Join the celebration! 5 Days of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun with kids. Includes free printable packs with writing prompts, Mad Libs, sentence cubes, newspaper planner, & comic strips.


WooHoo!  Super excited to help honor the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter with my friends at iHomeschool Network.

Are you a fellow Harry Potter fanatic?  If so, you will be sure to find great ways to celebrate and have learning fun with Harry Potter-inspired activities, lessons, and more!

My boys and I adore the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  My older boys and I have enjoyed reading the books and watching the movies together.  My younger boys have just soaked up all of our enthusiasm!

When I heard about this Harry Potter Hopscotch, I jumped at the chance to contribute.  My boys and I just completed our first Harry Potter unit study through Build Your Library (highly recommend!) and we wanted to continue the magical learning fun through the summer.


Join the celebration! 5 Days of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun with free printable packs.

5 Days of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun

Writing has always been a sore spot in our homeschool for my older boys.  They are making significant progress using Brave Writer Language Arts & Writing curriculum.  I want to keep that writing enthusiasm going during our mini-summer break.

I know that pairing the boys’ love for Harry Potter books with writing fun activities will be a big hit.  And even get them to write over our break!  It will be magical:)

I will be sharing 5 Days of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun from June 6-10.  Make sure to stop by and grab your free printable packs to join in the learning fun!  Click on the titles below to go straight to that post, learn more, and join the writing fun.

Free Printable Pack of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Prompts

Free Printable Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for Writing Fun

Free Printable Harry Potter-Inspired Sentence Cubes

Free Harry Potter-Inspired Newspaper Planner for Writing Fun

Free Writing Fun for Kids with Harry Potter-Inspired Comic Strips

Don’t miss these fantastic ways to celebrate Harry Potter’s anniversary!  Hop over to iHomeschool Network and find Harry Potter-inspired learning fun activities for science, art, crafts, and more.

Make sure to check out all of these great ways to celebrate Harry Potter! Includes Harry Potter-inspired writing fun, lessons, & more!