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A Colorful Activity to Enjoy Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids

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Brighten your day with kids with this colorful activity featuring Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids.

This free printable pack guides your kids through observational and descriptive activities based on the colors of the rainbow. You'll find two versions that make creating your own rainbow poems fun for different ages or when you are running short on time.

This poetry activity for kids is awesome for a Spring-themed lesson, poetry teatime, or any time of the year you want to highlight rainbows in your learning fun. Find out more and get started with your Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids today!

Enjoy Poetry Rainbow Fun for kids with these free printable activities.

Build Observation Skills with Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids

Rainbows have always fascinated me.

I remember feeling like a part of something bigger whenever my friends and I would discover a rainbow in the sky or created by a prism. We would stop in our tracks, even if we were dashing through the woods or in the middle of an intense board game. Because a rainbow was something magical and special and breathtaking.

And I still find that a rainbow ignites feelings of awe and peace. Our backyard looks out upon a mixture of farmland and wooded hills. My boys and I marvel at the variety of rainbows that pop up during or after a rainstorm. We've even observed double rainbows on several occasions!

These Rainbow Poetry Fun printable activities will inspire you to go on a rainbow hunt!
Gorgeous double rainbow in our backyard!

Our family loves to get creative with learning fun, even using our windows for homeschool fun activities windows for homeschool fun activities. As my boys and I enjoy our poetry teatime adventures, I wanted to continue to build observation skills as we shift seasons. 

A rainbow seemed a natural choice for working on observation skills. I created this Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids pack for use with my boys and to share with your 🙂

Building on the ROYGBIV concept, these activities encourage kids to connect the colors of the rainbows to objects in their surroundings. These types of observations bring concepts to life and blossom into everyday life.

Sidenote:  My boys LOVE this song about ROYGBIV from They Might Be Giants! Their CD/DVD set with fun science concepts for kids is awesome.

YouTube video

Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids Pack Helps Develop Descriptive Skills

These activities also contain exercises to encourage your kids to build descriptive skills. Working from their observations, your kids will use a thesaurus (or just their minds!) to find words that make their writing colorful.

Descriptive writing takes work and practice. It's not just a natural process. Exercises that get kids thinking about new and exciting words are awesome ways to expand vocabulary and creativity.

Our Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids pack reviews the colors of the rainbow and leads kids through building their vocabulary bank of descriptive color words. So, instead of the "red bird", your child will work on expanding that description to something like "the cardinal with scarlet wings that shone like rubies in the sunlight".

And as your kids begin using more colorful descriptions, their enthusiasm for writing will grow!

Using our Frugal Inventor's Box, my younger boys and I made rainbow tambourines. Such an easy yet fun craft to build into your Rainbow Poetry Fun for kids!

4 Free Rainbow Poetry Fun printable activities & rainbow template on rainbow stripe background

Get Your Free Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids Pack!

The free Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids pack includes a total of five pages:

  • Introduction page with an explanation of ROYGBIV 
  • Colorful Observations page with a chart to record observations
  • Colorful Descriptions page build on those observations with an exploration of textures, appearances, age, and more
  • Writing-Rough Draft & Pretty Copy page (+ suggestion for modifying this activity for young learners or if you need to make it quick)
  • Black & white rainbow template to record the final rainbow poem

When you join the Rock Your Homeschool community by tapping on the image below, you’ll receive this printable pack in a PDF file in an email, along with a super secret password that opens the library to all RYHS freebies.

In addition to your freebies, you’ll be added to our email list and I will update you with ways to have creative and easy ways to make life and learning fun.

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TAP HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started with your free Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids pack!

These free printable activities will help you enjoy Rainbow Poetry Fun for kids.

How will you use this Rainbow Poetry Fun for Kids pack?
And please share your ideas for modifying this activity in the comments area 🙂

Have you tried Poetry Teatime with your kids?

If not, use this Spring to get started! Poetry teatime is such a delightful experience that you can enjoy with your kids. It might seem overwhelming but you cancreate a relaxed atmosphere where you can all learn and grow together.

In fact, I love it so much that I’ve partnered with Dachelle from Hide the Chocolate to bring you Poetry Teatime~Holiday Edition.

If you’re new to poetry teatime, or just need a bit of help to get it going, this resource is perfect! We present you with simple yet creative ways to make poetry teatime happen with your kids. And to make it even more special, we’re focusing on special holidays or seasons each month to celebrate smiley face emoticon

To find out more and get started, TAP HERE to hop over to Poetry Teatime-Holiday Edition celebration.

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