DIY Stamps Featuring Famous Events & People For History Enrichment

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DIY Stamps Famous Events People History Enrichment All American History-Busy Boys Brigade

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History enrichment is a key component in our homeschool studies. My boys and I love adding fun ways to extend our learning fun with history. Extra reading, projects, and activities capture their attention and increase their enthusiasm.

All American History Volume II through Bright Press Ideas has provided us with the opportunities to cultivate these lesson extensions. This homeschool history curriculum set of three books is full of interesting facts presented in an effective fashion. This set contains:

  • Student Reader
  • Student Activity Book
  • Teacher's Guide/Answer Key

All American History Volume II history enrichment


As we work through these books, I have noticed that my boys' interest in history as been sparked. Professor, our 10 year old history buff, is well-known for carrying around several large history texts at a time. Captain (13), however, has always been as keen on history.

I cannot express how happy I was to find Captain curled up with a book on the American Presidents. He even has started to engage in discussion (sometimes heated!) with Professor over significant historical events. Flabbergasted, I just sat back and watched their conversation shift from post-Construction Era to the Spanish-American War.

During a rare moment of quiet time in our house full of five boys, I casually asked Captain about his new-found history curiousity. Sheepishly (he is a teen!), he admitted that he is enjoying his reading of All American History books. Egads! What could I do to gently encourage this interest?

I had an idea and dug through our craft supplies. My mom (retired teacher) had given us these rockin' papers that look like stamps. Captain is often found doodling and drafting posters for homeschool projects. I thought it would be fun-and educational-to lead the boys in crafting their own stamps featuring famous events and people.

History and Postage Stamp

Homeschool History Enrichment Through DIY Stamps

This history enrichment project is acutally quite simple  We used postage stamp paper (roughly 8 ½" x 11") but it is not required. To complete this project, you need these materials:

  • paper
  • scissors (if decorative edge is desired)
  • colored pencils, markers, crayons, or paint
  • pencil with eraser
  • stickers (optional)
  • glue (optional)

Prior to starting project, sit and discuss your recent history studies. Have your All American History Student Reader on hand to use for reference. Browse through the pages. Look at and talk about the historical pictures.

My boys were a bit overwhelmed when I initiated this project. Professor blurted out, "But how can I pick just one favorite event?" (Hint-you don't have to! You can make as many DIY Stamps as you like!)

Captain did not know where to start. I led both boys through a discussion like this:

  • What time period (or time periods) did we recently study?
  • What is the first event that you can remember from that time period?
  • Who is the first person that you can remember?
  • Tell me 5 facts about event or person. (Jot down these 5 facts.)
  • Continue with the above questions until a short list of about 4-5 historical events or people are recalled. (See how this is great for review!)
  • Allow your child to select one person or event to use for their first DIY stamp.

After each boy selected their person or event, I encouraged them to use a pencil to lightly sketch. This rough layout was added to and improved upon as they worked. Once satisfied with their preliminary stamp, Captain and Professor used colored pencils and markers to complete.

Professor chose to add some significant facts to his stamp of The Spanish-American War. He tends to think in timelines and trivia so this fit well with his learning style.



history enrichment stamps All American History-Busy Boys Brigade
Professor creating his Spanish-American War Stamp


A person sitting at a table with a laptop
Professor proudly revealing his DIY stamp for history enrichment with All American History

Captain decided upon Theodore Roosevelt for his stamp. He started the project thinking that he would draw a teddy bear but ended up doing a type of portrait. He did not want to add facts to the stamp so chose to discuss the facts that he learned as he drew.

history enrichment stamps All American History
Captain working on his Theodore Roosevelt stamp for history enrichment


history enrichment stamps All American History
Captain showing his Teddy Roosevelt stamp using All American History


The boys are already planning their next DIY stamps for homeschool history enrichment. I am hoping to include a study of the history of stamps soon. I love how All American History has motivated us to undertake all of these learning fun projects and activities!

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