6 Lesson Extensions With Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 7

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Woohoo! Another adventure in learning with our favorite 5 year-old math professor, Fred! (Don't know who Fred is yet? Learn more here.)

Chapter 7 in Life of Fred Butterflies follow Fred as he explores:

  • squares
  • time (5:55)
  • opposites
  • days of the week
  • ants
  • book signings

I know, I know! It sounds crazy! How do all these concepts relate and fit into one chapter? You will just have to read Life of Fred Butterflies to find out!

life of fred

Our lesson extensions with Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 7 "For Later" were tons of fun! Come and see what we did!

1. Snack:  Salty Sweet Squares!

2. Popsicle Stick Squares:

3.  Opposites Worksheet:

4.  Days of the Week Game:

5.  Squares Picnic Blanket With Ants:

6.  Singing With Fred!:  We sang 3 songs to work on math concepts in this chapter-addition, subtraction, and opposites. Ants Go Marching, 5 Little Ants and This is big, big, big... To access your FREE PRINTABLE SONGSHEET + CHAPTER 7 LESSON EXTENSIONS, Sign up now!

life of fred

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