Summer Homeschool Discounts to Make Your Language Arts Fun This Year

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These summer homeschool discounts are sensational ways to make your language arts fun this year.

If you're looking for affordable homeschool curriculum and resources, you'll love these deals I've found over at Homeschool Buyers Club (formerly Homeschool Buyers Co-Op).

I'm sharing my top picks for FREE trials of these programs so you can see what works for your family without spending a dime!

Discover how you can easily make language arts fun with Homeschool Buyers Club. You'll find great discounts, deals, free trials, and more!

Disclaimer:  I reviewed this site and was compensated for my time. As always, I’m sharing my honest opinions and was not required to provide a positive review.

WooHoo! Homeschool Buyers Club offers some outstanding deals on language arts resources. Plus, I can't believe these incredible summer homeschool discounts, freebies, and free trials going on. Keep reading to find out more!

Making Language Arts Fun & Saving Money with Summer Homeschool Discounts

Although I love language arts, I struggle with teaching it to my boys. I'd much rather be diving into math or science. Yup, I'm the opposite of a lot of homeschoolers lol!

Maybe because reading, writing, vocabulary, and spelling came so easy to me? I was the girl that jumped for joy when Mrs. Abrams, my old-school 8th grade teacher, said that we were going to be learning all about diagramming that year 🤓

Whenever I find that I'm struggling to teach my boys a subject (like geography), I know that I need to find quality resources and programs to help. And those materials need to be affordable (because feeding 5 growing boys already puts a big enough dent in my budget).

As I plan for our upcoming homeschool year (how is summer flying by so fast?!?), I'm researching language arts resources to use and enjoy with my boys.

Bonus points for when I find summer homeschool discounts like these fantastic ones at Homeschool Buyers Club!

Mom and daughter smiling as they read books and young red-haired curled girl enjoying a book to feature summer homeschool deals at Homeschool Buyers Club

Summer Homeschool Discounts You'll Love for Language Arts Curriculum

In no particular order, here are some of the summer homeschool discounts on language arts programs that I found. You can find many more over at Homeschool Buyers Club!

  • Words and Their Stories: I'm VERY excited about this game-based online vocabulary building program! My boys and I love reading this book. And I love the growth mindset that goes with it 😊 Students get to derive and apply information, analyze context, and infer from context clues - all fantastic skills for learning, standardized tests, and more. Grades 5-12
  • Vocabulary Quest: We haven't tried this game approach to mastering advanced vocabulary yet but we have it on our homeschool wishlist. I've heard amazing things about this program from homeschool friends. With this 40% off discount, I just might be able to cross this one off our wishlist! Grades 5-12
  • Explode the Code Online: I've heard amazing things about this literacy program that covers phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and spelling. This online program looks fun, comprehensive, and effective. My boys are older but if I had a do-over, I'd pick this one! Grades K-4
  • Wordly Wise i3000: Another program that I've heard awesome things about! I'm considering this program for building vocabulary and reading skills for middle boy (8th grade) to help him get ready for standardized tests required this year in our homeschool. I like the Grades 2-12

I was surprised to find so many summer homeschool discounts for high school language arts, too!

Young child smiling while holding book and sitting on couch and young girl wearing glasses and smiling as she reads book to feature how to make language arts fun with Homeschool Buyers Club

FREE Trials to Explore Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

Homeschool Buyers Club has some awesome free summer trials going on so you can try out homeschool language arts curriculum (and more). Here are a few that I found that I think you'll love:

  • Nessy.com: 7-Day Free Trial for this research-proven program that follows the Orton-Gillingham principles of structured, multi-sensory learning for all children, especially those with dyslexia. Grades K-6
Enjoy summer camp at the Homeschool Buyers Club! Terrific free trials to help you explore and have learning fun (plus save up to 83% on curriculum).

MORE Free Trials for Summer Learning Fun (& Beyond)

Supercharge your homeschool adventures than with free trials (on top of curriculum deals and discounts).

Explore these new programs and tools that will help your child succeed this upcoming year and beyond.


  • Monarch: Try this Christian online homeschooling curriculum for grades 3-12 with a free month of access to 5 core subjects including Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.
  • Thinkwell: Free 14-Day trial for these self-paced video courses. Grades 6-12
  • Smile and Learn: 30-Day free trial for this online platform that uses videos, games, and stories for learning fun. Your kids can experience cross-curricular learning in Math, Literacy, Foreign Languages, Sciences, and more.
    Smile and Learn's stories and games include a voice-over (in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan). Plus, all the stories include pictograms, making it easier to read for children with special educational needs. Grades PreK-6


  • Math Mammoth PDFs: Register by August 15 to get these 3 free printable math worktexts, including Clock, Multiplication, and Percent.
  • Doodlemaths: Give this app a try with a 2-week free trial. It uses adaptive learning technology to create a fun, personalized work program tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Grades PreK-7
  • Creta Class: 7-Day free trial for this math app based on Singapore Math. For ages 3-8


  • History Alive Grades 6-12: Free 30-Day trial of this program that specializes in making learning history, science and geography fun. It takes a different topic and breaks it down into 20, bite-sized videos that include daily worksheets and additional learning resources.
  • History Alive Grades 1-6: Another free 30-Day trial that uses the same approach as the older grades at a more age-appropriate level.


  • Kids Guitar Academy: (Free 14-Day Trial) Includes step-by-step video lessons, supplemental sheet music, audio downloads, and a helpline for support. For Grades 3-12


  • Mark Kistler Art Lessons: Enjoy 7 Draw3D video lessons for free. Xman (8) and Bear (11) are very excited about these lessons, especially the Flying Hippo! Grades PreK-12


  • Free Aquaponics Bundle Course from Dynamic Earth Learning: Includes 4 short courses that take about 1 hour to complete. Your students will learn about aquaponics and sustainability. My rising Senior will be working on this one! Grades 6-12


  • Code Avengers (Free 10-Day Trial): My boys are super excited about this one! My youngest is interested in using the JR Computer Science for Grades K-9. And Bear (11) and Smiley (13) are interested in using PRO Computer Science Grades 6-12.

Plus, grab these 3 exclusive FREE gifts (a $38 value) with any purchase! Simply head to Homeschool Buyers Club, place your order, and upon checkout pick your free gift(s).

Enjoy up to 3 free gifts (a $38 value) from Homeschool Buyers Club with your purchase.
Enjoy Gift 1, The Kids Guide to Staying Safe Online, with your purchase from Homeschool Buyers Club.
Get a free issue of EverBright Kids Magazine as Gift 2 with your purchase from Homeschool Buyers Club.
Get a full month of unlimited access to eSpired Library as Gift 3 with your purchase from Homeschool Buyers Club.

Summer Homeschool Discounts (+ Free Trials) You'll Love

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of these fantastic summer homeschool discounts and free trials? Totally understandable! Homeschool Buyers Club always has such outstanding ways to save money on quality curriculum, programs, and other resources.

Take your time and go through each of the free trials and other goodies. Make a list of the ones that you'd like to try with your kids now and go for them. You have nothing to lose!

Oh, I'm just bursting with curiosity!: Which of these fantastic summer homeschool discounts and free trials from Homeschool Buyers Club will you go for first?

Wishing you tons of learning fun that's helps you rock your homeschool!

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