6 Lesson Extensions for Life of Fred Butterflies Ch. 6

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Here we are once more with our favorite math character, Fred! In Life with Fred Butterflies Ch. 6, Fred talks about:

  • triangles
  • addition
  • astronomy
  • constellations

Other presented concepts include practicing addition to 9, telling time, skips counting by 5s, and collinear points (I know-really?!?-but the way it is explained works!)

C'mon along and join in our math learning adventure with Fred!

life of fred


1. Sun Snack:  We talked about shapes and astronomy during our snack time! Lots of fun-and learning-while we filled tummies!

2. Constellation Playdough Mats:  I created these playdough mats for the boys to have a hands-on activity while learning about constellations. I printed then laminated the mats (I bought an awesome laminator at Aldis 2 years ago-best $20 ever!).

3. Constellation Lacing Cards:  Another fun way for the boys to do a hands-on activity with constellations! Again, I printed out the constellation mats. I placed them up to index cards (hole puncher did not want to cooperate with paper plates!) and voila! These lacing cards are great for fine motor skills-and learning about constellations!

4. Number Words Cut & Paste Match:  I created this game to give the boys practice recognizing and reading number words. I printed out 2 copies-laminated one and glued the other onto construction paper.

5. Shape Butterfly:  Fun coloring page with triangles to count!

6. Telling Time Practice:  Get out those Butterfly clocks and practice telling time up to 5:45!


You can find all of these lesson extensions can be found in our Life of Fred Butterflies Ch. 6 Planner.

life of fred

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