiration for creative fun with your kids. With the right mindset and a bit of preparation, arts and crafts time can be enjoyable for all 🙂

Which of these picture frame craft ideas will you do with your kids?


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