Minecraft Gifts for Kids: 20 Cool Ideas That Fans Will Totally Dig

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These Minecraft gifts for kids are incredibly cool ideas that your gamer fans will love.

My boys have helped me put together this list of ideas. And we truly hope that it helps you get inspiration to find the perfect gift for your Minecraft fans.

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Finding the Right Minecraft Gift Can Be Easy

My middle boy (Smiley - age 14) is a total Minecraft geek (his words - not mine!).

His brothers occasionally play Minecraft, but not like him. He takes a particular liking to this game. And I'm okay with that!

Sure, he plays the game for fun. But, he's also learned so much from it AND developed a love of computer science and information technology.

When a birthday or Christmas comes around, it's pretty much a given to see one or more Minecraft items on his list.

Minecraft merchandise is one of the most asked for gifts by kids.

Based on the 3-D video game that entails the mining of blocks and then using them to build various items from tools to houses that are needed throughout the game, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

You can find everything from clothes to games to bedroom decor. There are so many items to pick from that your little Minecraft lover is sure to be impressed.

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Variety of Minecraft gifts for kids.

20 Minecraft Gifts for Kids

Below is a list of twenty fun and useful Minecraft gifts to help you find the right one for your child.

1. Minecraft Touchscreen Smart Watch

This Minecraft Touchscreen Smart Watch for kids includes a selfie camera for taking pictures, photo album viewer, video player, voice recorder, calculator, alarm clock, pedometer step counter, various playable games, and changeable watch faces. Long-lasting battery is rechargeable with the included USB cord.

2. 3D Minecraft Night Light

With its 3D holographic effect, your child will love this Minecraft LED night light. Complete with a remote control, it features 16 different colors and 4 light modes. Powered by battery or USB, it makes bedtime extra special!

3. Minecraft Kids Deluxe Activity Set

Perfect for kids who love Minecraft, this deluxe activity set will have their attention for hours. Along with its handy tin carrying case, the set includes 30 coloring sheets, 30 activity sheets, 584 stickers, 23 temporary tattoos, 12 crayons, 8 markers, 8 mini gel pens, stamp pad, giant stamper, stamper, eraser, pencil, sharpener, and ruler.

4. The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

This Encyclopedia for Minecrafters covers everything players need to know about mining, farming, building, and more. With tons of game tips and tricks, this book filled with colorful illustrations is a must have for beginners and seasoned pros.

5. NERF Minecraft Sabrewing Motorized Blaster Bow

This Minecraft-inspired Nerf toy is a motorized dart blaster with the true feel of a bow action and comes with an 8-dart clip which gives the ability to quickly fire off darts before needing to reload. The soft-tipped Nerf darts are safe for indoor and outdoor play. 

6. Minecraft Torch Lamp

Your child will love this Minecraft Torch Lamp. Smiley has it and thinks it's so cool! Charged with a USB cable, it can be used as a standing light, night light, or mountable wall decor light. It's a great addition to the room of any Minecraft fan.

7. Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Minecraft Builders & Biomes is the perfect holiday gift for Minecraft lovers. Mine, explore, build and fight with this board game that allows you to collect rare blocks and build spectacular structures. This easy-to-learn strategy board game is for 2 to 4 players and will bring hours of endless entertainment.

8. LEGO Minecraft The Sword Outpost

You get classic Minecraft build-and-battle action with this Lego Sword Outpost set. It is a great gift for Minecraft players as this hands-on set lets kids build and explore the Minecraft environment in the real world. It features Minecraft figures like skeleton, creeper and Sentinel Soldier.

8. LEGO Minecraft The Sword Outpost

You get classic Minecraft build-and-battle action with this Lego Sword Outpost set. It is a great gift for Minecraft players as this hands-on set lets kids build and explore the Minecraft environment in the real world. It features Minecraft figures like skeleton, creeper and Sentinel Soldier.

9. Minecraft Stickers

This set of Minecraft Stickers and Decals are great for decorating school folders, pencil boxes, etc. With 100 stickers and no duplicates, the colorful stickers feature many characters and items from the video game. They're made from waterproof vinyl and able to be reused. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

10. Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

The Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle is great for car trips, plane rides or just playing at home. Kids ages 8 and up will love solving the challenges as they advance on their journey using logic and deductive reasoning. Includes 40 challenges, great for beginners as well as experts. 

11. Minecraft Hoodie

This 100% cotton, zip-up hoodie features the Minecraft Creeper. With its hood and deep pockets, it will be sure to keep your little gamer warm (and happy!).

12. Paladone Minecraft Glitter Flow Lamp

Similar to a lava lamp, this Minecraft Glitter Flow Lamp features game characters and icons that sparkle as they flow and swirl in the water. This battery operated lamp is a must have for any Minecraft Fan’s bedroom. 

13. Minecraft Boys Wallet

This officially-licensed Minecraft Wallet includes a secure coin pocket to keep loose change organized, as well as a range of handy card slots and a slot for paper money. It has a Velcro closure and features the Minecraft Creeper. The wallet includes 4 Minecraft-inspired keyrings! 

14. Minecraft Creeper Plush Throw Blanket

Perfect while keeping warm, perhaps while playing Minecraft, your gamer will love this Creeper-themed blanket. It's a plush throw that measures 53 x 53 and is machine washable.

15. Minecraft Boys Socks

These Minecraft-themed socks are breathable and stretchy. There are 5 styles in crew length and available in sizes 7-10 and 10-13. The socks arrive in a Minecraft Box which makes them great for gift giving.

16. Treasure X Minecraft Mine

Your gamer can mine in the real world with this Treasure X Minecraft Mine Set. They'll dig their way through sand or lava to find a hidden character. Once they find all the pieces, your Minecraft fan can assemble their surprise character using the new Aqua Stick hearts that bond in just 5 minutes and reach full strength in 24 hours. 

17. Guess the Picture Minecraft Flashcard Game

This great little quiz game will test your gamer’s knowledge. Check out the anagram and open the doors to reveal the colorful picture card. Once you make your guess, simply slide to reveal the answer. It's small enough to take when traveling and gives your child a break from screen time while still enjoying their Minecraft hobby.

18. Minecraft Plush Character

Your child will love these adorable, plush stuffed characters from the Minecraft Game. Soft enough to take to bed and cuddle. There are many fan favorites to choose from!

19. Minecraft Uno

Now you can play this family favorite card game in a Minecraft theme. Players match colors and numbers to the card on top of the discard pile as in the classic game! This version comes with the Creeper card, which allows you to force other players to draw 3 cards. It's a great gift the whole family will love. And perfect for a stocking stuffer, too!

20. Pop-Up Creeper Hamper

This fun Minecraft-themed hamper may finally be the way to get your child to pick up their dirty clothes! Decorated to look like a Creeper, this pop-up hamper has breathable mesh on 2 sides and handles for easy carrying.

Light green blocks and Minecraft diamond pick axe and sword to feature these Minecraft gifts for kids.

What Minecraft Gifts for Kids Will You Pick?

There are so many Minecraft gifts for kids to choose. And I know it can be overwhelming.

I encourage you to take a breath and think about who your giving the gift to. What will the recipient most appreciate? What do they need?

No matter what, if you have a Minecraft fan, one of these recommended gifts are sure to be a hit.

A big high five to you for considering their preferences and taking the time to find something that they'll love 🥰️

Variety of Minecraft-themed gifts for kids.

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