Learning Fun with Thomas Edison Online Unit Study

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Want an easy and free way to add learning fun to your homeschool? Check out this FREE Thomas Edison Online Unit Study! With lessons, videos, & hands-on activities, your kids will love learning about this famous inventor.


Are you familiar with online unit studies? My boys and I just completed our first one with wonderful results. I am thrilled to share how we had learning fun with this free Thomas Edison Online Unit Study.

If you are short on time but big on adding this learning fun to your homeschool, click here to get your FREE Thomas Edison Online Unit Study!


What are Online Unit Studies?

Beth of Techie Homeschool Mom has created an impressive library of online unit studies. Current topics range from Famous Birthdays to history to holidays. You can get a taste of what makes up online unit studies with the online unit studies available.

Online unit studies are a modern approach to traditional unit studies. All resources are found online with up-to-date and safe links. Beth's theory is, "Since the kids want screen time, wouldn’t it be better to do a unit study primarily on the computer, something that’s in an online course format?"


Why This Thomas Edison Online Unit Study Is A De-Light

Was that way too cheesy?

My boys were super excited to learn more about Thomas Edison. I grew up in New Jersey and my boys are fascinated with anyone or anything that ties to my home state. Edison's background and nickname,"The Wizard of Menlo Park", has been discussed in our home numerous times.


Also, National Inventor's Day is February 11. This online unit study was perfect timing with our February Homeschool Fun Calendar!

I was pleased with how little prep it took for us to jump into this online unit study. My boys' enthusiasm can be contagious and we were happy to immediately get started. Created for use over a 5-day period, we had time to learn more about online unit studies and what to expect. It also gave us time to gather materials for our main project.

Only a few materials necessary to complete this awesome hands-on project for building a light bulb with this Thomas Edison online unit study.


During this free online unit study, our learning fun involved:

  • Introduction to Online Unit Studies
  • About Thomas Edison
  • The Light Bulb (with link to video to guide project)
  • Lesson on creating an Animated Biography Video

The boys had a blast making a DIY light bulb. Such a great hands-on activity that all of my boys will remember forever!

Super fun hands-on project in this Thomas Edison online unit study!


You kids will love this hands-on project for building a light bulb found in this online Thomas Edison unit study.


We recorded a video of the process. The boys keep doing it over and over again! They are experimenting with a number of batteries and pieces of lead. I love how this hands-on project has sparked their curiosity. (I was so excited that I forgot to turn the phone sideways-oops!)


YouTube video

Add learning fun to your homeschool with this free Thomas Edison online unit study from Techie Homeschool Mom.

Get Your FREE Thomas Edison Online Unit Study!

I hope you will join us in our learning fun with online unit studies! To get this Thomas Edison Online Unit Study, click HERE. 

When you complete your online unit study, I want to hear all about it! Tag me @rockyourhs and @techiehomeschoolmom. Come back here and share your experiences in the comment section 🙂



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  1. I signed up to get the unit and it says the page is not there. I was hoping to recreate your light bulb experiment with my class as a hook. Is there any way to get the information on how to do this?

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