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Free Printable Easter Crafts for Kids: Cute Cut and Paste Activities

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These free printable Easter crafts are excellent activities to provide your kids with simple holiday projects.

These hands-on activities are awesome for Easter decorations, DIY cards, and creative play.

Learn more about this printable pack of crafts with Easter themes and get your free set today. Your students will have a blast with all of this Easter fun!

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Woman holding examples of free printable Easter crafts featuring chick in Easter egg, bunny in Easter egg, and Easter eggs in basket.

Easy Ways to Enjoy Easter Crafts with Kids

Need quick and simple ways to enjoy Easter crafts with kids?

If you're getting ready for a fun Easter celebration at home or in the classroom, you're going to love this free pack of cut-and-paste crafts for kids!

Some of the best holiday memories that my boys and I have involve crafts. We've had a bunch of fun making and sharing special holiday crafts. And we really love pulling those crafts out each year and enjoying them all over again!

Since my younger boys had a blast with our printable paper Pokemon and Super Mario crafts, I decided that we need to add some more easy crafts to our fun collection. And that's why I'm sharing these cut and paste Easter crafts with you 😊

Examples of free printable Easter crafts for cut and past fun for kids featuring bunny in Easter egg, chick in Easter egg, and Easter eggs in basket.

Learn More About This Free Printable Easter Crafts Pack

This pack of free printable Easter crafts has 12 pages (plus a terms of use page). You'll find 6 pages in color and 6 pages in black-and-white for your kids to have coloring fun (and able to customize their crafts).

All of these paper crafts are designed for cut and paste fun. Also, you'll find examples of the Easter crafts in the left bottom corner of each page.

These Easter themes are featured in this pack:

  • Cute bunny
  • Chick popping out of an Easter egg
  • Basket with Easter eggs
  • Easter egg with lines and flowers for decorations
  • Bunny popping out of the top of an Easter egg
  • Hen
Examples of free printable Easter crafts for kids with cut and paste activities featuring basket with Easter eggs, chick in Easter egg, and bunny in Easter egg.

Suggested Supplies for Making These Easter Crafts

Over the years of doing crafts with my boys, I've found that it's extremely helpful to have your craft materials prepared before starting your hands-on activities.

It makes it so much more fun for everyone. For your Easter craft time, I recommend having these materials ready for use:

White Cardstock

This type of sturdy paper is easy to print on and durable. It's just the thing if you want to use these crafts for decor or play. I've been using this brand for years!


I prefer using these type of kids scissors with my boys. These tools are terrific because both right- and left-handed children can use. Wonderful for practicing fine motor skills!

Glue Stick

These glue sticks rock! The purple color allows you to see where you placed the glue but disappears so your craft looks fantastic. You might prefer glue dots or regular glue -both options work well!


This pack of brads is fantastic because it has both gold and silver colors. We find that these craft pieces make it easy to create moveable characters. So much fun for creative play!

Coloring Tools

If your kids would like to use the black-and-white styles of these Easter paper crafts, I suggest that you have a variety of coloring tools, like crayons, markers, and color pencils.

Creative Ideas for Enjoying These Printable Easter Activities

Before you begin all of your Easter craft fun, I recommend that you gather all of your supplies. It makes the experience so much easier and enjoyable for all 😉 A fun Easter craft like these cut and paste styles can be enjoyed with kids of all ages (with help for younger children, of course).

Print as many copies as you need to enjoy these crafts with your students. If you're doing this activity with multiple kids, you may want to print out several pages of each Easter craft.

When the craft pieces have been cut out, you can use glue to attach the pieces to each other. Or you may want to make a poster or decoration and glue on paper (like printer paper, construction paper, or cardstock).

If you'd like your Easter crafts to be moveable, use brads at the joints to make some pieces moveable. Another easy way to make your craft move (and add a variety of colors) is to use pipe cleaners.

Another incredible idea for a fun activity that my youngest, Xman, thought of and enjoyed is to make paper bag puppets with these pieces. This option works best with the bunny, chick in egg, bunny in egg, and hen.

All you have to do is glue the pieces that you'd like for the Easter craft onto the bag. For example, you can glue the bunny's face to the flat bottom of a paper bag. Glue the body underneath on the side of the bag. Use glue to add the ears to the top of the head, and then arms and legs to the sides of the body. Your young children will have a fun time with these puppets! 

Oh, and you need to add our other free Easter printables, like these Easter surprise cards, Easter 3D cards, and simple Easter coloring cards!

These Easter paper crafts are fantastic for:

Examples of free printable Easter crafts for cut and paste activities featuring chick in Easter egg, Easter eggs in basket, and bunny in Easter egg.

Get Your Free Printable Easter Crafts Pack

Hurray! You're so close to getting and enjoying these Easter activities with your kids.

This FREE printable pack includes 12 pages (6 color and 6 black-and white) of Easter crafts.

You can print as many copies of these craft activities as you need to enjoy with your homeschool, classroom, or co-op. If you have co-workers or friends who may like to use these free printables, please share this postThank you for your cooperation and sharing!

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Get your FREE printable Easter crafts pack by tapping HERE or on the image below.

Examples of free printable Easter crafts featuring eggs, bunny, chick, and basket.

I'd love to hear your ideas for using these free printable Easter crafts with kids? Please share in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

Examples of free printable Easter crafts featuring bunny in Easter egg, chick in Easter egg, and Easter eggs in basket with color pencils, scissor, glue stick, and crayons.

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