Free August Doodle Prompts for Easy Fun with Kids

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Get ready for some super easy fun with your kids! Beat the heat this August with doodle prompts! Get started right away :)


Looking for some fun ideas to do with your kids this August that are easy and not expensive? Try doodle prompts!

Doodling is such a fantastic activity for all ages. It's a great way to build creativity, fine motor skills, and warm up those hands for a day full of learning fun.

Another bonus about doodling:  supplies are cheap! All your child needs is a piece of plain paper and a pencil. Sure, extras like crayons, markers, or colored pencils are cool. But, you can easily get started with just those two basics.

Why August Doodle Prompts?

Let's face it. By the time August hits, the heat is usually unbearable and everyone is a bit grouchy. Instead of plopping in front of electronics, what about having a family or homeschool fun time of doodling?

Beat the heat with doodle prompts!!

Also, many homeschool families are starting their homeschool year in August.  Back to homeschool rocks! Start a new fun and easy activity in your homeschool this academic year. Watch your kids' imaginations and doodling skills soar!

Wonder when you should attempt August doodle prompts with your kids? Homeschool morning gathering time is a great opportunity to wake up those mental and hand muscles. Or pull these August doodle prompts out when you are taking a brain break!

free printable August doodle prompts for kids

Free Printable August Doodle Prompts

This easy homeschool fun activity is only a few clicks away!  Simply click on the image below for your free instant download. Then, click print and get started with doodling fun.

thumbnail of August Daily Doodle Prompts

Remember to keep it relaxed and fun!  Absolutely no pressure or competition. Doodles (simple drawings) are all about enjoying yourself and just letting go.

Don't forget to join in the doodling fun with your kids! You can all create an easy DIY doodling notebook to preserve your precious doodles!

How will these August Doodle Prompts help your homeschool?


Sharing is caring!

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